Uncharted: Drakes Fortune
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  • Drakes fortune is without a doubt one of the best games ever
  • You might have noticed how I keep referring it to like a movie

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      Uncharted: Drakes fortune is without a doubt one of the best games ever. If you own a PS3 then you MUST own this game. It didn’t win all those awards for nothing.

      First up, what is Uncharted? Well if your reading this you probably already know its PS3 game, so I’ll leave that out. Basically You are Nathan (Nate) Drake, treasure hunter, adventurer and all round cool dude. Believing yourself to be the descendant of legendary explorer Sir Francis Drake you set out to carve a legend of your own as you hunt down his treasure. Its an epic story which will see you travelling from Panama, to the Amazon and then onto a mysterious island in the pacific. All the while being perused by the evil mercenaries also after the treasure. With the help of Victor Sulivan and Elena you uncover a deadly secret. I’ll stop there, wouldn’t want to spoil it for you would I.

      What makes it so great? On

      the surface it appears to suck. Its short, there is no on-line and the game play looks like a poor man’s Gears of War (a best selling X-Box 360 game, in case you were wondering).

      So why then, if ostensibly it is very poor, is it such a good game?

      The answer: No obvious reason. There is no specific thing about this game that makes you enjoy it. The whole thing is enjoyable. Make sense? Probably not, so allow me to explain:

      Graphics: Without a doubt the graphics on Uncharted are the best. Ever. Not even the high end PC games like Crysis have anything on this game. It is beautiful. The jungles are lush, the water realistic and the locations stunning. When he runs you can see his shirt moving and when he’s wet it clings to him. On top of all this sheer wonder is post processing effects, so you end up with tints, motion blur and a whole host of other minor graphical improvements ...

      • which add up to result in something that wouldn’t look out of place in a movie.

        Story: Indiana Jones eat your heart out. This story is excellent. If you thought that Halo or The Davinci Code had a good story then you will be blown away on Uncharted. its short, granted, but it works so much better because of it. Its well paced, well written and never stops. There are never any sections where it feels like they are trying to pad out the game, and there are never any unnecessary repeats of similar levels. That said towards the end you trek back through some of the previous levels, which can become a bit tedious.

        Characters: Normally characters are reviewed in the story section, but the people in this deserve a whole section of their own. They live, breath and have emotions and you can see it all on their faces. The voice acting is superb and the animations crisp and realistic. The characters have depth to

        them, and you begin to care about them. Gone are the days when they were merely a conduit for action, these are characters that wouldn’t look out of place in a movie.

        You might have noticed how I keep referring it to like a movie. Well, that’s because it is like a movie. In fact, it is more entertaining and more enjoyable than most movies. Playing through you feel like you ARE Indian Jones, and the action and story all add to that. However, it feels cinematic without ever playing cinematic. You don’t feel like your just pushing buttons to get pretty action scenes. You are always there, in the thick of it.

        Convinced you yet? It should’ve. Coming out on Platinum you can pick it up dirt cheap, and with tropheys unlockables and a whole host of other cool stuff you’ll find it has a huge replay value, so that alone would make it worth it.

        That, and the fact it will leave you with a smile on your face.

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