Althea Contraceptive Pills
  • And unlike before when I was taking another brand of pills, I did not experience bloating and there was absolutely no change in my appetite
  • Likewise, I noticed that my skin is giving out a pinkish glow and it feels smooth all over

    • by theredquill


      Althea is the latest 21-cycle birth-control pill product released by the Trust Family Program (TFP), which also manufactures the Trust Pill, Daphne, and Lady. Althea is referred to as TFP’s “beauty pill” because it has the same formulation as that of the more expensive Diane-35.

      I’ve started taking oral contraceptives again

      two months ago after a one-year break, so I was looking at something that won’t shock my system and throw my hormones out of balance. My OB recommended Althea because it’s low-dose and it’s good for the skin. On the first month, I could feel my breasts getting heavier and seem bigger. And unlike before when I was taking another brand of pills, I did not experience bloating and there was absolutely no change in my appetite. On the second month, my skin started producing less and less sebum, and my pimples began to dry out. Likewise, I noticed that ...
      • Althea Contraceptive Pills
      my skin is giving out a pinkish glow and it feels smooth all over. It’s true! It’s doing wonders for my skin! I am prone to migraine headaches and have had serious problems with other oral contraceptives before, which aggravated my migraine symptoms. Surprisingly, I haven’t experience a migraine attack since I started taking Althea, not even once.

      I am on my third month now and so far I am happy with Althea. It does not only effectively protect me from unplanned pregnancy, but it is also working to make me feel even more beautiful—what with the glowing skin, fuller breasts, and all.

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Althea Contraceptive Pills
ann says :

its my first time to take althea pills..i just want to ask if is it okay to take it even if its not my first day of menstrual period and even if its not on sunday?? im confused thanks..
Galega says :

Hi Ann,

Yes, you can take Althea, if it is not the first day of your menstruation. However, you will not remain protected from pregnancy for the next seven days (even though you are taking the pill on exact time daily). That is why, it is better if you start Althea pill cycle on the first day of your menstruation.

There is no difference whether it is Sunday or any other day. You can start the pill on any day.
theredquill replies :

Hello Ann, it is perfectly to start taking the pills any day of your cycle. However, if you are using the pill for birth control, remember to use an alternative form of contraception such as condom for a week. Hope this helps.
newbiewanderer says :

Hi. It’s my first time to take Althea pills. Is it okay to take it at any time of the day? At lunch time? or in the afternoon?

Thanks for the help.
Galega says :

Hi Newbiewandered,

You can take Althea at any point of time. Please consider following points before deciding about time:

- It MUST be taken once in 24 hours. Try your best to never miss any tablet.

- It should be taken daily at the same time. If you will not be able to take it daily at the same time, hormonal disturbances may result.

It is because of this fact that I don’t suggest users to take it in the afternoon. You might be away from home or doing shopping or with some friends in the afternoon. The best time is before going to bed.

If you have some compulsion, like working in the night shift, you can take it in the afternoon. No problem. Ensure to set a reminder in your mobile phone to take it daily at around the same time.
newbiewanderer says :

What if, I missed to take 1 tablet? Should I take 2 tablets as soon as I remember? Thanks again.
Galega says :

Yes, you can take two tablets/pills as soon as you remember.

Please remember that in no case you should take more than two pills within 24 hours.

And, try your best to not miss any pill for maximum protection from unwanted pregnancy.
theredquill replies :

Hi, you may take 2 pills within 24 hours to still enjoy the contraceptive benefit from the pill. If taken more than 24 hours, use another form of contraception when having intercourse.
Shad says :

Hi. Why is it not advised to take more than 2 pills within 24 hours? What can happen? Thanks.
theredquill replies :

Hi Shad, taking more than 2 pills within 24 hours can cause nausea and some light bleeding or spotting. Some OB recommend taking 2 pills for 2 consecutive days to catch up. However, the effectiveness of the pill is already compromised, so it is highly advisable to use an alternative form of contraception (i.e. condom) for the next seven days.
Jennifer Davis says :

Hi you can take them anytime, but I can say from experience that any side effects seemed to be minimized when I started taking my pills with my breakfast in the morning compared to and lunch which was when I first started taking them.
Lori B. says :

You should take the pill the first Sunday after your cycle starts.
Traceh says :

It is okay to take it any day, but it is recommended to take it on the first day of your cycle in order to not disrupt your cycle. You should be safe after seven days, but I was once told by a nurse it is safe to wait a month instead.
Angelita Magana says :

Not it’s not okay. Contraceptive pills usually be effective in the next 24 hour the moment you take it. It’s very important to take it at the same time everyday of your intended days to take it. Let’s say today you took it at 8 in the morning, tomorrow you take it at 1 pm, you are not protected from 9 am to 1 pm then.
Iris says :

Hi Im new in using Althea, im on my last 2 tabs and this is my first time on using contraceptive pills, may i ask if it’s normal that my nipples is leaking? Im afraid that this can be one of the symptoms of pregnancy. I didnt missed any pills, im on time on taking my pills. Can i be preganant because of leakage in my nipples?
May says :

Hi, i started taking althea last tuesday where i already took 2 pills a day for 6 days since my obgyne recommend it to me because of delayed takings. Then last night i forgot to take my 2 pills, is it okay to take 4 pills today?
Galega says :

Leaking of milk or formation of breast milk happens with few users. This is usually seen with new users and the reason is hormonal disturbances. You should relax as there is nothing to worry about. Keep taking pill and I am sure this leakage of milk will stop within one week. If not, you may need to consult an OBGyne. Since you are already taking Althea on time without missing a pill, you should be perfectly safe. The first sign of pregnancy is missing period, not leakage of milk.
Galega says :

In no circumstances, you should take more than two pills within 24 hours. That can be harmful for your health.
Aya says :

Hi..I am taking althea a day after my last menstruation and my concern is am I safe to have sexual intercourse with my husband during pill free days? I am just conscious about it because I am on my 5th pill free day now and my menstruation did not come..tnx
Ana DIlan says :

Yes, you can take any time of the day but try to take it at the same hour every day. Decide when you want to take it the first day and respect the same time table for the rest of the months. The most you can delay taking it is one or two hours.
Take one every 24 hours and try not to skip any days.
Galega says :

If you had taken all 21 hormonal pills as per instructions without missing a single day, you should be absolutely safe during the entire phase of pill free days. During these days, you can make unprotected physical relationship.
Mary says :

I take althea pills i miss 1 tablet what should i do ?
Jessica says :

Hello Newbiewanderer,
It is perfectly okay to take the pill at any time throughout the day. It is best to stick to the same time frame every day but it does not matter when you choose. The pills work by dispensing hormones into your system. It is best to use alternative protection for the first 7 days while the hormones build up. When you get to your “reminder pills” the lack of hormones in them will trigger your menstrual cycle.
Galega says :

If you miss a pill, then you take it as soon as you remember. Or, you can take two pills at the same time on the next day. You can take two pills within 24 hours. As a precautionary measures, you should avoid unprotected sex for the next seven days to remain safe from unwanted pregnancy.
fruzan says :

Hi Sir Galega,

Can I take Althea simultaneously with gloxi?

Galega says :

Yes, you can take Althea and Gloxi Height Enhancer simultaneously. You should follow instructions of both of them religiously.
Mae says :

Hi,it is my first time to take any contraceptive pills like athea pill. The first day of my menstrual period last month was at 21st of the month, is it ok to start taking pills today? And what about that 7 days free pills?please explain properly to me how to use althea pill. waiting for your reply. thanks
Galega says :

You should start Althea on the first day of menstruation. Take one pill daily at exactly the same time for 21 days. After that, go for 7 pill free days and start the next pack on 8th day. That is the simple rule you need to follow.
eli says :

Been using diane 35 and i had break outs up until now. Should I switch to another brand of pills?
Galega says :

First thing you need to ensure is that you are taking one pill daily at exactly the same time. Actually, if you regularly take pill at different time, then that may result in hormonal imbalance (pills are all about hormones) and that may lead to pimple breakouts.
MELAY says :

It`s my first time to use althea. I have been consuming 19ablets when i did engaged in an intercourse, it`s my fourth day of my free tablet period and i stil don`t have my breakthrough bleeding. now i am starting to worry, could it be possible that i am pregnant? for your reply please
ani says :

try a pregnancy test and visit a doctor as soon as possible.
Galega says :

First thing you need to notice is the expected time of your period. Is the delay is from your expected time/normal time of the arrival of period? Or, it is a delay of just four days from the last pill.

New users may have to bear with delayed period after completing one pack of Althea. It is a side effects.

Whether your period starts in few days or not, you should start the pill on the next day of this seven pill free days.

As for pregnancy, I don’t see any possibility here.
Jennifer Davis says :

Hi Melay, I would not worry too much. When I was on birth control I never had a period even during the pill free days. I think it has a lot to do with your body and the time at which your period would normally arrive. Mine usually arrives within the middle of the month and since the pills free days were at the end I had already skipped the time for my course. I would not worry too much. However, if you have not been regular taking the pills and have been having unprotected intercourse, then taking a pregnancy test would help to put your mind at ease.
Ruffa says :

Hi Melay

I’ve been using althea for almost 3 years, and based from my opinion as long as you didn’t missed any pill or you consumed missed pill asap you have nothing to worry about besides in my case, usually for almost 3 years my bleeding starts on the 5th day of my free pill days. So just wait and maybe consider going to an ob if you didn’t bleed for the whole free pill days.
Amanda says :

I prefer to take care of my health that is why taking the tablets should be done in proper time before the act or after it, most even prefer to use special liquid treats for avoiding the undesirable pregnancy
Galega says :

It is a myth that if you use the pill before or after the`act’ you will be away from unwanted pregnancy.

If you are using Emergency contraceptive pill, use it as soon as possible after the`act’, NOT before.

Althea is not an emergency contraceptive pill. You can remain safe only when you take it daily at around the same time, irrespective of the time you are having the`act’.
Kendra says :

Is it safe to have intercourse after or during the 7day pill free days? For example i am about to start my 2nd pack of pills do i still need to wait for 7days again before having intercourse?
Galega says :

You don’t need to wait seven days with every new pack. Just ensure to take one pill daily at the same time.
Kendra says :

Is it safe to have contact during the 7 pill free days?
Galega says :

Hi Kendra,

If you have taken all 21 hormonal pills strictly according to the instructions, without any miss, then it will be safe to have unprotected contract during the 7 pill free days.
Tori says :

Hi, Kendra,

Yes, as long as you’ve been taking your birth control regularly, you should be protected from pregnancy all throughout your cycle. If you miss a pill, be sure to take it as soon as you remember, even if that means taking two pills in one day. If you miss two pills in a row, take the two you missed the first day you remember, and take the other two the next day, so that you’re caught up. If you miss more than two pills in a row, you are probably not protected and should use an alternate method of birth control. Missing pills can increase your risk of pregnancy, so make sure that if you’re missing more than a couple pills per cycle, you use condoms or another backup method.

Best of luck with your new birth control

DM says :

Hi. I just want to ask, is it safe to take althea for 1 year straight, and if I stop using it after a year, will it cause me to have an outbreak as well? Also, does talking althea won’t cause me any problems one day if already want to conceive? And is it it normal to have a discharge longer than 2months while I’m taking it? Looking forward to your reply. Thank you in advance.
Galega says :

There isn’t any problem in taking Althea for one year and then discontinuing it. You should just remember to stop it after completing the entire pack.

Further, please remember that it is not normal to have spotting continuously for two months. This is an abnormal situation, and demands immediate attention of a doctor. You should consult an OBGyne and discuss this issue.
DM says :

Thanks for the info. I have a follow up question. If I take althea for a year, will I not experience any problem one day if I already want to get pregnant? Also, if I stop using it, is there any chance an outbreak will occur? Thanks.
Galega says :

You will be ready to conceive without any problem after you stop taking Althea pill. There won’t be any problem with pregnancy because of Althea.

Further, if you discontinue it after completing the entire pack, then you will be safe. There should not be any skin issue like acne or pimple outbreaks.
angel says :

When you take althea , is it really neeDed to take it in your firSt day of menstruation?or can I take it after my menstruation?my mens was last nov.16, can I take althea now?
Galega says :

According to the manufacturer, Althea should be started on the first day of menstruation. It can also be started on any other day than the first day of menstruation. However, in that case, users need to stay away from unprotected physical relationship for the first 7 days.
Lala says :

How about for people who have been taking Althea for over a year now? Does the same thing apply? I always take the first pill of a new pack after my menstruation. Is this okay? Am I still safe?
Galega says :

You are already taking Althea for over one year and you are protected. There isn’t as such any problem in the way you are taking Althea. However, I would suggest you to start the next pack just after the completion of 7 pill free days - on the 8th day. You don’t need to start every pack on the first day of menstruation.
mercy05 says :

Hi. I take althea but I’m worried because in my first pack I forgot to take one pills. I saw that in my 3rd week pack. What happened to me? Thank you
Galega says :

If you had missed a pill, the protection level will be lower. It will be better if you use protection while going for physical relationship till you start the next pack.
Ana DIlan says :

if you forget to take one pill and realize it the next day, you can take 2 pills that day. Never take more than 2 pills in 24 hours. Since you just noticed in the 3rd week, it is too late to take 2 pills in a day. In this case try using one more contraceptive method.
Lian manalo says :

Hi iam using althea and i skip 2 seven free day pill and its my 3rd pack of althea and iam experiencing spoting, is it normal?
Galega says :

Spotting can happen because of hormonal disturbances. Since you skipped two consecutive 7 pill free days, you are facing this problem. Now, ensure to go for pill free days after completing the third pack.
chacha says :

what should i do if i switch my exluton pills to althea.. i finished my 5th packs of exluton. i stop taking exluton last may 13, 2017 then until now no menstruation happen.. need your help…
Galega says :

Ideally, you should start Althea from the first day of menstruation. You have already discontinued taking Exluton and hence you should wait for the arrival of your period. If period doesn’t come, in that case you should consult an OBGyne before starting Althea.
loraine says :

hi, i was taking althea pills for almost 10mos. and not even break a rule in taking it. but this day, i have my period but i havent got a chance to buy althea, i decided that i will just buy tomorow and take two pills in one day, for a skip today, is that thing right?
ani says :

taking two pills is not an option. if you skip you should take the next pill as soon as possible (one a day) and continue taking for the next 3 weeks properly.
Galega says :

You can take two pills in one day, when you missed one pill on any given day. Never take more than two pills on a single day.

The above mentioned rule applies when you have missed a pill in the middle of the dose. It is not recommended for the first pill. You should not take first and second pill on the same day. The amount of active ingredients in the first pill is quite different.

Get the pack and start taking the pill daily. You can use some form of contraception in the next seven days for added security.
kennie says :

Im suffering from PCOS, my obgyne advice to take althea to regulate my cycle. is it ok if i stop it on 2nd mon? im planning to concive.
Galega says :

You can stop it at any time, but ONLY after completing the entire set of hormonal pills - 21 pills. Discontinuing in the middle of a pack can lead to many problems. Take the entire set and then consider discontinuing Althea.
kennie says :

thanks for the advice
saphire says :

hi, it`s me sapphire, I have consumed almost the 2nd pack of altea, I have noticed tenderness on my breast but aside from it, before my mens after taking the ist pack I have pimple on tip of my nose which cause me so much disappoint because as far as I`ve read about althea that it`s a beauty pill but look I have pimple, what you call by this one? Is it just a reaction to my just consumed ist pack???I felt moody, and easily freaked out….and one more, is it safe taking althea, when in fact I`m also taking memory enhancer and some other vitamin supplements, is it ok if I have been taken these all?? Thanks and more power, hope I could have get some reply from you…
ani says :

if you are getting pimples and other side effects you should consider changing your pills. this just means your hormones are being weird due to this pill. there are many options in the market, talk to your doctor.
Galega says :

Althea may be called a beauty pill, but it is not a beauty pill.

If pimples are not spreading, i would suggest you to continue taking this pill. Clearly, the pimples you have experienced are result of the extra dose of estrogen hormone that your body is getting through this pill. It may get better after the completion of the second pack.

You can also get in touch with a skin specialist.

Breast tenderness is one of the many possible side effects of Althea Contraceptive Pills. There is nothing to worry about here as this side effect will disappear after the completion of the second pack.
theredquill replies :

Hi Sapphire, Althea birth control pills contain both estrogen and Cyproterone acetate, a combination which both prevents pregnancy and acne. Though Althea is marketed primarily as a contraceptive pill, many Althea users have experienced reduction of their acne and pimples. However, women react to hormones differently, and you might be experiencing an adverse reaction. Is this your first time to use birth control pills? If so, maybe you should wait a month more for your body to get used to them. However, if you’ve used a different brand of pills before and had not experience the same reactions you have with Althea, then it might be worth considering switching back or changing to another brand or hormonal combinations. It’s always safe to see your OB, if you’re not sure. Cheers
Jenn says :

I just used contraceptives through injection. I planned to stop it and take the Althea Pills. My next schedule for injection was supposedly Aug.3. Should I take the pills now? When will I probably experience menstruation?
Galega says :

Delayed menstruation or even missing menstruation for up to 6 months is quite common with women who take contraceptive injection/shot.

You can start Althea now without having any menstruation. Keep following instructions religiously. You should get menstruation during the 7 pill free days. You can also consult an OBGyne for proper and medically efficient suggestion.
Der says :

Hi, as per reading here one of the side effects of Althea is breast enlargement. it doesn’t work on me. What might be the reason? Can I take pill for breast enlargement while taking Althea? What brand can you recommend?
Der says :

But I noticed other side effects like glowing and smooth skin but not breast enlargement. Do I need to take another pill for breast enlargement or fuller breast? What brand do you recommend?
Galega says :

Breast tenderness is among the possible side effects of Althea which happens for short duration. It is among possible side effects. It means that breast tenderness/enlargement may not happen with all users of Althea.
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