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  • Compared to many sodas, it has a lot less sugar too

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      My family has been using Country Time lemonade for our drink of choice for dinners, along with milk and water. We try to stay away from sodas much as possible because we have a young daughter who tends to follow our example as far as eating goes.

      Country Time lemonade is really tasty and is a lot cheaper than most any other drink alternative other

      than regular water. We can usually find the big 29 ounce bottles of Country Time lemonade at our Walmart. The big bottle makes 48 servings of 8 ounces each, so you can do the math and see this this goes a long way. The lemonade contains no fat and no protein. As you can guess, the lemonade is mostly sugar, which ...

      • is the main negative of using this drink.

        Sometimes we like to water down the lemonade, especially for my daughter. She has no idea when we do this, and is thrilled to be drinking the same thing mommy and daddy are drinking. If you water the lemonade down, it has no more sugar per container than other juices and kid drinks.

        Country Time makes both

        regular lemonade and pink lemonade. Really, we can barely tell the difference betweent the two other than the color. We usually alternate between the two, mostly because my daughter loves the color pink.

        Country Time lemonade does contain 10 percent of you daily allowance of vitamin C, so it does have that going for it. Compared to many sodas, it has a lot less sugar too.

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    jenn says :

    hello, i was woundering if country time lemonade soda?
    John says :

    No, they don’t make Soda.
    Dean Storie says :

    yes they make country time lemonade in a can like soda
    Galega says :

    This is not soda. If you take a look at their USP, you will notice that it is made of around half sugar of that of soda and soft drinks. It doesn’t contain soda, let me reiterate this fact. Country Time is a brand of non-carbonated lemon-flavored drink mix and soft drink.
    Dean Storie says :

    has anyone gotten sick from drinking countrytime lemonade i drank it for 3 days it had a funny smell to it i thought maybe it was my jug you know how new plastic cups smell then i got real sick vomitting and diar i threw up from 230 friday afternoon to saturday [at] 130ish and most of it was dry eving my neck got so sore from throwing up so much then the headache it lasted 6 days so i open a new can after all that and it smelt aweful so i went to walmart and the store manager took all them off the shelf took me to a back room and open some new ones and open my other new one and it was the same way he had me file a claim against walmart and countrytime said they be calling me i still have not heard from them Idrink water and lemonade daily we buy 4 to 6 of the bulk size every month never had anything like this happen soda is to sweet dont like coffee or tea but love the lemonade been buying it like that since 2008 manager said its probally a bad lot so i go and buy some of the little containers made some lemonade and yesterday i threw up 13 more times it is leaving a rubberish metal type taste in my mouth cant get it out what do youns think happen here i need help my neck feels like someone choke me and hit me it feels bruise and i cant move it with out it hurting any ideals thank you very much for your time my bellie feels like it is rolling inside feels really weak
    crystal says :

    This has never happened to me but I’m thinking there might be an ingredient in it you are allergic to. It is very heavy on sugar so have you had any negative reactions to other sugary type foods? Like a diabetic reaction? Also, have you checked the expiration dates on them because sometimes stores keep things past their date without realizing.
    Sally West says :

    I get a headache that won’t quit after drinking Country Time Lemonade. I had forgotten and drank some yesterday and my head was constantly aching. Not sure what it is that is causing it. Has to be something in the mix. I don’t have a problem with sugar so I know it isn’t that.
    Galega says :

    Country Time Lemonade is unlikely to cause headache. I think it is just a coincidence. In many occasions, it relieve headache. I would suggest you to take pain relief medicine in such type of situations.
    Carolyn Hay says :

    I have been trying to get away from drinking iced tea and so the last few weeks I have been drinking Country Time Lemonade. I have noticed lately that I just don’t feel right, having brain fog and headaches every day. I do not take any medicine’s other than Advil as needed. I also have a bad taste that I never had before. I am ready to search all the ingredients online to see if it is connected in any way.
    Galega says :

    As I mentioned above, Country Time Lemonade should NOT cause headache. It is possible that the reason behind brain fog and headache is something different. You should discontinue taking Lemonade and see if that makes any difference. If yes, then you may discontinue it permanently.
    ashley says :

    I decided to buy the drink because it was priced 40 percent off at a local grocery store. I couldn t figure out why I was getting a headache and the only thing different was this drink. So I waited until the next day and tryed it again I immediately got a headache. I also tryed a few sips later that day same thing happened. My husband had no problem with drink but I did. I will never purchase this drink again
    Galega says :

    This is a non-corborated drink and should not cause headache. For some user, lemon can create problem. If it has happened you repeatedly, then you should discontinue using it.
    quick note by anonymous :

    I get bad headaches from this drink immediately just as soon as I drink it. I m glad it s not just me. I will not be buying this cheap drink anymore
    Jeanne says :

    My friend and I were mixing up the powdered Countrytime lemonade and drinking it, thinking it was healthier than soda. After about a week, we both had severe painful cramping and acid reflux. We stopped drinking it and drank lots of tea and water to try to flush it out of our systems. It took another week to 2 weeks for the cramping to finally stop.
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