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  • I know I have reviewed how they offer some services like unlimited online chatting by buying a day's worth of load for yahoo and msn chatting

    • by jaqui

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      I never really thought that the sun cellular service can be really good and bad at the same time. I know I have reviewed how they offer some services like unlimited online chatting by buying a day’s worth of load for yahoo and msn chatting.

      Well I just got off a phone chatting with a friend using the sun cellular’s unlimited texting and chatting over the

      phone and it was really annoying I was so stressed out.

      It was annoying because the line is so choppy.

      It was annoying again, because I always had to repeat myself because apparently, the other person I was talking to cannot or did not hear what I said.

      That is really annoying, isn’t it? Okay as if these are not enough, while talking with the person ...

      • on the other line, it always gets blank and then it would become so loud at one point.

        To add to all these, exchanges of message has become quite a nuisance too because the messages are very delayed.

        At an average, a message gets delayed for a total of 10-15 minutes.

        Well yes, you will be busted for the late replies and it is not very

        advisable for emergency cases.

        The service is totally unreliable.

        This messaging service by sun cellular is only for those who have the luxury of waiting for messages to come in, for those who could use some free airtime and a series of messages exchanges, but other than this, I would not suggest this cellular service.

        Not even if it is the last telecommunications company in the country.

    bryan says :

    hi hello i bought a new sun sim and i enjoyed it so much… the reason why i ask question is that yesterday i accidentally dialed a number which it activated the call barring and i dont know how to deactivate it… i cant make a phone call or txt… pls help
    MEV says :

    Hi Bryan,

    You can deactivate it. Go to settings to your phone and go to call phone settings.
    Josephine Kay Guintu says :

    It would depend on what phone you are using. If you are using a BlackBerry device try the following steps:

    1.. From the home screen, press the call key

    2. Press the menu button

    3. Select Options then Call Barring

    4. Select a Call Barring option

    5. Press menu button then select disable.

    for Nokia Windows Phone

    1. Go to Menu

    2. Go to Settings

    3. Select Security

    4. Go to Call Restrictions
    5. Select Activate / Deactivate option

    For other phones:

    Dial 330 barring code press send. the default barring code is 1234, unless you had it changed.
    paul brian paner says :

    i accidentally puk blocked my simcard is ntheres anything i can do to fixed it? it has all of my important no. and messages. and theres a important message that ived been waiting for. heres my puk blocked no. 09223577221 heres my new no. 09236832828 thanks..
    Jules Li says :

    You will actually have to contact Sun Cellular to get the PUK code. This happens after the code is entered incorrectly numerous times.
    mix says :

    hi i also accidentally blocked my sim.. and now, im so worried on how to open it again coz i dont have my PUK number with me. is there any way on having another PUK pin number? please help..
    MEV says :

    Hi Mix,

    If your line is postpaid you dont have to worry since you can request the code at your branch or thru Sun Hotline number at 200. If your number is prepaid, I’m not sure about it, but you can contact their Customer Hotline number at 200 to request.
    Jester Bryan Quiroga says :

    I have entered 10 wrong puk codes, the sim card is now “sim card rejected. Can it be fixed? It is a postpaid. Tnx
    Kay says :

    Hi Jester. Ten consecutive erroneous entries of puk code will cause SIM REJECT. For SIM reject cases, the only solution to this is to have the SIM card replaced. Just go to your provider’s business center and don’t forget to bring a valid ID.
    Alexis Dela Cruz says :

    PUK EXHAUSTED, this was indicated in my iphone. BUT I have with me the card with Pin 1, Pin 2, PUK 1 and PUK 2. The problem is I cannot access on to where I will input these numbers. Please help.
    Galega says :

    You seem to have used wrong PUK for a number of times. Insert the seem and call on Sun hotline (calling on this number will work) and request for assistance regarding exhausted PUK.

    Now, I am providing you assistance to do it on your iPhone:

    You can use a SIM pin to prevent access to cellular data networks. In order to use cellular data, you must enter the PIN whenever you swap SIM cards or restart your iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi Cellular models).

    You can enable, disable, or change your SIM PIN in the following locations:

    iPhone: Settings Phone SIM PIN
    Jey says :

    Hi, i would just like to ask if the Sun Cellular network could recover my number from my previous phone that was lost? it wa s postpaid sim and i just dont wanna have new number since its too hassle for me. Could it be possible fr the network to give a new sim but still the same number?
    Harry says :

    Is there a way to unlock my sun sim, because it has been block, i mean sim is blocked, and i can`t open it because i have lost the card where the PUK code is placed, can anyone help me here, coz i need to open this sim coz it has alot of contacts where i do not have a copy. Please help me, i would highly appreciate your help
    MEV says :

    Hi Harry,

    If your postpaid, no need to worry since you can request your PUK code at your branch or Call Sun Hotline at 200. If its prepaid, then I’m not sure about it. You can still try to contact their Hotline number at 200 for instructions.
    Jules Li says :

    The Sim card blocks after the incorrect code is entered numerous time. With the exception of replacing the sim card, you will have to contact the carrier and they will provide an unlock code.
    debra says :

    my phone is blocked and it requires the PUK code which i dont have anymore. is there any alternative? thanks
    MEV says :

    If its postpaid, then you can contact their customer support at 200 or go to your Sun Cellular Shop Branch. If its prepaid, then better buy a new one since you lost your PUK code.
    Josephine Kay Guintu says :

    Phone networks have a copy of their Postpaid account’s PUK so you can just call their customer service and take note that getting this information needs verification from the account holder. For Prepaid accounts if you do not have a copy of the SIM bed then you can opt to have the SIM changed by going to your network’s business center, you may be asked for a valid ID.
    melaney says :

    I`m using sun express load sim.when i changed my phone to nokia n70, the sim didn`t work well. It always says you do not have enough load. But i just have a load. And also I cannot load to other sims. Can someone pls help me about this problem. Thank you in anticipation on your prompt response.
    MEV says :

    Hi Melaney,

    You may contact their Customer Sun Hotline number at 200. From there, instructions will be given.
    michelle says :

    my sim was lost together with my phone can you turn the services of it off so it wont used by the thief?
    MEV says :

    The best and first thing to do is contact Sun Hotline at 200.
    Galega says :

    If you have lost you SIM (mobile phone?), you are required to immediately call them and request for immediate blocking of the SIM. The customer care executive will ask you some question to verify your authenticity. If you are using any other SUN Cellular number, call on their hotline 200.

    You can also call on their landline from any other phone. Here is the landline number:

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