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  • Anne st first doesn't agree to do the picture, but this could be her only and final chance of becoming a movie star and to get fame and fortune
  • This is what I like about this movie, a special relationship between woman and beast
  • But unfortunately, Kong doesn't live long to be together with Anne, and perhaps she'll go on to have a future with Jack

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      After almost 60 years, the king has returned to his position as the monumental gorilla. Set in the same time period, the depression era, the 1930’s in New York City. The beautiful blonde actress Anne Daryl (Naomi Watts), once played by actress Faye Wray. She beats the pavement to pursue her dreams but finds no luck until she meets filmmaker Carl Denim (Jack Black)who is in desperate need to get his film done. When his film is about to be scrapped, he decides to fight for his film and needs an actress right away. That’s when he meets the beautiful blonde actress Anne Darrow, who has a perfect face to star as his leading actress. Anne st first doesn’t agree to do the picture, but this could be her only and final chance of becoming a movie star and to get fame and fortune.

      When Anne hears the name Jack Drissco, she is delighted and agrees to be in the film. Well…. as Anne agrees, she is about to go on a voyage for the shooting of the film. Meanwhile, Carl is pulling some strings and getting some crew together. The voyage begins…. as the crew members get aboard and the ship is about to sell out the seas.

      This is a classic scene when Anne comes out in a lavishing white dress wanting to meet Jack Drissco played by (Adrian Brody) and you can see that the two have developed that instant

      chemistry, man meets woman, woman meets man and falls in love. Anne’s filming debut starts and she shines like a movie star, the writer Drissco stands by watching her, his beautiful character stands out to the sea and he is heart felt. As the filmmaking is going on, the boat is about to head to Skull Island, an island where the largest, ferocious creatures roam. The crew men are headed for danger. Just like any typical movie where you have crew men aboard on a ship and are headed to a devastated island and who knows what lurks around them. The scene is heart beating when you know the men are in danger and you would ask yourself, what would I do if I were in this situation? How can you defeat gigantic creatures to save your life.

      Again, this is just like any other story where men set out to conquer the unconquerable. That’s if you prefere to read old classic shipman’s stories. Well, back to the movie where the crew is shipwrecked on the island. Carl Denim is determined to get his movie done, no matter how many people’s lives it costs. The film continues to be made and the crew is baffled by what they see on the island, and sees that no one has lived here for almost hundreds of years, seeing that there is only skeletal remains. But skeletal remains of sacrificed people by the natives that live ...

      • on the island, that make an gruesome attack on the crew.

        You feel sorry for Anne as the only woman, having to live in fear and danger. Until she meets the gigantic gorilla Kong, king of the jungle. Anne is about to be sacraficed to him, he comes to collect her and off he goes. The crew searches in the dark scary jungle looking around for Anne. Anne in fear of her life as she is in the hands of Kong. Anne struggles away from him and succeeds by running away, screaming from the top of her lungs.

        In the daylight, you see all kinds of creatures, such as big bugs and dinosaurs which are man-eating. But we come to love the fearful Kong, who holds Anne in captivity. Kong and Anne see each other. Anne develops a playful nature and this is when you see a different side to Kong but it’s all that Anne can take and the two have a confrontation. Kong wanting to be entertained is now furious, smashing things around. But he becomes submissive to her will.

        Kong comes upon the crew members and rehavics on them, we see that he’s not like any of the other creatures. As for Anne she comes in contact with some of the dangerous creatures, luckily for her Kong comes to the rescue. Anne is indeed brave for having to fight off all these creatures. Kong becomes the hero. Drissco is not

        likely set out to be Anne’s hero and love interest when it comes to Kong. We see that she has more of an affection for the beast.

        “This is what I like about this movie, a special relationship between woman and beast. Like the story of Beauty and the Beast, that love and beauty conquer all. ” But unfortunately, Kong doesn’t live long to be together with Anne, and perhaps she’ll go on to have a future with Jack. Kong is captured by the greedy Mr. Denim and his crew members to be sent back to so called civilization in New York City. He will be known as Kong “The Eighth Wonder of The World”, to be a sideshow for the ritzy audience and here Mr.

        Denim makes his fame and fortune. Unfortunately, it turns out to be one of the biggest disasters in New York history as the city becomes practically destroyed. But things comes to an end for the king, as he climbs up to one of the tallest buildings in the world the “Empire State Building” and there’s these helicopters shooting at him, it would bring a tear to our eyes. This would be the moment where he says goodbye to Anne as he plunges to his death, as everyone runs to stand around and look at eighth wonder. Weather you feel sorry for him or not, “I could say it was one of the most saddest endings in film history. ”

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