Althea Contraceptive Pills
  • And unlike before when I was taking another brand of pills, I did not experience bloating and there was absolutely no change in my appetite
  • Likewise, I noticed that my skin is giving out a pinkish glow and it feels smooth all over

    • by theredquill


      Althea is the latest 21-cycle birth-control pill product released by the Trust Family Program (TFP), which also manufactures the Trust Pill, Daphne, and Lady. Althea is referred to as TFP’s “beauty pill” because it has the same formulation as that of the more expensive Diane-35.

      I’ve started taking oral contraceptives again

      two months ago after a one-year break, so I was looking at something that won’t shock my system and throw my hormones out of balance. My OB recommended Althea because it’s low-dose and it’s good for the skin. On the first month, I could feel my breasts getting heavier and seem bigger. And unlike before when I was taking another brand of pills, I did not experience bloating and there was absolutely no change in my appetite. On the second month, my skin started producing less and less sebum, and my pimples began to dry out. Likewise, I noticed that ...
      • Althea Contraceptive Pills
      my skin is giving out a pinkish glow and it feels smooth all over. It’s true! It’s doing wonders for my skin! I am prone to migraine headaches and have had serious problems with other oral contraceptives before, which aggravated my migraine symptoms. Surprisingly, I haven’t experience a migraine attack since I started taking Althea, not even once.

      I am on my third month now and so far I am happy with Althea. It does not only effectively protect me from unplanned pregnancy, but it is also working to make me feel even more beautiful—what with the glowing skin, fuller breasts, and all.

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Althea Contraceptive Pills
ann says :

its my first time to take althea pills..i just want to ask if is it okay to take it even if its not my first day of menstrual period and even if its not on sunday?? im confused thanks..
Galega says :

Hi Ann,

Yes, you can take Althea, if it is not the first day of your menstruation. However, you will not remain protected from pregnancy for the next seven days (even though you are taking the pill on exact time daily). That is why, it is better if you start Althea pill cycle on the first day of your menstruation.

There is no difference whether it is Sunday or any other day. You can start the pill on any day.
theredquill replies :

Hello Ann, it is perfectly to start taking the pills any day of your cycle. However, if you are using the pill for birth control, remember to use an alternative form of contraception such as condom for a week. Hope this helps.
saphire says :

hi, it`s me sapphire, I have consumed almost the 2nd pack of altea, I have noticed tenderness on my breast but aside from it, before my mens after taking the ist pack I have pimple on tip of my nose which cause me so much disappoint because as far as I`ve read about althea that it`s a beauty pill but look I have pimple, what you call by this one? Is it just a reaction to my just consumed ist pack???I felt moody, and easily freaked out….and one more, is it safe taking althea, when in fact I`m also taking memory enhancer and some other vitamin supplements, is it ok if I have been taken these all?? Thanks and more power, hope I could have get some reply from you…
ani says :

if you are getting pimples and other side effects you should consider changing your pills. this just means your hormones are being weird due to this pill. there are many options in the market, talk to your doctor.
Galega says :

Althea may be called a beauty pill, but it is not a beauty pill.

If pimples are not spreading, i would suggest you to continue taking this pill. Clearly, the pimples you have experienced are result of the extra dose of estrogen hormone that your body is getting through this pill. It may get better after the completion of the second pack.

You can also get in touch with a skin specialist.

Breast tenderness is one of the many possible side effects of Althea Contraceptive Pills. There is nothing to worry about here as this side effect will disappear after the completion of the second pack.
theredquill replies :

Hi Sapphire, Althea birth control pills contain both estrogen and Cyproterone acetate, a combination which both prevents pregnancy and acne. Though Althea is marketed primarily as a contraceptive pill, many Althea users have experienced reduction of their acne and pimples. However, women react to hormones differently, and you might be experiencing an adverse reaction. Is this your first time to use birth control pills? If so, maybe you should wait a month more for your body to get used to them. However, if you’ve used a different brand of pills before and had not experience the same reactions you have with Althea, then it might be worth considering switching back or changing to another brand or hormonal combinations. It’s always safe to see your OB, if you’re not sure. Cheers
MELAY says :

It`s my first time to use althea. I have been consuming 19ablets when i did engaged in an intercourse, it`s my fourth day of my free tablet period and i stil don`t have my breakthrough bleeding. now i am starting to worry, could it be possible that i am pregnant? for your reply please
ani says :

try a pregnancy test and visit a doctor as soon as possible.
Galega says :

First thing you need to notice is the expected time of your period. Is the delay is from your expected time/normal time of the arrival of period? Or, it is a delay of just four days from the last pill.

New users may have to bear with delayed period after completing one pack of Althea. It is a side effects.

Whether your period starts in few days or not, you should start the pill on the next day of this seven pill free days.

As for pregnancy, I don’t see any possibility here.
Jennifer Davis says :

Hi Melay, I would not worry too much. When I was on birth control I never had a period even during the pill free days. I think it has a lot to do with your body and the time at which your period would normally arrive. Mine usually arrives within the middle of the month and since the pills free days were at the end I had already skipped the time for my course. I would not worry too much. However, if you have not been regular taking the pills and have been having unprotected intercourse, then taking a pregnancy test would help to put your mind at ease.
Ruffa says :

Hi Melay

I’ve been using althea for almost 3 years, and based from my opinion as long as you didn’t missed any pill or you consumed missed pill asap you have nothing to worry about besides in my case, usually for almost 3 years my bleeding starts on the 5th day of my free pill days. So just wait and maybe consider going to an ob if you didn’t bleed for the whole free pill days.
sheila m says :

I started using althea on my 3rd day of menstruation. Later I will be taking my 3rdy 3rd pill. Am I safe if we’ll have unprotected intercourse 2 weeks after I start taking the pills?
Galega says :

If you haven’t missed any pill and taking it daily at the same time then there won’t by any problem in making unprotected sex after 2 weeks of starting Althea. You should be absolutely safe by this time.
Chari says :

I want to ask if Althea is safe to use to prevent or treat hirsutism? I am conscious about my facial hair and I want to eliminate or lessen it. And one thing more is it true that Althea causes pimples if you really don`t have pimples? Thank you. I will wait for your response
a says :

this pill is not meant for facial hair reduction so i doubt it will help for that reason. it might help with acne on the other hand as the hormones in the pills can aid towards acne reduction.
Galega says :

Hirsutism is caused by some traces of Androgen, a male hormone, in the female who experiences facial hair growth.

Althea, being loaded with female hormone estrogen, can help you to counter the tide of Androgen hormone and thus can control hirustism.

Nevertheless, before starting it, please consult a doctor.
theredquill replies :

According to MIMS, Althea (containing Cyproterone acetate and ethinyl estradiol) is indicated for contraception in women as well as control of acne and hirsutism. However, only a doctor or OB can prescribe it based on your problem or main complaint. As for the pimples, any woman can have an adverse reaction to hormonal contraceptive, and that might include skin changes.
rea says :

do i need prescription to get althea???
ani says :

most birth control pills are prescription only. check with you doctor.
Galega says :

It depends on country where you are residing. check with your pharmist or ask your doctor.

As for needs for prescription, I would say that is required. Before starting the pill, you should always see a doctor and clear all apprehensions. Doctors may also tell you about the most suitable pills after going for extensive check ups. In fact, getting it through prescription may lead to less side effects.
Richelle says :

Hi rea you can buy althea pills even you have not prescription,you can buy it in any drugstore nationwide.
geraldine moreno says :

my friend started taking althea on dec 1 this year,on the 8th she thought she forgot to take the pill on the 7th so she took two tablets on that day dec 8 ,however she found out that she didn`t miss the tablet on the 7th, and when she checked the remaining pills she found out that instead of having the pills to be up to the 20th there are only remaining pills up to dec 19.what does she need to do,should she continue taking the remainig pills or start a new schedule with another set of pills.Furthermore, she had unprotected sex on the december 12th, is there a chance of her getting pregnant?
ani says :

you should never take two pills. even if you did its okay just normally consume 1 pill after that day. do not skip. its okay if you have run out of pills, you will just have your period. continue pills on first day of month.
Galega says :

She had unprotected sex on 12th, that should not be a matter of concern. She may face some side effects like headache or nausea, but she should be free from pregnancy as she has not missed the pill. Ask your friend to complete the entire pack and then go for seven pill free days and then start the next pack on scheduled time. She should be fine.
veniza joy macaraeg says :

hi.i`m 19 years old and interested in taking althea pills to regulate my menstruation and my pimples. i`ve read reviews that aside from contraception and for the menstruation, it has also effects like bust size increase and other effects on the physical side of a woman…if i stop taking the pills, will my body return to it`s original state? will my pimples return?
ani says :

maybe the hormones in the pills had an effect on you to cause bust size increase and other physical changes. if you are worried talk to your doctor.
Galega says :

Don’t take decisions on hearsay. You are just 19 years old and hence it is mandatory for you to consult a doctor before starting Althea. If you feel some serious side effects like weight gain then consult your doctor again. Ideally, you should be fine and some side effects mentioned by you are not common. It depends on the reaction your body is going to have with the extra dose of hormones that are pumped through this pill.
shybelle says :

It`s my first time using althea contracetive pills. I started using the first pack last March 9. I`m a little confuse though, should i really wait for 7 days before i start taking my second pack of pills? Will i be safe of getting pregnant because my boyfriend will be coming home on the 5th of April . Am i safe if we do sex by then? Also, since i started using this pill my monthly period which is supposedly last March 13 was delayed. But i noticed im having this brown discharge or i think its they what they call spotting sometime on the 2nd week. Is it normal? I did asked an obegyne before taking this but she just gave me a little information and some personal opinion of the side effects about althea but i still have unsolve questions i`ve mentioned already. Please help. Thank you.
ani says :

you can have sex after seven continous days of pill taking. spotting in between periods is normal.
Galega says :

The entire cycle of regular contraceptive pill is designed to give you maximum security against unwanted pregnancy without compromising with your overall health. Seven pill free days after completing first pack, 21 pills, is quite necessary to follow. You are required to follow this rule even when you are scheduled to have physical relationship during these pill free days. You can go ahead and make relationship, or to be on the safer side use some other barrier methods during these pill free days.

Althea promises to give you round the clock protection. All you need to do is to follow rules.

The spotting you are experiencing might be there because of side effect of Althea which happened with new users. Don’t worry, you will be fine over time.
analie says :

can i take althea pills while nursing my 3 months old baby
ani says :

it should be fine but talk to your doctor if you are concerned.
Galega says :

Hi Analie,

Many lactating women use contraceptive pills. However, doctors strongly prohibits using these pills during breastfeeding.

I will also advise you against using Althea during breastfeeding. It may have serious implications for baby.

The reason is Estrogen, a female hormone in Althea pill. Actually it is Estradiol (a family of Estrogen). This hormone can transfer to milk which can lead to health concerns to your babay.
mushi says :

Dear Galega,

Im 22 yrs old and im taking althea pills as recommended by my OB GYNE, because I have severe dysmenorrhea. Its my 7 days now taking second pack of althea, and my bpyfriend and I having unprotected sex everyday. Is there any chances I become pregnant? because Im always worrying. Thanks for the quick response.
Galega says :

Hi Mushi,

When did you start Althea? Was it on the first day of menstruation? If yes, you are perfectly safe. If not, you were not safe.
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