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      In ‘Apocalypto’, again, Mel Gibson chose to drive in the foreign language film, after ‘The Passion of the Christ’ (2004). This time located in the rural South America, precisely at the end of an era of Maya civilization tribe.

      Jaguar Paw (Rudy Youngblood) is a youth by a quiet village in the jungle. He is the son of the village, Flint Sky (Morris Birdyellowhead) and will soon replace his father. Jaguar Paw wife, Seven (Dalia Hernandez) middle old pregnant and ready to birth children for the second child. However, to describe

      their village, with a group of people rush leader Zero Wolf (Raoul Trujillo). They captivate the villagers, men and women, with the exception of children, to be taken to the temple of respect for Kulkulan or Sun Gods. Fortunately, Jaguar Paw previous still had to save his wife and children to the big hole. When arriving at the temple, had the boys will be offered as a sacrifice to the deity, while the women are sold to become slaves. Lucky, the eclipse and Jaguar Paw escape from execution. However, the problem has not been completed. Zero Wolf and groups thus still a threat. But the reporting adventure Jaguar Paw in the jungle underbrush, relying on the knowledge to survive in the forest, for the pursuit against the group Zero Wolf.

      Through this movie, Mel Gibson seemingly wants to prove that the action-adventure movies that excite can be done anywhere, including lush trees in the middle of wilderness. ‘Apocalypto’ is very intense and very tense, especially at the end of the movie. Here, Mel Gibson proved the skills in executing a movie.

      The ...

      • Apocalypto, Mel Gibson Movie
      film itself runs in 3 stages; the first phase is the introduction of characters, the second phase of the conflict and the domain is the last scene of intense persecution as a climax yesterday. All dealt with effectively and Mel Gibson is able to build empathy spectators to the main characters. As ‘BraveHeart ‘(1995) and ‘The Passion of the Christ’ (2004), Mel Gibson is still showing many scenes that feel brutal and sadistic, but it does not feel as’ obligations’ but the needs of the film. Thus, clear ‘Apocalypto’ is not
      to show to each person.

      Although setting with in the Maya civilization, Mel Gibson does not seem very interested to document why the Maya civilization can become extinct. Although the start movie he asserts that “all great civilizations fail when they begin to rot from inside.” However, with the explicit enough, Mel Gibson shows the demoralization that occurred in the Maya community at the time. ‘Apocalypto’ seemed to speak about the ‘heroic’ defeat and fear. The bullpen showed that the Maya era and in the community, ‘heroism’ required for them to live severity.

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