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  • Unfortunately, 'Vacancy' generic ended with a scene that is quite topical

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      While heading the design credit for ‘Vacancy’, director Nimród Antal debut in the United States, it will remind Thriller classic Alfred Hitchkock in 1960, ‘Psycho’. Moreover, with music accompanied by a score likewise, the plus location with the ‘incident’ by remote motel run by men psychopathic, it would certainly not like ‘Vacancy’ clingy with the masterpiece it is Hitchcock.

      Simple story, and a pair of husband and wife who were traveling, David (Luke Wilson) and Amy Fox (Kate Beckinsale), decide to rest at an isolated motel, because their cars were damaged. Actual marriage David and Amy

      collapse because of parting with their children’s death, so they often have to contend. In the motel, as the weary, David decided to watch video is in the room. However, setting a sadistic movie that he watch have a very exact with their motel room, until then they realized if the video is indeed on the record in the rooms and scenes killing is real. Terror worsened when the loot in the front door of room nights start terror their feelings. Conscious of time if they are in danger, then David and Amy try save themselves,

      • before they also become a collection of snuff-film from the hotel guard (Frank Whaley) and colleagues mask.

        ‘Vacancy’ take-structure Thriller suspense in full, even though there was actually no mystery or twist offered from the braided plot. So, this movie journey purely a roller-coaster that stretch. Nimród enough Antal able to build and maintain the intensity of tension, although it seems many things that there is a stereotype in script. Apart from that, ‘Vacancy’ show with good taste claustrophobia, isolation and fear the main characters are real, because David and Amy are those who feel in

        real life, not the type of stereotype which often fill this type of movie. This is creating fear in ‘Vacancy’ feel more alive.

        Unfortunately, ‘Vacancy’ generic ended with a scene that is quite topical. Moreover the ending have executed with a hurry, so it is not able to rival the early part movie. This makes the ending of this movie feels like stamp only. However, because Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson, especially that usually play in the film comedy, able to portray their characters well, ‘Vacancy’ tensions that still offers enough solid and the atmosphere intact.

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