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  • Unfortunately, for you who have not had time to see the movie predecessor, will be a little confusion following the plot of the story, such as when Von Doom appears again

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      Fantastic 4 back in action, now Reed will marry Sue, Johnny while still picked charm and beautiful girl in the section, while the more sticky with Ben lover, Alicia. However, before the wedding Reed and Sue, suddenly appears only thing strange figure silver, surf in space. Reed dubs this figure Silver Surfer (SS). In fact, the SS picked terror of the planet to planet, the planet and that it was only in the short term skip a week not left extinct. Recognizing this, the U.S. military leadership under General Hager assistance Fantastic 4 to stop the SS. SS had to make their own alias Johnny the Human Torch have not balanced the energy that can endanger fellow team. Other surprise Dr.Doom backs again, the old enemy Fantastic 4. Doom intend to help F4 to demolish

      the SS, but specializes certainly something good intention behind this. Proven, when the SS successfully disabled, Doom want to surfboard the SS property so that he has the strength of the extraordinary large. Then, how can F4 way to stop Doom this time, and when the SS does not intend to destroy the planet Earth, who commands this? Can F4 also stop this….?

      When the movie first introduced to one of our four main leaders of this superhero movie, it feels that there are two movies for the development of the characters from each of the main figures. Fourth superhero is still performed by the same stage actors: Ioan Gruffudd (Reed Richards / Mr.Fantastic), Jessica Alba (Sue Storm / Invisible Woman), Chris Evans (Johnny Storm / The Human Torch), and Michael Chiklis (Ben Grimm / ...

      • The Thing), also supported by Kerry Washington (Bad Company) as Alicia, and of course Julian McMahon (Premonition), which re-enact leaders villain, Dr.Doom. Meanwhile, new figures that appear in this movie sequel, which among them General Hager performed by Andre Braugher (Poseidon), Silver Surfer and the physically performed by Doug Jones (Hellboy), while to be filled by voice vote weight actors Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix Trilogy).

        Directing still held by Tim Story. It appears that the Fox issued a larger budget for this sequel, especially for action scenes with sophisticated visual effects, such as the emergence of former craters Silver Surfer and the climax of the movie with creative visual effects, high level. In addition, set design lab owned by Reed now feels the emergence of more sophisticated vehicles plus special F4. This time the scenario

        written by Mark Frost, which combined with Don Payne to replace the spouse when writing movie scenarios first, Robert France. I am grateful because the music is still managed by John Ottman (Superman Returns), which once again shows the F4 with the majestic theme. Like the first film, this sequel is decorated by the farcical scenes and guaranteed fresh Jokes will make more eager to see this movie. Unfortunately, for you who have not had time to see the movie predecessor, will be a little confusion following the plot of the story, such as when Von Doom appears again.

        As a movie entertaining, F4: Rise of The Silver Surfer, is a spectacle that right. How serve lightweight and easy digested, making this movie could be a spectacle for which you want to remove the exhaustion after working all day.

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