• The product is quite expensive but you will be able to use it for a month or two, so it's also worth it
  • Especially if the scar is new, it will be less visible within a month of using it

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      I have a scar (keloid) on my right knee. I got it when I was a kid.

      I’ve tried a lot of products to if not vanish it, minimize it even just a little so I’d be confident wearing mini

      skirts and shorts.

      I’ve read about this product and its name is Contractubex, which can help remove new scars and minimize old ones.

      Contractubex is a gel that you apply on your scar and massage it.

      The product is quite expensive but you will be able to use it for a month or two, so it’s also worth it.

      Since my scar is really old, I religiously applied every day and massage it for a minute or so, once in ...

      • Contractubex
      the morning and once in the evening before retiring for the night.

      I didn’t see any results until after using it for at least two months.

      I am really amazed by this product because it really minimized my scar and

      made the color a bit lighter.

      It really reduced the scar’s range.

      I’ve tried a lot of products before and this is the only one that worked! It’s really awesome.

      Especially if the scar is new, it will be less visible within a month of using it.

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Jhara says :

Is Contractubex effective for acne scars too?
JustLiz replies :

Yes, it could be use on acne scars as well. But test it on a small part of your face first to see if your skin will have negative reaction to it.
Danna says :

will contractubex be effective on chickenpox scars?
me.glenrose says :

yes this can be effective on chicken fox scars too.
Galega says :

Chicken Pox scars are really tough to get rid of. Contractubex may not be completely effective in tackling this problem.

Even then, you can apply it on affected area - topically - for up to three months. It will not heal the scar completely, but it can make some them little bit invisible.
Crystal says :

What other ointment do you recommend to get rid of chickenpox scars? I had mine for 15 years and its very visible on my face
Galega says :

As I had mentioned above, it is really tough to get rid of chicken pox scars. You can use Contractubex, which can make it little bit invisible.
Mary Joy Chan says :

I had a scar from a motorcycle accident 5 years ago (Fist-sized scar). I started using contractubex 3 years prior to the accident. Give or take, I used it for 8-10 months. My scar is almost gone. However if someone will have a through look, it’s still visible but barely. Contractubex won’t work overnight. You must have patience.
Galega says :

Surgical scars take lots of time in getting healed. Patience is obviously required in this case. The older and deeper the scar, more time it will gets. If not completely healed, the scars will definitely become less visible.
Galega says :

Mederma Gel is also a very good product for tackling variety of scars and marks, including dark spots. You are also using Apple Cider Vinegar which is a good way to cure scars.
tuliy says :

scars are change in the skin, nothing will make it go but surgery, creams will make it fade little but will not remove it compeletly
i tried countless creams and lotions, non work except the time make it less visible.
Queen says :

Totally true no cream will take away the scars or birth marks and i tried alot. This one of them. Useless
rhea says :

i have a keloid scar since i was a child and until now, it is still visible. can contractubex lessen erase my keloid?
itsmemadie01 says :

It will not remove the keloid but it will even out the discoloration so it will be less noticeable. I have a small one at the back of my knee and after applying this product I noticed that it flattened and the skin tone matched the surrounding so it is not that obvious. The scar is still there but it will not look so much of a keloid.
quick note by anonymous :

what may be the reason why contractubex makes my pimples ithcy?? thanks for the answer :)
LaurenJ says :

It could be that your skin is dry around your acne site and that’s what’s actually making you itch. Try some moisturizer built for your skin type. If that doesn’t help, I would say it would be time to consult your physician on whether the Contractubex is safe for you or not
Galega says :

It is because of the fact that you are applying Contractubex on pimples.

Contractubex is an anti scar/spots cream. It is not supposed to treat pimples, acne or any other sort of infection. You should rather use a good anti pimple medicine to get rid of that. Once your pimples will be healed, there might be some pimple scars. Use Contractubex topically for the treatment of those scars.
Valerie Vera says :

Good day I have a 1 month and 2 days scar on my upper lip below the right hole of my nose. Stone that nearly pierce/penetrate my skin to my gums.
I don’t really know if this is a Hypertrophic or Keloid Scar. The doctor said I should have used Contractubex when my wound was still fresh and is not yet closed. But now that my wound has closed, will the ContractubeX still effective on my scar?

Thanky in Advance for those who will help me. This is really embarassing to see
Devinder kr. mazumder says :

I have 19 years old dark blade cut mark on my face.Will it go by using contractubex and if so then for what period i should used it. please reply?
Japheth says :

Hi Devinder,

It can ligthen the scar but there’s no assurance to get rid the scar. It can only make your scar less visble. Try to use it 2-3 months period for better result. I also suggest to consult a dermatologist for better prescriptions and inquiries.
ajgheng says :

hi i have this scar for about 20 years keloid , I`ve tried a lot of scar remover cream but it did not work for me. can contractubex help me to diminished or lighten my scar?
junmae says :

The main action of the Contratubex is to soften and lighten the Keloidal scars. It may not totally remove the scar but this product can help your scar to be less visible.
Vivien Alpuerto says :

Sad to say, but contractubex doesn’t work for keloids. It is not the right product to remove keloids.
grace says :

Hi, i just want to ask if it works on chicken pox scar particularly on the face area? Thank you
junmae says :

Yes, it can help lighten the scars from Chicken Pox. Make sure that you will use it appropriately so that you can achieve it maximum effect.
Danna says :

but will it flatten the scar as well? i have the same problem with chickenpox scars and its like a crater in the skin.. will it help flatten it? unfortunately its the opposite of those keloidal scars..
Galega says :

It will not flatten the scar. It will just lighten those. If the chicken pox scars are quite deep, like a crater, it may take prolong use to even lighten them up.

Use it for few months to see whether there is any positive result.
saraherica says :

it says contractubex may be allowed to take effect overnight under a dressing. does that mean i should wear pajamas since my scar is found at my right leg so nothing will touch it? i just bought one today and im not going to take any risk.. its to expensive
Liz replies :

it means you can put bandage or gauze over it. but what i do is i massage my scar gently for 2 minutes with contractubex.
Galega says :

It actually depends on the nature of scars. IF your scars are quite large and even deep, you may use bandage - Gel Dressing.

Soften the scar tissue first using a warm, moist pad. Then apply Contractubex in a moderately thick layer. Gently massage the gel over the scar. Then cover the area with thin kitchen foil. Put a dressing on top of this. Then simply leave the gel to work overnight.
jelly says :

can this contractubex remove deep scars caused by chicken pox, particularly on the face area?thank you.
itsmemadie01 says :

No it will not heal the scar from chickenpox because I had one on my face as well but it will lighten discoloration so it will be less noticeable. This topical medicine is best applied in scars from scratches and cuts in the skin.
Galega says :

It will not completely remove the chicken pox scars. However, it will definitely lighten up the marks. Your scars can become less visible.

It also depends on the gravity of your problem. If chicken pox scars are quite deep, then it may even be tough to lighten up those in short period of time.
granny says :

heya i was searching the product s that can remove scars and i saw these page. is contractubex effective to the scars cuased by mosquito bites also?
Joel Angaga says :

Heya too. definitely contractubex could effectively remove scars cause by mosquito bites, its just a light bites though.
I had been using contractubex for quite long period now on my deep acne scars and its amazingly lightning my scars. Need extra patience to get result.
Galega says :

There is no point of using a scar removal for mosquito bites. Eventually, those scars will go away. I doubt Contractubex will work in this case.

Marks left on your body because of mosquito bites will evaporate within 1-2 days. Just have patience.
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