The Kimberley-clark duel toilet roll dispenser
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  • I would recommend a higher than waist position to ensure that it is not too low for the user
  • Having seen the device inappropriately hung, I can personally vouch that it is a problem

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      The Kimberley-clark duel toilet roll dispenser is the toilet roll dispenser of choice for my employer. We have around fifty toilets available to the staff at my work, and each cubicle is kitted out with its very own Kimberley-clark duel toilet roll dispenser. There are several things to note about the dispenser that I am keen to emphasise in this review.

      The first point that I want to make is regarding the look of the dispenser. Kimberley-Clark have clearly went to great lengths to ensure that this duel roll dispenser is one of the most attractive on the market today. Its sleek lines curve around the rolls (contained within) in a beautiful arc of smooth white plastic. The overall shape of the dispenser is a striking semi- cylindrical with a real dynamism about it. When glanced at it puts you in mind of a wheel spinning at high speed. It is visually striking with its modern bold white colouring. The styling is reminiscent of Apples designs of the first

      ipod - that same bold colour with an effortless elegance and minimal look. Clearly if Apple branched into duel toilet roll dispensers, this is what they would look like.

      The dispensers are entirely minimal in design and completely plain, save only for one feature - a small clear window towards the bottom of the shape. But this window is not a decadent design flourish, and (although it strikingly adds to the raw beauty of the piece) it serves a real purpose within the design. This window allows the user to gauge the amount of product left for use. This window is not only aesthetically pleasing but practical. There is no more guess work involved, suddenly there is a clear indication of product levels. The positioning of this window is critical to the success. Putting the window down towards the bottom of the design is perfect as users of this dispenser will be sitting down at point of use.

      The fact that this dispenser is duel filled is another triumph ...

      • of logical thinking. No longer is there the worry of running out of product half way through usage. If a roll is running empty then you have the piece of mind of a back up. This is very clever, and although careless restocking can cause stock ’situations’ these are reduced by the duel roll capability of this device.

        As has been stated already, Kimberley-clark duel toilet roll dispenser is visually stunning, but that beautiful design serves a useful purpose. Sadly today many people fall victim to the lure of drugs. This arc on the device makes it drug unfriendly. Unlike so many flat-top dispensers which actively encourage drug use by allowing the user a flat surface from where to prepare his next hit, the Kimberley-clark duel toilet roll dispenser stops him dead in his tracks. This unit is not just a pretty face - it is tough on drugs!

        Of course the actual practical usage on the unit is largely dependant on the height at which the unit is positioned. Some

        careful consideration needs to be made regarding this to ensure that the practical usage of the device has been optimised. I have found that there are some heights that render this usually user friendly dispenser frankly unusable. Too low and the product is to hard to dispense. It is hard to hang this device too high, until you get to the ridiculous heights. I would recommend a higher than waist position to ensure that it is not too low for the user. This can genuinely impact on the users pleasure of using the device. Having seen the device inappropriately hung, I can personally vouch that it is a problem. Also, since this device is usually placed in a confined cubicle, the toilet bowl/seat positioning must be taken into account to allow for practical usage. It is these details that can severly impact on the pleasure that is derived from such dispensers. Over all this device is a class act. A real gem, but it needs to be hung correctly.

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