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  • Meanwhile, in terms of actual story is not new, but the issue of terrorism into the computer to be quite interesting

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      John McClane backs. This time he must face with the leaders of the terrorist Thomas Gabriel, a former NSA programmer who do not like the results because his work is not valued by the U.S. government. Then, he was assisted by the stooge including the Asian girl, Mai, recruited some young hackers to create a program that can create a mess in the computer system across the U.S. However, when the program has been completed, then the hacker is ended die. The rest live a hacker named Matt Farrell who is still alive. Then, a leader FBI named Bowden asks McClane to lead Farrell to Washington. Tasks that seem inconsequential to be changed are dangerous when Farrell appeared to be hunted by the Gabriel stooge. McClane must also furiously to save lives, including Farrell

      when faced with Mai. Mai dead, make Gabriel wrath. He also makes McClane daughter, Lucy, as a guarantee to the smooth running of operations. So, McClane and Farrell with a little assisted by a master hacker, Warlock, now plan to stop the Gabriel ambition, including McClane to save daughter, Lucy. Will their successfully…

      Issues will be the third sequel in the Die Hard have been heard in 2000. However, due to various constraints, the new sequel realized in the year 2007. John McClane of course, still performed by Bruce Willis and this time accompanied by Justin Long (Herbie Fully Loaded), which portray Matt Farrell. The terrorist leader Thomas Gabriel performed by Timothy Olyphant (Catch and Release), the Femme fatale, Mai, by Maggie Q (M: I-iii), while McClane daughter, Lucy, performed by the lovely Mary ...

      • Elizabeth Winstead (Final Destination 3) . Supported also by Cliff Curtis (Collateral Damage) as the leader FBI, Bowden, and Kevin Smith (Catch and Release) as the Warlock, the master hacker.

        Directing times this trust to Len Wiseman, who picked up a young director named by two logy Underworld. Wiseman showing spectacular scenes such as when McClane fast truck trailers that be caught in the rain missile from the F-35 aircraft and destroy a flyover. Or, when McClane fast car for the overthrow of a police helicopter. Meanwhile, in terms of actual story is not new, but the issue of terrorism into the computer to be quite interesting. Meanwhile, according to the terms on the players play in the standard normally. Figures villain who role Olyphant also according to Thatcher less so when compared with

        figures in the Die Hard villain who performed by Alan Rickman or Jeremy Irons in Die Hard With Vengeance. The composition is quite interesting music by Marco Beltrami that had some original music composition paper Die Hard Michael Kamen. It appears the absence of the special stories from the road that offered Die Hard 4 emphasis on spectacular action scenes that can be made to make the audience amazed.

        As a third sequel of Die Hard movie franchise of course is still tension and exciting offer from the third movie predecessor. Despite the absence of the new offered in the story, but the presence of Die Hard 4, of course, we can treat homesickness will figure whiz John McClane, which have long disappeared from the big screen with indignation particularly `Yippie-Kai-Yay-Yey [email protected]#$`%er, so enjoy the action.

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