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  • I noticed that on the fourth day, my eyelid twitching had decreased and today (November 19, 2008 Philippine time), the twitching is all gone

    • by potrish78

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      Nevramin is a Vitamin B-Complex with a generic name of Fursultiamine + B6 + B12. It contains 50mg of Fursultiamine which is a Vitamin B1 but five times more potent, 250mg of Pyridoxine (B6) and 250mcg of Cyanocobalamine (B12). It is indicated for patients with Neural disturbances, neuralgia, polyneuritis and a lot more.

      My left eyelid had been twitching involuntarily for more than

      five days. It’s a bit irritating and it’s making me feel uncomfortable. I knew that there is something wrong with my nerves because I’ve learned that in college being a graduate of PT that I am. So I drank one of the medicines I’m promoting to the doctors (I’m a medical representative), that is Nevramin Vitamin B-Complex. I drank the Vitamin religiously (once a day) for 5 straight days and counting. I noticed that on the fourth day, my eyelid twitching had decreased and today (November 19, 2008 Philippine time), the twitching is all gone.

      I especially like the idea that it is sugar coated because usually I put the medicine on my mouth before I would go and get a glass of water to help ...

      • Nevramin - Fursultiamine + Vitamins B6 + B12
      me swallow it. Being the case, the medicine would have already melted in my mouth and the sweet taste just gives me the freedom to think that I wasn’t drinking a medicine rather a candy like Vitamin. It is also in pink color so it is pleasing to the eyes. It is created like those of a pop up button.

      The fursultiamine acts

      to smooth the nerve function, the Pyridoxine activates the damaged nerves and the Cyanocobalamin has a restorative action in neural disturbances.

      I am satisfied with the results of this Vitamin. From now on I will be drinking Nevramin for the rest of my life. It costs 14PHP per tablet ($.29) but I assure you that this Vitamin will help imrove your nerve functions.

arlene says :

i`m diagnosed of PTB, my pulmonologist prescribes to take 4 tablets of myrin-p and 1 tablet of nevramin a day. is it ok to take to tablets a day of nevramin? bcoz my left hand and feet get numb. when im on lying on bed.
Galega says :

When your doctor has prescribed you to take only one tablet a day, you should stick with the prescription.

Nevramin is a very useful medicine, but it must be taken according to the prescription. Keep patience, you should feel positive outcome in your numbness problem after one week.
Clint says :

For the numb hand feelings, take serrapeptase regularly. it sounds like your hand is numb from dead tissues your body is having a hard time breaking up and these dead tissues are causing circulation problems. serrapeptase will help with break the tissue down. also, despite what Galega said, dont trust doctors 100% when you live in USA. I don’t know about other country’s but USA doctors don’t care and all they are taught is prescription education and not about vitamins, minerals, etc.
Jayme says :

i wan to know more about Nevramin benefit n features.
Jules Li says :

It’s beneficial due to it’s nutrients. Nevramim vitamin B1 along with Vitamin B6. Some actually includes vitamin b12.
Galega says :

Nevramin contains a group of water soluble vitamins. Following are some of the features of Nevramin:

- It is absorbed easily in the gastrointestinal tracts.
- It has a high tissue affinity and distributed to the affected organ in an effective manner.
- It is easily converted to the active form just after absorption.

Some of the benefits of Nevramin:

- If taken under medical supervision, it has very less side effects (should be taken for three weeks only, though).
- Some possible side effects are associated with neuro and cardio, but only when it is taken for prolong duration without consulting a doctor.
- It is effective for diabetic neuropathy, various neurological problem in adults and young children, down syndrome, anemia, hepatitis and radiation sickness, among others.
al says :

Nevramin is a vitamin b complex that will treat neuropathy and to aid in convalescence during debilitating condition. My father has diabetes and become paralised because of stroke attack and he has also have diabetic neuropathy. His doctor prescribed him with nevramin and it work so well in his recovery.
potrish78 replies :

Nevramin can be taken 1-3 tablets daily after meals and it can be increased depending on the condition. But I suggest that you should ask your doctor first.
Galega says :

No one should take more than one tablet without getting consent of a doctor. Overdosing can be dangerous in the long run.
Andrea says :

Is nevramin safe for pregnant women?
C says :

Yes it is. They have done studies to show this result.
Galega says :

In certain situations, Nevramin can be used for a pregnant women. There might be some associated risk, but doctors prescribe it when benefits outweigh potential risks.

In a nutshell, pregnant women can take it, but they should do it only on doctor’s advise. And, they should never take it for more than three weeks.
quick note by anonymous :

san are mo? im taking nevramin too
Galega says :

Please note, Nevramin may seem to be like a vitamin supplements. But, it should NEVER be taken as a supplement and without doctor’s prescription.

Further, you should take it continuously for only three weeks. Prolong use can lead to some health issues.
Grory Jane says :

Is nevramin good to those had Hepatitis b?
Galega says :

Yes, it is prescribed for the treatment of Hepatitis B.

The standard dose is 100 mg a day for around three weeks.

Please note, you can’t take Nevramin without the prescription of your doctor. Let your doctor decide if you need it.
renante says :

Can nevramin helps enhance my sleep problem?
Tori says :

If you mean, “will it make my sleep problem worse?”, it’s possible. Some neurological side effects have been reported. Moreover, some of the vitamins in Nevramin have been associated with increases in energy, so potentially this could contribute to insomnia.

If you mean, “will it make my sleep problem better?”, probably not. Nevramin was developed for anemia, hepatitis, and certain neurological problems. As far as I know, it’s ability to reduce insomnia has not been fully studied.


Galega says :

Insomnia or other sleep problems need medical supervision. There may be variety of reasons behind sleep problem. Let your doctor properly diagnose it. I would not suggest you to take this supplement without medical supervision.
June says :

Pharex B can also be taken without Dr.’s prescription and so with other b-complex vitamins with B1, B6 and B12 in it. What’s really the big difference between B1 thiamine monohydrate and B1 Fursultiamine?
tuliy says :

It is outdated and the company changed the formula
quick note by anonymous :

My problem is my dark eyebug it is so dark around my eye. I am lack of sleep, i can’t sleep well in the doctor prescribe this tablet nevramin but nothing will happend. What is your suggestions?
quick note by anonymous :

My problem is my dark eyebug it is so dark around my eye. I am lack of sleep, i can’t sleep well in the doctor prescribe this tablet nevramin but nothing will happend. What is your suggestions?
Galega says :

Consult another doctor. Nevramin was never going to solve the problem you are facing. Lack of sleep is something that should never be ignored.
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