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  • I opted for the high rise feature from past experience workability of this type of faucet
  • When choosing this faucet, I think the artistic features swayed me away from the functional height feature
  • I highly recommend this model and name brand for any kitchen

    • by carallelworld

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      The Corrego faucet comes with a fully illustrated list of parts necessary for installation. I opted for the high rise feature from past experience workability of this type of faucet. Larger items such as canning kettles, even five gallon buckets would fit under the high rise.

      When choosing this faucet, I think the artistic features swayed me away from the functional height feature. While I was distracted away from a more efficient elliptical shaped armature, I didn’t realize how much of an impact the angle and shape would have

      on water flow.

      The surface matched the burnished nickel of my countertop items. The kit came complete with four fixtures. The placement of the on/off, the sprayer, etc. had a unique flair.

      I didn’t have a clue that this F87B4500NC model Corrego faucet would be less efficient just because of this little difference in design. Live and learn this minor trade off in performance for the sake of aesthetics is pardonable.

      It took a while to get accustomed to the left of center, one piece handle. But this really makes sense, because usually the right hand holds the glass, or pan that the water pours into. For desired water temperature, swirl the handle left or right as indicated by blue and red arrows.

      The sprayer is located on the right, and somehow it delivers a considerable amount more water pressure than the faucet. The design of the faucet is tall, but the shape departs to a horizontal path of flow which slows it down compared to my previous faucet, which is shaped like a candy cane for example.

      The upgrade ...

      • Corrego Brand High Rise Kitchen Faucet Ensemble
      that I appreciate the most is the soap dispenser which is positioned at the far right. This helps to keep the sink area clutter free. The soap reservoir is of ample size, and only needs changed infrequently. Also, it’s easy to fill using a funnel.

      One might find it surprising that this faucet assembly was purchased at a Sam’s Club warehouse shopping facility. The reasonable price and the quality surpassed anything we may have gotten at a builder supply store.

      I can fit tall items easily underneath this faucet, but

      in a perfect world, I would have had a cheap, one unit shallow sink. With a dishwasher, the need for two sinks is eliminated. The shallow sink saves on the back, believe it or not. More than this, the center divider in a two part sink seems to get in the way. It is merely something to accidentally break glassware on.

      I highly recommend this model and name brand for any kitchen. The Corrego faucet assembly is a superior product, and an overall good buy.

R.O.Devin says :

I have a Corrego brand faucet and I need to know what is the telephone number of the parts service so that I may order a part for the spray attachment. My location is Florida USA Thank you.
carallelworld replies :

I will not be able to provide the information you requested until May or June. Sorry, I am currently not at the location where the manual is stored. if you want to wait till then, I will be glad to provide you with the info.
Mark Fleischman says :

the phone number is 1-866-669-9767 I just called the number they dont say who you are calling but they are closed on sunday.
Toni Copeland says :

Where can I purchase parts for my model F87B4500NC other than ordering from the company?
Al Schmidt says :

I have both the kitchen and two bath faucet sets by Corrego. They look good and are priced reasonably. I do have a big problem and that is getting replacement parts. I have tried for the last 6 months to get a part for the kitchen faucet. Everytime I call the 800 I am told it is back ordered. It is very fustrating and I fear that if it does not come in soon I will be replacing the kitchen set with another brand and calling it a total loss. Do you have any sugestions? Thanks, Al
Peter Gima says :

Took the aerator off Corrego Lucca bathroom faucet to clean the screen and found what looked like a broken c-clip inside. Tried to find a match but no luck. Forgot how to re-assemble the aerator and after many try’s I gave up. The faucet works but doesn’t have the aerator flow to it. Can someone pls send me instructions for the re-assemble. Thanks.
Marjorie Montgomery says :

re : I highly recommend this model and name brand for any kitchen
I installed 4 of these in my rental property–1st one 4 years ago. Just now got a drip. I called about parts and they are sending them free. You can’t beat a deal like that–no way. I will always use their products when available. They are well made and good looking
James H . Livingston says :

I have a single head corrego faucet in my kitchen. its leaking at the off on handle and at the spout,where its sweviles ao swings left to right .tha allen head is what size allen wrench to use? and where its leaking at the ewivel part of the base.thanks for your help james
Mike says :

I used a 3/32″ allen, I also purchased a Danco cartridge 89902 at home depot, it looks similar to the original and it seems to work. This fixed the problem at the handle. Take your cartridge with you to compare.
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