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  • My wife wanted Christmas lights on the exterior of our house this year

    • by Rob

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      It’s that season again. Christmas is quickly approaching. My wife wanted Christmas lights on the exterior of our house this year. Since I’m a penny pincher, we have never bothered to put them up until now.

      Thanks to Noma and there 50 LED solarpowered christmas lights, it was as easy as putting them up

      and forgetting about them. They aren’t blindly bright, but are a nice accent to the house. Easy to put up and the solar panel, once mounted does not look ugly or out of place. The light sensor turns them on when the sun goes down and they shut themselves off after 6 hours.

      They ...

      • boast a 5 year warranty and claim 3 nights of light on a single day of full sunlight. This maybe a little generous.

        Should you get these, here are some tips so you DON’T think they are broken. When the power is low on the battery, a couple bulbs go out. Then they start

        blinking until them are out. It’s just how they operate. We thought they had broken.

        It would have made more sense to just have a low voltage sensor in them to shut off completely, but still…for $29 on sale, I can’t complain.

        Now you have ZERO excuses for not having a festive looking house. Go get these!

    Gail says :

    Do you have to leave the lights unplugged until the solar panel has charged for eight hours?
    Galega says :

    You are not required to switch off the light. Let it be switch on. There is a light sensor which will work. If there is no light around, it will switched on automatically. If there is light, it will remain switch off.
    rob replies :

    Hi Gail Once you put your lights up, you technically never have to touch them. There is a a small light sensor on the solar panel so they switch on automatically when the sun goes down and won`t come on during the day while charging. Mine are always connected, and the on off switch is left in the on position. I let the light sensor do the work. The switch must be on for the solar panel to charge the battery. If you wanted to conserve battery power or you know there have a few cloudy snowy days, when the sun goes down and the lights switch on, you could go flip the switch to the off postion. The only thing is, you must be diligent to go back out in the morning to flip the switch back to the on position so that battery can further charge throughout the day. Now this may or may not be easy to access depending on where you mount the panel. Mine is mounted on the underside of my roof soffit, so I would need a ladder everytime to flip the switch. That s why I just intially put them up, switched them on an haven t touched them since. Hope that answers your question.
    Winston says :

    Just wondering where one can buy the replacement battery lithium-ion rechargeable battery 3.2V-1 200mAh . Been to 4 different stores and unable to find any of this type. Winston
    Tony says :

    I went to a local battery and solar panel shop. They had 2.6V 1200mAH cell, that fit exactly. The slight extra voltage, caused no issues. They cost me $ 10.00 each
    Galega says :

    You can buy lithium-ion rechargeable battery 3.2V-1 200mAh from any authorized store of Noma. Many comapanies manufacture this battery, and hence that should not be a problem. I wonder why you couldn’t find one. The same configuration is even available on Amazon. You can directly order it from there, also.
    Lynda Amith says :

    Can you buy a replacement string of lights. The solR panel is good, the lights have failed.
    Galega says :

    Yes, you can use a replacement light for it. You can use light made of Noma or even use a third party light. There won’t be any problem.
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