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  • Unfortunately, they were unknowingly dropped off in the middle of the Golden Triangle, home to the heroin-producing Flaming Dragon gang
  • I really enjoyed this movie because it was funny and smart

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      Directed by Ben Stiller, Tropic Thunder is one of the smartest movies that I have seen in a long while. It toys with the audience just like any good movie does, and by the time you realize what the movie is all about, the plot shifts gears and becomes something bigger, better, and unfathomable.

      Instead of using plain text to introduce the stars of the movie, Tropic Thunder begins with a series of trailers featuring action star Tugg Speedman’s (Ben Stiller) of the Scorcher movie series fame, comedian Jeff “Fatty” Portnoy (Jack Black) of the Fatties, and Australian “five-time Oscar winner” Kirk Lazarus (Robert Downey Jr.) in his newest film, Satan’s Alley. All of them star in a big budget action flick, Tropic Thunder, which chronicles the survival of US army soldiers during the Vietnam war. It is based on a novel written by John “Four Leaf” Tayback (Nick Nolte) who is also present in the movie.

      While shooting a scene, Speedman is unable

      to cry while Lazarus is sobbing (more like spitting) to his face. The director Damien Cockburn (Steve Coogan) becomes frustrated, but while trying to make Speedman cry, he loses focus on the production aspect of the film and fails to capture a very expensive explosion scene. Les Grossman (Tom Cruise), the movies, producer, scolds Cockburn and threatens to end the movie. This pushes him to bring the actors on a jungle mission to instil real fear into them. However, he dies immediately after they are left in the wilderness and the actors, who still think that the director is hiding somewhere, venture off to try to make things work. Unfortunately, they were unknowingly dropped off in the middle of the Golden Triangle, home to the heroin-producing Flaming Dragon gang. Soon, tension builds up and the actors split off as Speedman wants to continue practicing his “acting” while the others just want to leave the forest for good. Speedman is unfortunately captured by the Flaming ...

      • Dragon gang.

        In the end, Lazarus impersonates a farmer who has caught Portnoy in order to rescue Speedman. The scene being shot in the opening of the movie is somewhat re-enacted, but this time it was real as the actors had to escape from a real life threat, the Golden Dragon gang. Some changes in the dialogue occur of course, and Rick “Pecker” Peck (Matthew McConaughey), Speedman’s agent, deflects a missile that saves the group of actors. Speedman wins a Best Actor award for his role in the movie which was created from the hidden cameras installed by director Cockburn, and Grossman celebrates by doing a boogie dance.

        One central idea of the movie is the insecurities each person faces. Early in the movie, it is revealed that Speedman’s role as “Simple Jack” made him a laughing stock in Hollywood. He is deparate to kick start his career, just like a fallen actor would hope. Portnoy, on the other hand is sick of being laughed at

        because of his size. Ironically, both actors are saves when they use their insecurities to mislead the Flaming Dragon gang. Speedman plays the role of Simple jack to entertain the gang, while Portnoy pretends to be a fat American captive. Aside from these two characters, we also see that Four Leaf is insecure about his position as a lowly navy official which led him to publish a fake account about the Vietnam War. Lazarus went through a surgical procedure to make him look like an African American for his role and repeatedly tried to mimic the intonation and behavior of a black guy. In the end, he takes off his wig and delivers an award-winning performance in his own skin.

        I really enjoyed this movie because it was funny and smart. Most comedies produced lately are just plain silly. But this movie, from the songs to the dialogue, was really funny. If you need to lighten up, this movie with its all-star cast will surely delight you.

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