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  • One thing more I like about this company is it also has the most friendly and professional service personnel I observed compared to the personnel of the other company

    • by TwinHearts


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      This is one of the two cable service networks serving the people of Dumaguete City and even some parts of the province of Negros Oriental. Compared to the other cable company, Fil Products Service Television, Inc. is far more complete and has very appealing service programs provided to their customers.

      When my family first arrived here almost three years ago, we subscribed to the other cable network because it was

      somehow more popular nationwide compared to Fil Products. Upon my dismay, I discovered that such network didn’t have at all the complete array of television channels particularly and most disappointingly, the Discovery Channel. It was too late for us to change our minds because we have signed up the contract already.

      Right after finishing our contract with the other cable network, we transferred our subscription to Fil Products Service Television ...

      • but before signing up the contract with them we made sure that this cable service provider has all the essential channels needed by subscribers like us to be entertained. And surely this company has everything!

        I am so happy now with Fil Poducts Service Television, Inc. because aside from providing us the complete channel selection for our total entertainment, the company also has the lowest pay asked from its subscribers

        compared to the other cable company. Fil Products only asks P360 while the other company asks P450. It’s a lot of savings for me added to my monthly budget.

        One thing more I like about this company is it also has the most friendly and professional service personnel I observed compared to the personnel of the other company. Fil Product’s personnel line up truly exceeds my expectation of true customer service.

    Dean L. Simpson says :

    You like Fil Products? Maybe you are lucky. I just signed up and already I had their noses thumbed at me about stuff that doesn`t work right. They have the new digital system and it seems they didn`t do their homework. They have no technical expert to talk with regarding problems with reception, channels you should get, channels you shouldn`t get and channels that don`t function correctly… like no sound…well excuse me. The only question the person asked me that answered the phone was what was my name so he could check to see if I was a real customer and not some faker. Then he said to cycle power to the cable box. Well, I know that won`t work, but what can you do. He didn`t want to deal with me and didn`t. Fil Products is now right up there with Sky in cost. So, I have to ask you. What do you think about your budget now? I think Fil Products doesn`t have the expertise in place necessary to support digital TV. You can tell when they try and brush you off. They have a major investment in the Pacquiao fight Sunday. They better not mess that up because they will lose many customers who paid P1000 for their box plus P700 for the fight. That`s not including the monthly charge for one TV and the basic package which is P410 month. They have a lot of foreigners in their area of Pulantubig. Foreigners can afford to give them the boot and go satellite dish if they get mad enough. I know cause I`m one of them. I would like your feelings about Fil Products now. I have to tell you a story about that company. An American friend of mine moved here 3 years ago so his kids could go to Siliman. When they went to get cable hooked up it was 9AM on a Wednesday. The office was supposed to be open. Instead of being open for business, they ran into an employee coming out the door and locking it. They asked if they could sign up, but the guy said no because they were all in church. Come back later. It wasn`t a religious holiday or anything like that, so the guys wife a former teacher in the US and a Filipina lit into the guy and told him off. They never went back and are still with Sky today. Knowing that foreigner as I do I can say with a lot of certainty that they will never have him as a customer…ever
    Jake O. Nepomuceno says :

    Hello Can I ask the website of fil products because I just want to know the careers if there is any vacant position in Dumaguete City. Thank you so much
    Galega says :

    Unfortunately, they don’t have a web address. That’s little bit surprising in this age of information and the Internet. You have to directly contact them or their partners to get relevant info.
    yuan says :

    pls. bring back the super sports chanel, idont understand the chinese language.
    Galega says :

    They have added many English channels, of late. You can check them out. If you want them to add another channel of your choice, you can directly contact them at this number: 63 906 380 5956.
    Jostin Victor P. Salazar says :

    What is the Subscribtion Number of Virgilio P. Gaspay?
    Galega says :

    List of subscription number for various channels and services has not been made available online by FiL. You have to directly contact them and ask for the same. Here is their contact number: 63 906 380 5956
    Cecill Cayobit says :

    How much is the reconnection fee if ur being disconnected to Fil- Products?
    TwinHearts replies :

    I truly apologize but I am not anymore updated with the fees and channeling programs of FilProducts since I am now working away from Dumaguete City. All I can suggest though is to visit the company’s website get updated complete information from there.
    John says :

    I would like to see MSNBC They have been around since 1996. Why can’t Phil Pro get it?
    Galega says :

    You will have to upgrade your plan. Some high end channels are available only with added cost. Actually, they need to pay MSNBC, and hence charge the added cost to the customer. Change the plan, if you want to have this channel.
    Doug Pitman says :

    Filproducts is the worse cable company l having had to do all with in the Philippines and more half the time you cannot get a hold of there customer service. Been trying for the last 19 hours to get a hold of them and l have no cable TV so what am l paying for but rotten lousy service. Last week cable went down two times.
    Harold Pitman says :

    re : One thing more I like about this company is it also has the most friendly and professional service personnel I observed compared to the personnel of the other company
    Phil products in Dumaguete has to be the worse cable co. I have ever had service from. 2 days no cable and still they tell me tomorrow. Why not work in shifts 24/7 if customers are without service until its fixed. Its been nothing but problems since l have been with them and my neighbor’s have complained and got tired and switched to Signal. All this tells me there’s a sign of extremely poor management. Not Hong will change with Phil Products until the company hire’s a new manager in Dumaguete.
    k says :

    re : One thing more I like about this company is it also has the most friendly and professional service personnel I observed compared to the personnel of the other company
    Why do you strike fear among us?
    Mrs Adonis says :

    Is Fil Products still in business? We have been paying customers for their so-called cable TV service for several months now and are very disappointed As is typical of this Kawawa company, we have had no service for two days now. All of the listed phone numbers shown on their sales literature are useless… Also, they are ashamed to even print their contact numbers on their Official Receipt form. The office refuses to answer customer calls I don`t blame them - I would not answer the phone either with so many angry customers trying to call. Fil Products is the absolute worst cable company we have ever experienced. At least the radio stations are good in Dumaguete. Sincerly, The Radio Gaga Family
    TwinHearts replies :

    I’m sorry about how you feel about the company, yes, FilProducts is still in operation now and they’re getting better. You can visit again their office for you to explore more of their improve innovation in cable communications. Thanks for reading my review.
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