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  • With some coaching, I think he could improve in that area
  • I believe Steve McNair, the guy you replaced, did the exact same thing
  • Apparently, they didn't do a good job evaluating him before investing that draft pick and money in him so they should do their diligence and do their best to fix the problem before it becomes even worse

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      When the Tennessee Titans drafted Vince Young 3rd overall a couple years ago, it was praised as a great move. Even then, I had my doubts. While NFL teams often drool over quarterbacks who have the ability to scare defenses with their feet, more often than not they turn out to be duds. After all, defensive players in the NFL are faster than those in college and can usually keep a quarterback in the pocket. If he can’t pass the ball accurately, that means he won’t last long. While I’ll admit Young had a rookie season that had me second guessing my original opinion of him, more and more I’m starting to think my first impression was the right one.

      I watched him in a preseason game against the Packers a couple weeks ago and, while he showed he could be dangerous when he was allowed to run the ball around, he also didn’t show much accuracy in the pocket. The latter really led to the Packers back up defensive players being able to keep the Tennessee starters on offense from running away with the game completely; something that shouldn’t have been the case considering the Packers rested their offensive and defensive starters after only a series or two. Now, I’m not going to criticize him for this. After all, I’m probably not that accurate of a passer anyway and

      can’t bring myself to rip a player apart when the only interaction I really have with the NFL is through Madden football on my Nintendo Wii. With some coaching, I think he could improve in that area.

      However, I think the Titans will find he won’t respond to the coaching the way he should. In fact, I seriously have to question his commitment to the game. A short while ago he made comments that he thought about retiring after his rookie year; something that drew some criticism and really should have raised some red flags for the Titans. In fact, I’m surprised they didn’t start pursuing a possible replacement then and there. More recently though was his sudden disappearance that prompted the team to search for him, his apparent depressed state and recent comments from his mom about him questioning whether or not he wanted to play any more.

      His reason; he was booed by the fans at his last game. I mean, seriously, grow up. You make millions of dollars and you expect the fans to applaud you when you do well. Well, if you look terrible on the field and show no improvement after three seasons in the league and after the team invested all that money in you, of course you’re going to be booed. If I don’t do a good job at my job, I’m not ...

      • going to get a pat on the back.

        And, I’m sure there are tons of other players who have had the fans’ against them too but still worked through it. In all fairness, if Young has some sort of mental illness and is suffering from a legitimate form of depression, I’ll take the time to apologize to him now. Stuff like that is serious; more serious than football and I hope he gets the help he needs. But, if that’s not the case, then he’s doing nothing more than whining. If you want the fans’ respect, earn it.

        First, put in some time with the team and learn how to throw the darn ball. Is that really asking that much. You have the physical stature to be a solid quarterback in the NFL; all you really need is to learn the proper throwing technique. With the right coach, that won’t take too long. I believe Steve McNair, the guy you replaced, did the exact same thing.

        And, with your ability to run the ball, that would make you the complete package. Of course, I think the Titans might be smart to do their part in all of this as well. Given the circumstances, it might not be a bad idea to bring in a veteran (I think they just signed Chris Simms) and let him start the rest of the

        season with Young backing him up and maybe playing a series or two in the game. In the mean time, bring in a guy who can work with him on improving his throwing technique and footwork in the pocket; maybe recently retired McNair. I would also suggest hiring a psychiatrist to work with Young.

        Apparently, they didn’t do a good job evaluating him before investing that draft pick and money in him so they should do their diligence and do their best to fix the problem before it becomes even worse. Of course, I have this gut feeling that this might be Young’s final year in the NFL, assuming he even finishes the season. Personally, if I were the teams’ management, I would be looking for a guy to replace him long term; either Simms or another draft pick. But, I can guarantee you I would be doing a much better job scouting the new guy out and, if I draft him, it won’t be in the first round. Why risk such a high draft pick and millions of dollars again; especially when you have so many late-round draft picks starting at quarterback around the league?

        If he does stay in the league, I have a feeling he won’t be starting much longer; at least not for Tennessee.

        The team gave him his chance and I can’t see him getting more in terms of opportunities if they are serious about becoming a legitimate contender again.

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    Rebecca says :

    Man A bit harsh, don`t you think? Isn`t a guy allowed to have an off season without getting ripped in reviews? No wonder he`s depressed If you had paid attention to the news, he did not just disappear prompting his family and the police to find him. He simply went out to eat some wings not realizing that he needed permission to do so. Give the guy a break. I don`t see you dealing with the sort of pressure that he`s under day in and day out. It amazes me how so-called fans can love a guy one game and rip on him the next. He`s human. Cut him some slack.
    Daniel Chon says :

    Jules Li says :

    Daniel, this review is about Vince Young. An NFL quarterback.
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