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  • Days when I appreciated them was when I bought my laptop on my credit card and I received a call from the bank confirming if I have made the transaction (since it was for 50k)
  • My suggestion to anybody and everybody, in simple words, if you are planning to take a credit card from HDFC Bank, think twice

    • by Arif Ghadiali

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      I have been using the HDFC Bank Credit Card - Platinum Card for over four years now. But frankly there has hardly been a day I would say I am happy with their services.

      Days when I appreciated them was when I bought my laptop on my credit card and I received a call from the bank confirming

      if I have made the transaction (since it was for 50k).

      That was good, it made me feel safe against misuse of my card.

      Other then that I seriously don’t recollect any other day.

      They have the most stupid ideology of making your monthly card payments.

      What does auto payment on due date mean? This is what other banks say ‘if you don’t make the minimum monthly payment for your card before the due date, the bank would automatically charge the minimum payment to the savings or current account associated with your credit card account.

      ’ Now thats what any bank would say and does say.

      But with HDFC Bank its different.

      Irrespective whether you have made ...

      • HDFC Bank Credit Cards
      the payment towards your card or not, and irrespective whether its just the minimum payment or much more then that, they would still go ahead and charge the minimum payment to your account on the due date.

      Autopayment facility hp to ensure that a customer, incase could not make the payment before the due date, shouldn’t get a

      payment default on your credit report.

      Their customer service sucks, you don’t get your credit card statements on time and to beat it they openly refuse to help about half the times.

      My suggestion to anybody and everybody, in simple words, if you are planning to take a credit card from HDFC Bank, think twice.

      There are better banks at hand.

sudershan says :

I want to redeem my reward point. what shall i do
Jules Li says :

There are a few ways to redeem your reward points. Here’s a link to HDFC’s website that explains the methods in detail:
Galega says :

You can redeem your points online and offline.

For offline, you are required to send redemption form. This form can be accessed from your home brand.

For online, just log in into your HDFC Netbanking and then click Credit Card. Register your card and you will find Redeem Your Points icon. Click it and see what you are getting.
Tushar says :

Poor response and service from HDFC Bank Credit card Department.
I am an unfortunate user of HDFC Bank Diners Club credit card. I have other cards and have been associated with them for past several years. There are some ups and downs with them but they are responsive and fast. HDFC, on the other hand, is the worst. Some of the major issues:
1) The mobile number was wrongly entered. As a result I could not use the card for the first couple of months. I had to download a form and physically submit at their branch before they rectified it.
2) Most of the transactions are declined. There is no logic in this. I may have used at a particular merchant establishment, that does ensure that the next transaction is successful. An attendent at a petrol pump near my house tells me that 90% of the time HDFC cards don’t work.
3) I am unable to register the card as a payee. Hence I cannot make online payment from non-HDFC banks. I tried to escalate this issue to HDFC, they gave me the NEFT number. Still does not help.
4) Cheques deposited on time are not presented on time. They maintain that I had submitted the cheque late, and charge late payment charges and interest. Seems HDFC wants to profit from this.
It is a request to all to avoid HDFC Bank.
Saurabh Agrawal says :

I am using HDFC bank credit card from now 3 months. I must say, they offer one of the most pathetic customer service. They have such a cumbersome process in place when their competitors like ICICI bank offers the best in class service. For some personal reasons I had to open an account with HDFC bank. I regret everyday, since I opened an account with them. I would list down few of the problems that I faced with them. 1 To get your Credit Card Statement via EMAIL, you need to have your CC registered on the HDFC NET BANKING website. To register your card, you need to have a PIN which will be sent by CC department after 10 days of delivery of your CC. It took almost 2 months and more than 30-40 calls to the Customer Care to get my PIN. They uses some of the pathetic courier services to deliver the PIN and when you call back, they will again take a fresh request and do the same. In the end they put all the blame on the Courier services for doing the shoddy job. THANK GOD, I RECEIVE The PIN FINALLY. 2 After getting the PIN, I was able to register my CC to the NET BANKING. The agony is not yet over. Now some crap EMAIL address they have put in the SYSTEM, so I never receive the CC statement. AGAIN it takes number of follow-ups to get that corrected. Having told the same a number of times, they keep committing the spelling errors which will lead to frustration for you because you need to keep calling the customer care. 3 I made the second mistake of taking the HEALTH POLICY from HDFC. As expected again, its been 2 months nearly and I never received the policy document. When I call back, they said, XXX courier services has delivered on YYY date to ZZZ person. How the hell on this earth, I would know that. When we provide the mobile number to them as part of address, its the collective responsibility of HDFC CC division and Courier Services, to call back and check, if the document has been received or not. Again, when you call back and ask, they will say, they have delivered again. This time i asked them the courier service name and the consignment number to track my POLICY DOCUMENT. To my surprise, when I called that Courier Service, it says, they only deliver couriers abroad and dont take domestic requests. WHAT THE HELL….WHAT are the HDFC BANK CC division doing…., GOD KNOWS …..oR THEY KNOW ….. GUYS please be advised and stay away atleast from HDFC BANK CC section and departments like HEATH INSURANCE related to it or be ready to experience the SHODDY services, that they OFFER….
Rajat Saluja says :

The story of my, using HDFC bank Platinum plus credit card was pathetic.
On 19th April 2012,the credit card got delivered, after that i used it 3 to 4 times and of 25th April 2012,i again tried using the card but i get to know it was blocked,I called customer care and they said I only called them and blocked the card on 24th.I was schocked to know that how he can say this , because i never called any customer care to block the card, The worst part was, they said i blocked teh card on 24th but i used teh card on 25th with sucessful transaction, the how this is possible, secondly how without any intimation through message or call they can block the card, thirdly how they get to know all teh secret answers for blocking the card, forthly how can a person block a card in just 5 days. HDFC Bank is making fools of the customer,I have raised thsi concern with the bank nad wrote a letter as well against them, They assured me to solve this issue within 7 days with the proper evidences, Else i will circulate this issue to the Media.

hi, i am shailendra jain from indore,i was apply cradit card service for your bank last 2 month but i havent got yet so my feedback is very bad poor .
hyacient says :

You should call and check on your application status to see if it was approved or denied. This will help you to see why you have not recieved a card.
Samir says :

Hi Shailendra,

While applying for HDFC Credit Card you should have got the Application Reference Number. Use that reference number along with your mobile number or date of birth ( as mentioned on the application form) to get the current application status of your credit card. Here is the link to track your application:
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