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  • Many people says that taking an oral contraceptive pill will cause me a problem
  • I was lucky cause I haven't had anything bad experience about that product until this day
  • I really love taking this oral contraceptive

    • by scot

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      Its been almost a year since I was drinking this Trust Pill. Many people says that taking an oral contraceptive pill will cause me a problem. Like nausea, discharge, weight problem and even something that I might get a cyst. Oh I really don’t know what to believe before. Honestly I was really hesitant if I will use an oral contraceptive pill or not because of

      those words that I heard. But because I really don’t want to get pregnant immediately and I want to spend more time with my baby before I have another child I make a decision of taking a pills.

      If you would ask me who gave the pill to me, well no one should do this cause I did not consult anyone when I use an oral ...

      • contraceptive and doctor says its wrong but hey! I was lucky cause I haven’t had anything bad experience about that product until this day.

        I even become blooming according to my friends and family after almost a year of taking that pill. My skin got glower and fairer. Before I was having a pimple everytime I am having my period but after taking this medicine my face

        got smoother. I no longer have problems with my pimples.

        Aside from that I am enjoying the time when I have my period cause I no longer experience cramps or pains in my abdomen which I usually have before.

        I really love taking this oral contraceptive. It does not only give me protection on pregnancy but it also has a lot of good effect on my body.

    lanie-dubai says :

    hello, i am taking this trust pills for two years now and i haven`t gone for any pap smear, my friend told me if i am taking this type of contraceptives i need to go to the doctor and have this pap smear atleast once a year? do i really need to do the pap smear thing or no? thanks a lot.
    ani says :

    pap smear is always a good idea, it lets you know if you are healthy and doing it routinely keeps you informed of your health. it doesn’t really have anything to do with birth control pills though, any woman can do it.
    Galega says :

    The death of women (worldwide) because of cervical cancer has got down by around 70 % when Pap Smear Test has become common. Cervical Cancer has been once the leading cause of death among women.

    When you consult a doctor to discuss about birth control pill, she may advise you to first go ahead with Pap Smear test (if you have not it since last one year). It may seem quite arbitrary and intrusive decision from the part of your doctor. But, remember it has become an international practice among OBgyne. It is a great way to ask women to go for Pap Smear Test, which is quite important.

    Having said that, let me tell you that medically there is no relationship between Pap Smear Test and taking Trust Contraceptive Pill.
    Vivien Alpuerto says :

    If you are sexually active, ideally you must undergo Pap smear at least once every three years. It is better if you have your cervix checked regularly, because the earlier you detect the presence of cancer cells the greater the chances you can avoid or prevent the spread and start the treatment. But if you have a history in your family who died from cervical cancer, you might need to do frequent tests, and so with those who have weak immune system.
    Kaye says :

    hi..I’m just curious. Is it true that if I use oral contraceptive pills in a young age or haven’t experiencing pregnancy yet,there is a possibility that I will be infertile and I cannot bear a child in the future?

    actually, I’m using it at the moment..Im just scared on the possibility that my chance of bearing a child in the future will be low.

    please englighthened my mind..thanks.
    Galega says :

    This is myth. Trust Pill, or any other contraceptive pill won’t make you infertile. It is a good idea for a teenager to take it only in exceptional circumstances.
    Vivien Alpuerto says :

    There is no truth to that. But before taking pills, it is best to consult your OB first. Because taking pills your OB will always consider your age, the cycle of your menstrual period– if it is regular or not, if there is problem with your cervix, any symptoms like pain you might experience when you have your menstrual period, your lifestyle, family history because these might have a contraindication to taking pills. And through these, your OB will know what is the best contraceptive pill to recommend.
    ken says :

    after taking the 28 pill of trust pill should I rest for 7 days before taking the 1st pack of pill?
    Galega says :

    The last seven pills were not hormonal. Those were like 7 pill free days. You need to start the next pack immediately.
    keidomz says :

    i have been using trust pills for almost 3 years then i stopped after my last period. but within the month that i stopped we do not have sexual intercourse with my boyfriend but on the 16th day from period we had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, am i safe for that day? the my boyfriend gave me a 3pcs of emergncy tablet on the 2nd day to drink it in one time…i am so paranoid this time, pls help…
    Galega says :

    You were not taking Trust pill, and hence you were not free from any possibilities of pregnancy. However, since you had taken Emergency contraceptive pills, you should be fine. The only concern is that you had taken it on the 2nd day, means the chance of being away from pregnancy is 85% only.
    jen says :

    hi, i started drinking trust pills on the 1st ay of my period sep. 9 and the lastday was 16th. and our last intercourse was sept. 25,But then, i stopped drinking pills on september 27 because i am already out of the country. after that, on sept. 30th i had my mestruation again until october 5th,so which means i got my period twice. this october, i still don’t have my monthly period. does it mean that my next period will be on november since i got my period twice last mnth?
    Galega says :

    There is absolutely no problem in this case. The problem you are seeing is because of Trust, and that’s too because you stopped it just after taking one pack. Your hormone is not yet in balance.
    jen says :

    thank you. i am just getting paranoid since it is already november tomorrow and my breasts seems so heavy and painful. i am so worried.
    jen says :

    which means, it is normal to have 2 periods in 1 month but i did not get my period on october? i got my period twice last september. (sep 9 to 16 and 30 to oct 5) i am panicking. sorry.
    Galega says :

    That is not normal, but also not rare. You need to concentrate on taking pills daily without missing it on any day. Your period will become perfectly normal and regular. Don’t worry about that.
    Karlo says :

    My girlfriend started taking the pill on the 1st day of her period. we had sex on her 3rd day taking the pill which is the 3rd day of her period also. and we had sex on the 9th day of her taking the pill also. is there any possibility or probability she can get pregnant? even with condom and pull out method. I’m a little confused because in the pack it says the trust pills work instantly if she use it the 1st day of her period. please answer my question, thanks in advance.
    Galega says :

    Trust pill works instantly, if you start it from the first day of menstruation. Your girlfriend did the same thing, and hence she should be absolutely safe.
    Anne says :

    Is it safe to use trust pill as a morming after pill?morning after pill is not available in my country.. im on 1st day of brown pill and before the time to take it my hubby and me did it and condom broke i dont want to get pregnant and i have read in google that if you take 4 pill right after and another 4 after 12 hrs its gonna work.. my question is do i have to worry or im safe since i did not miss any pill and tried to take them almost the same time every day? Also after drinking 4 pill should i continue with the brown pill and finish my pack or start a neq pack?lastly i fell asleep ao i took the 2nd set of 4 pill after16hrs instead of 12 is the effect same pls reply thanks.
    Galega says :

    Trust is a regular contraceptive pill. You need to take it daily - 21 days 7 days of placebo/brown pills - to ensure effective contraception. It can’t be used as a morning after or emergency contraceptive pill.
    Charina corpuz says :

    We make love in my 19th day on my pills, and i take the 19th pills in the night. I also skip the 7 placebo pills/sugar pills. And started a new pack. It is okay? Im still safe?
    Galega says :

    There was no need to skip 7 pill free days (or 7 placebo pills). You are safe in the given condition from unwanted pregnancy. However, there might be some issues with your menstruation cycle. Even you may not have your next period because you skin placebo pills. Don’t do this unless that is necessary.
    Charina corpuz says :

    Im on my 2nd inactive pills. My menstruation has not come yet.
    Charina corpuz says :

    I’m so worried. I’m on my 4th inactive pills but my menstruation has not come yet.
    Galega says :

    Keep patience, my friend. Menstruation can be delayed with new users. It will become normal over time. You need to just follow all instructions religiously.
    Kc says :

    Hello. I take althea pills regularly and made love unprotected and my bf finished inside all the time. I take my pills everyday but there was a time i took it 2 hrs late.
    I am now on my 3rd day of 7 pill free days and my period hasn’t come yet. I dont feel any signs of my period like breast pain and abdominal cramps which i always experience pre-menstruation. I also noticed i had a very thick white creamy-like discharge this morning. Could there be a chance that im pregnant? Thank you
    Galega says :

    As far as protection is concerned, you were protected. There is no doubt about it. Taking pill 2 hours late on one day doesn’t make any difference. Period can get delayed because of many reasons. There might be some issues with your hormones. You should wait for one week and keep following instructions of Althea. Or, you can go for home based pregnancy test to know the exact status of pregnancy.
    lyn says :

    i take my first pill after our sex
    he come inside me on that day
    i am safe?
    my period done 12 days ago
    pls reply thank you
    Galega says :

    Obviously, you were not safe before starting pill. The protection is available only after you start to take pill without missing it on any day.
    Nellie says :

    I have been taking trust pill (28 day pills). I just had my period on the 4th day of my unreactive pills. Do I continue to finish the 1st pack or start my 2nd pack the 1st day of my period (during the brown pills) ???
    Galega says :

    You need to strictly follow the instructions. Completing the 7 pill free days, irrespective to the status of your menstruation, is mandatory. You should start the next pack on the 8th day.
    Nad says :

    hi, I have a question. is it okay that I took my first pill on the mid of my cycle?? it’s my 8th pill now, is it safe to have sex after taking the 12th or 13th pill??? hope you could answer my question :) thanks
    Galega says :

    You started Trust pill in the middle of your cycle. You were required to wait for 7 days before making unprotected physical relationship. You made it on 13th day. Needless to say, you should be safe from unwanted pregnancy. Keep following all instructions.
    aileen tovera says :

    hi i was just worried.. it was my first time to take trust pill, and i took it at the 1st day of my menstruation apr. 3,2009 , im taking it continously until 17th of april, then me and my boyfriend made love at that same day.. i just want to know if safe na ba ako that day? thnx and God bless..
    ani says :

    you are safe from day 7 onwards. however never skip pills.
    Galega says :

    You are taking Trust Contraceptive pill regularly. there is no need worry now. These pills are just supposed to do the same - to protect you from unwanted pregnancy. You did a right thing by starting it on the first day of your menstruation cycle. Take one pill daily at around the same time, and you may remain protected.
    hannah segismundo says :

    Hi is it ok if i take oral contraceptive pills if i have diagnosed with type 2 diabetes??does it have any side effect on a diabetic women like me??
    ani says :

    it should be alright since birth control pills don’t interfere with diabetic medication, however there could be complications if there is any trace of sugar present in your birth control pills. check with your doctor to make sure.
    Galega says :

    The medical fraternity is still debating about this issue. The research is going on.

    However, as of now, I can say you something which is being admitted by doctors around the world.

    If you are diabetics, use Contraceptive pills only when you are less than 35 years of age, and you don’t smoke. And, you don’t have lots of complications which are related to diabetes.

    Apart from that, I would like to advise you to be in touch with the doctor while starting it. You may have to face some complications during the initial days like high blood pressure, and slight increase in the blood glucose level.

    On the whole, it should not be a problem for a diabetics who is under 35 years to use Trust Contraceptive pill.
    Jennifer Davis says :

    Taking contraceptive with diabetes can be dangerous. Particularly is your diabetes is not undercontrol. However, there are women who take oral contraceptives with type 2 diabetes, but it is only after a thorough examination by a doctor. The reason is that birth control pills can increase blood pressure, sugar levels, can cause weight gain, and do change hormonal levels in the body. I would definitely consult a gynecologist before you take birth control of any kind. It largely depends upon you and your medical history. However, I do know that more often than not my Gynecologist will not prescribe birth control pills to women with diabetes just to be safe. Often a good alternative is a non-hormonal IUD, the Today Sponge, or condoms. I would talk with your doctor, but personally, if I had diabetes I wouldn’t be on birth control. I would opt for a non-hormonal alternative like the IUD because they are just as effect but don’t have the risks. Anyway, definitely talk to your Gyno that’s the best way to decide on a contraceptive that is right for you.
    Vivien Alpuerto says :

    Special precautions to those who have diabetes mellitus, so it is best for you to discuss this with your doctor.
    ycho says :

    what if i take d 13 and 14, instead of 9th and 10th??
    a says :

    there is no problem since all pills from day 1 to 21 are the same.
    Galega says :

    First seven pills have quite different hormonal ingredients. Others differ slightly which should not create any problems when interchanged. Any way, it is always better to religiously follow the guidelines of the manufacturer. They have not numbered the pill arbitrarily, but there are some reasons.

    If you have interchanged the pills, it should not create any big difference. Next time please ensure that you are taking the right time daily at around the same time.
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