Villa Indah Manis Bulan Madu, Bali
Uluwatu, Bali

    • by Ivy Wong

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      I booked into the honeymoon villa called Bulan Madu (literally honeymoon in Bahasa Indonesia) of Villa Indah Manis, hoping to get a most memorable vacation with my husband. I went with much anticipation as the official website showed an impressive and alluring villa. Of course, the not-that-cheap villa rates also gave me some indication that the villa should be of high quality standards. However, I could not be more wrong!

      The villa was a big disappointment! My husband and I decided to move out after 2 days, forfeiting our payments for the rest of the stay as it was really too unbearable to stay. Here is why:

      The villa was definitely not well maintained. The

      water in the pool was green with algae and looks like it has not been maintained for weeks. We thought the management should have the decency to check and clean out the pool and put fresh water in it, even if the last guests did not complain. But I seriously wonder when they had their last guest. Ants and creepy crawlies were running around the villa, especially in the bedroom. We had expected some level of crawlies around the open area, given that it is a villa but little did we expect to see trails of ants running in the bedroom! The king bed had decent clean sheets, but the frame was looking rickety.

      • Indeed, the bed frame dropped a big bar of wood after my husband sat on it to watch the TV. TV reception was bad and the TV we had was an old CRT TV, with no cable channels at all.

        What is worst was the breakfast that was supposed to come with the villa rate. It was impressively written that we would have in-villa breakfast but little do we know that it would be pathetic. For 2 persons, we had 4 slices of toast, 2 glasses of orange juice and 2 choices of jams to choose from. Any extras would have to be charged to the room rate. A dish of mee goreng cost

        about US$4, and it is not absolutely fantastic tasting. The staff there can only speak basic English, hence communication can get quite frustrating.

        The villa is in a highly secluded part of Bali. I had originally wanted this for privacy, but the condition of the villa totally does not allow one to enjoy any moments staying in the villa.

        I definitely would not recommend this villa. Its website has glorified the villa and it is definitely not worth the money that they are charging. It is also too far away from any places of interest. You should be able to get a more decent and comfortable villa with the price that you pay for Bulan Madu.

    emira says :

    Hi there Ivy, My husband and I are on the verge of planning a 5d trip to villa bulan madu. Thought we`ll get a review first. they are providing 1 way airport transfer and breakfast only. The reason Im writing is to ask you when you visited that place? And what about food? we`ll obviously have to cater in villa but they do not mention prices for anything? So we are quite worried. Hey, thank you for the review. EP
    Amanda says :

    Hi I was wondering if you booked this Villa? And what date you were looking at going ? I have been online and seen that most reviews are fantastic , this is the only review that I could find that was negative in any way ? Thanks for your help :)
    quick note by anonymous :

    hi Ivy,
    What date did you go there ? Thanks for the review
    Ivy adds :

    The review I wrote was almost 7 years ago. Hopefully they have already improved on their services and facilities. At that time, Bulan Madu was less well kept compared to Indah Manis that was just beside it. Best to look for more updated visitors’ photos of Bulan Madu to be sure.
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