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  • If you can put up with a small amount of hassle believe me it will save you allot of money

    • by Ross

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      With 18,000 + acres of property. DFW ranks near the top as far as airport acreage goes. Even above O’ Hare and Hartsfield. With 5 terminals, two airport hotels. 7 runways. Plus it’s central location in the country. Makes it a preferred transfer or destination point in the US. DFW Airport has become a mega hub airport. Even in the mist of economic airline down turn. DFW still continues to grow. But if you haven’t visited DFW airport. You might find the airport quite intimidating. In years past signage around the airport was rather poor. Leaving you quite lost just driving around the airport or even try to connect to another terminal. All of that has now change. DFW Airport has upgraded their signage with extra large letters. More info and more about where your going. What use to be quite a daunting task has now been turn very easy. Of course while no airport is perfect. DFW strives to handle customers as best they can. I have seen first hand this in action. Its a huge airport with a small airport comfort feel.

      Making a transfer at DFW and its terminals If you walk out of a gate at DFW airport and need to transfer to another flight. If its within the same terminal just easily get on the carpeted color walking path and keeping walking until you hit the terminal gate number marking above you. If you got to transfer to another terminal. Get on the carpeted color path and follow the skylink icon arrows above you. This will get you onto DFW newest skyline system which provides a

      high speed train that runs between each terminal. Allot of airports make you walk almost an entire terminal in order to get to the next terminal. Which leaves me exhausted and out of breath. So this is a major plus in my book.

      Food When you find your gate. The terminal is setup so that your not to far from decent food. Whether it be fast food or something more substantial like a Chili’s. This is nice because you don’t have to worry about a far walk back to the gate or worrying about missing your boarding flight. Allot of airports make you walk a country mile to a central location where restaurants and fast food reside. Making it extremely stressful to get something to eat. The restrooms are very easy to find. Most of the time they end up being extremely near your gate if they are not they are only a few gates down.

      Internet Conducting business at DFW Airport is very easy. Every terminal has some form of wifi or lan hookup. Typically you pay a very small nominal fee. You can pay by the hour or day. The speeds they provide are true broadband speeds not the dialup like speeds I have seen on other wifi networks at other airports.

      Parking at the airport Trying to get parking at DFW airport. Can be a game at times. Not for infield parking which is the most expensive. Runs between 14 to 17 dollars a day. The game begins with cheaper parking spots. You have remote south, remote north, west reduce and so on. These are allot cheaper parking spots. If ...

      • you want to go even cheaper there are parking places around the airport. That are off the airport property. Like Parking Spot. These require a reservation. They have a shuttle that drops you off at the terminal and then picks you back up whenever you schedule the time for pickup. Very few times can you get into the spots without a reservation. If you can put up with a small amount of hassle believe me it will save you allot of money. Try to get to the airport early so you can deal with the parking situation unless you have a reservation.

        Rentals Renting a car at DFW airport is super easy. Just get on the rental car shuttle outside the terminal. You will be drop off what looks like another terminal. Its actually where all the rental car places are housed. It’s a big open air design. With all the rental car agencies one right next to each other. Very easy to find which one you want. Once you got your rental car just easily follow the exit signs out of the airport.


        When coming into the airport. Make sure you read every sign you can. If its your first time. Even if might not pertain to you. It might become useful later. Read it out loud. This way you get a good understanding where you need to go and how to get there. Once you take a terminal exit slow way way down. Read the signs carefully. Take the appropriate exits as followed. When you have driven DFW Airport enough you can drive through it like a


        Hotels DFW airport offers two hotels. Right smack in the middle of the airport. These are full service hotels providing a restaurant and other services. If you need to stay on the airport property or if the company you need to do business with is on airport property as well this is a great option. Although if your business takes you outside of the airport property like in the Arlington area or what not its best to stay somewhere else. The rooms are greatly sound insulated. I have never had any problems with hearing planes at night.

        Check in Check in is like most other airports. Via eticket or desk check in. When entering the terminal you will see the ticket counters.

        Airlines DFW Airport offers a whole array of airlines. From Major Airlines to Discount Airlines. American, Northwest, Airtran and so on. Typically you will find the right airline you need to get into DFW Airport or to get out of DFW Airport. DFW airport offers a very wide range of international/foreign airlines as well.

        Where DFW Stands In term of total operations DFW ranks 3rd. With Hartsfield and O’Hare ranking in the 1st and second. Hartsfield and O’ Hare are slowly becoming landlock if they aren’t already. Eventually in time DFW will take the mantle of 1st place. This is something that market predictors have said will happen down the road.

        Technical Information Besides the review of the airport here is the technical information on the airport.

        Terminals 5 Terminal Names A B C D E Gates 155 Control Towers 3 Runways 7 Number Of Airlines 20 Destinations 173 Airport website www.dfwairport.com

        Bottom Line DFW Airport. Provides everything you need to make your business travel or leisure travel become a success.

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