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  • Song-players that I know that it are the Friend Are For (the scene also risible) and the Live and Let Die (James Bond 'Song)
  • Movie Shrek to become the first successful animated films in the best arena of the Academy Awards is a new category starting in 2001

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      It is the obligation of a son to replace the task father in law as King when King Harold hospital. Not like, Shrek I feel it is not suitable to become King of Far Far And Away. Understandably, although already a member of the kingdom, many prefer to take as the ogre. Shrek also feel a loss should dress and behave as a member of the kingdom. He will be very nostalgic swamp where he first lived. Before the end King Harold, Shrek get the message that there is one heir who can replace as the King Arthur Pendragon, a cousin Fiona Worrcessteshire are in school there, where Artie is a loser into a mockery of the sporting champion, Lancelot and snatch attention from the gothic (Guinevere). Finally Go Shrek is accompanied by Donkey (which have 6 children and half donkey and

      half-dragon called dronkeys) and Puss to pick and would like to convince Artie to Far Far and Away, and become King there.

      Meanwhile, Prince Charming is the second in the series declined by Fiona now only be actors, maybe in a theater. Feeling action not maximum, Charming Aim to go to the Apple Bar where there gather all criminals from countries such as the myth Captain Hook, The Queen LaLa (from Snow White), One-eyed Monster, Rumpelstiltskin, Mabel the Ugly Stepsister, Speak without a Horse Head (Sleepy Hollow), The Red Cap (in the movie “Shrek the Red cap is the bad guy), and some witch and miraculous tree that can talk (similar Treebeard from LOTR). George succeeded in convincing the villain of this tale to get ‘their happily ever after’ respective ever seized by the ‘good guy’ that the average life in the kingdom of Far Far Away with the way attack the kingdom.

      Fiona along with the Queen Lilian and friends, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel escape to the space beneath the soil. Meanwhile, Three Little Pigs, wolf LaLa twist here so he Good Guy), Pinokyo, Gingerbread Man and divert attention Charming and friends. There are farcical scenes when Pinokyo forced by Charming say where Shrek and Fiona.

      Fiona short stories and friends successfully caught by the crowd while Charming Shrek and friends to return to Far Far Away, and found his kingdom and have taken over. By saving the lives Artie, Shrek submit them to Charming and Charming plans to kill Shrek on stage witnessed by the whole of the Far Far And Away. Can make it Charming, and whether Fiona will dwell only see her husband was in front of the public?

      • Shrek The Third, Chris Miller, Raman Hui Movie

      Shrek franchise to be successful because of 2 things. The first brings together virtually all of the country in the fairy story dressing comedy and parody. Moderate damage is the second-story image of all children where the good guy always win and good and bad guy always evil and loses. Examples of course the main story that the original Shrek is an animal and egregious evil monster. Moral message that can be caught here is just be you, such as Shrek message to Artie. Just because someone “calls you a monster or a loser, it does not mean you are one.” What’s important is how we view ourselves.

      If compared to the second, slightly less than Shrek 3rd in the parody. Now only parody of The Six Million Dollar Man (scenes Gingy and Lord Farquaad), and scenes from Rosemary’s Baby (Shrek saw

      fit to be a father). I may or delays the debate. Here is more a parody of humor just like the word Versarchery and Abbercrombie and the Witch. However, not one, film still churns the stomach from beginning to end, even though it looks like 90 minutes too quickly ended. Hopefully most farcical scenes in addition to the interrogation Pinokyo scenes are Gingy the spear point at from all directions. Song-players that I know that it are the Friend Are For (the scene also risible) and the Live and Let Die (James Bond ‘Song). Because I am a little bit-forget Shrek 2, but that is very clear Shrek 3rd entertaining. Be prepared also to welcome Shrek 4 in 2010. Movie Shrek to become the first successful animated films in the best arena of the Academy Awards is a new category starting in 2001.

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