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  • At first, I think, a movie with the thriller 'Old Star' like Kevin Costner and Demi Moore as the main stars
  • Unfortunately, the evening was an amateur photographer named Mr
  • Tracy appeared to have own their problem itself

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      At first, I think, a movie with the thriller ‘Old Star’ like Kevin Costner and Demi Moore as the main stars? It feels like déjavu to 90s years? I rather disparaging. 90s era is an era where films Thriller many good outstanding (Silence of the Lambs, Single White Female, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Malice and so forth). However, whether this is the right step for the many stars that more shine. And no guarantee this will be the film that entrap?

      Its turn out that I’m wrong. ‘Mr. Brooks’ it was a Thriller enthrall with the intensity of the stories that bind the spectators to remain until the end of the Polluter.

      What is less than Earl Brooks (Kevin Costner)? He was a successful businessman, a good father and husband ideal. No one knows if it actually is the Thumbprint Killer, murderers are being sought. However, Mr. Brooks is not alone. He was always accompanied by Marshall (William Hurt), his alter-ego, which is the actual manifestation of a sense of ‘unkind’ to

      them. Mr. Brooks. After a pause for two years, he planned the murder for the regime and decides to stop “addicted” killed. Unfortunately, the evening was an amateur photographer named Mr. Smith (Dane Cook) to see action, Mr. Brooks. The problem is, Mr. Smith even asks. Mr. Brooks, is to take “action” following.

      Meanwhile, a police woman named Tracy Atwood (Demi Moore), is located right in investigate to capture the Thumbprint Killer. Tracy appeared to have own their problem itself. In intra, Mr. Brooks will cross with Tracy. Only, in what form?

      Thriller part psychological and part suspense, sometimes’ Mr. Brook ‘is the News with a formula that sometimes typical, but sometimes reach the level of connoisseurs with idealism own. This is a fid may be the main ‘Mr. Brooks’ to become a Thriller that really classical.

      Apart from that, Bruce A. Evans, a director able to build a story with a pattern of tensions that pervade, without noticeably lax at all. This is a movie both, after Kuffs in 1992. Gap 15 years ...

      • failed to Evans lost power in building a solid story.

        Portrayal characters Mr. Brooks done carefully by Evans, although Mr. Brooks is so anti-hero character, but Evan is able to build empathy while sympathy to Mr. Brooks spectators. Southerners, after ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley ‘(1997) and, new this time I’m fascinated with the characters “dark” such as this. Moreover, with Kevin Costner qualified into the body of Mr. Brooks and the spirits for the right. Apart from bad credit in the list film recently, Mr. Costner shows that he bore the Hollywood character actors that are reliable.

        Of course, the characters Marshall described by the brilliant William Hurt also contribute in place, Mr. Brooks sympathetic in the position that, because Marshall is a manifestation of instinctive brutality and unscrupulous Mr. Brooks, so he is the right person to be!

        The characters played by Demi Moore actually have a chance to show very clearly with the Mr. Brooks itself, but unfortunately, the scenario will not provide more quality in the elaboration of the character, so

        he is very typical in the type of movie like this. Actually, should he and Mr. Brooks have a strong mind, although they never met each other. Although acting with good, but Demi Moore is less visible in a maximum of Ms. Woods, the character and so as to “obligations” in the film claims the contents.

        The characters performed by Dane Cook own and tend to disrupt the very make us think why he is so “stupid” feel can compensate Mr. Brooks is brilliant, so then the character feels as “playground equipment”, Mr. Brooks progress in the story. Dane Cook seems to think he alone is acting in sequel ‘Good Luck Chuck,’ and hope that Mr. Brooks quick course “elimination”!

        Apart from the aspect minor, Mr. Brooks is really gripping, from start to finish. Although the overall movie still feels like entertainment, but supported bonds with a clever story on star power and class A, ‘Mr. Brooks’ taste Thriller with a narrative power that is very good, something that rarely taste in many films of lately.

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