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  • It is a solution that I am writing about, not just the problem
  • I believe that all people can slip, slide into the wrong territories, during each life

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      I live in an area of California that is KNOWN for the drugs that grow here, all too well. Our County is sad with the number of people who have become so drug addicted that there are few choices left for them, in order to stay alive. However, one clinic in our area has a project that is extremely helpful to the most needy of all…. the needle users. If you do not like to read about people on drugs, or how they CAN be helped and returned to being people who are NOT drug users, please read this, anyway. It is a solution that I am writing about, not just the problem.

      Remember, never just curse the darkness, but, light a candle! This project IS our County’s candle. The Buprenorphen Project is what the methodone projects used to be for those who had become so addicted to morphine, etc. One must really want to get off

      drugs to come to this project. Counseling is mandatory AT the clinic, as well as drug urine tests. If one person is found to be ‘using’ drugs, again, the person is only allowed a short while to ‘clean up their act’.

      The people who attend this Project WANT to get off the needle use for drugs. They work at it, and it IS hard. These people WANT to get back into the main stream of life, to regain their families’ love, to work at gainful employment, to become upstanding citizens. It is a hard and long road for these people. These people want to become drug-free people.

      This program is free to those who make every meeting, on time, and drug free. Counselors who have great knowledge, some with personal backgrounds of drug use, really relate to the people who come for the meetings. The counselors must be empathetic, while being strict and honest regarding ...

      • how each person is doing within the project. So far, people are showing great results! The are injected with a solution that is not harmful to their body, and will not give them a high…………yet, it takes away the cravings. I believe that all people can slip, slide into the wrong territories, during each life.

        When people TRY and ATTEMPT with real stamina and real truth to themselves to become drug free, they can do it. I’ve seen it a lot of times, and I appreciate each one, as if it were the only one! I do not use drugs. I have never used drugs. But, I have seen so many lives destroyed by drugs, that I keep myself informed as to what can be done to help those who are ON drugs. I WANT to help them.

        Don’t YOU want a drug free neighborhood, school, city, county? If you can help one person, you have

        started a roll that could save many more. Pat yourself on the back if you have been through the drug court system and made it out ‘drug free’! Stay there, stay happy, healthy, and wanted. To be wanted is so important. So many suicides happen because the person who died, didn’t believe anyone ‘wanted’ them, anymore. .

        . . due to drug addiction. It IS a process, and the persons will always be doing fine today……………. that’s all we ask.

        Today should be drug free. Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow, with the same sentence! Today shall be a drug free day!

        I want everyone to understand that there is help out there, if you are one who needs it. I want everyone to give praise to those who have made it out of the drug circles! Don’t pretend it doesn’t exist and think it will be helpful to you. It won’t be. Remember, do not curse the darkness……………………light the candle!

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