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      Aristo Hatric-3 suspension is a medicine for treating cough, cold and fever. This medicine is a combination of paracetamol, pseudoephedrine HCL and Chlorpheniramine maleate suspension.

      It is a 60 ml bottle.

      My children’s pediatrician had prescribed this medicine for my son, when he had a bout of fever and cough.

      I would give my son 5 ml of this medicine thrice a day

      for his treatment as per his doctor’s advice.

      The very first time when this medicine was prescribed my son had a fever of 101 degrees C and the medicine was effective in curing him.

      When his doctor suggested the same medicine for a high fever of 103 degrees C, then it was not effective and the fever did not come down.

      I have ...

      • come to the conclusion that this medicine cures mild fever and not very high fever.

        The first time it is used, it is effective, but during subsequent times the medicine does not have the same effect and does not cure the fever.

        My son went through agony for a number of days and he got well only after his doctor gave him another


        Overdose of this medicine can cause liver problems and this medicine is to be given only on the prescription of a doctor.

        I am not very happy with this medicine as I have seen its ineffectiveness with my son.

        Hatric-3 also makes my children drowsy and they tend to sleep a lot on taking the medicine.

        They lose their appetite and become listless and irritated.

    mehroosh says :

    Could i take hatrick -3 because my nose is running , throat infection and also i have mild fever but i mention too here that i am an IBD patient , ULCERATIVE COLITIS . Is this medicine suitable for me ?

    Galega says :

    There should not be any problem for you in the given medical condition. However, remember that you should use Hatrick 3 only for temporary period. If the infection persists, you should consult a physician.

    Kunal Agarwal says :

    I am 26 years old man, I am suffering from cold since past 3 months my nose is continiously running some times the cough is like water and sometimes its thick as jelly , i have used different medicines over the time prescribed by three different doctors, medicines work till i use it but the problem persists once i complete the drug course, however I feel relief when I used Hatric-3 by Aristo, I take one tablet at bedtime to sleep properly without it cough coming from my nose does not let me sleep. The doctor who recommended Hatric-3 to me prescribed 3 tablets however I consumed about 3.5 strips 35 tablets but the problem persists. Please let me know whether prolonged usage of Hatric-3 would have any adverse effect on my health and which is the best medicine I can use at this time.

    dr mohd shahid says :

    hi u may suffer from DNS…kindly consult ENT surgeon…

    Galega says :

    Yes, prolong use of Hatric - 3 will have some side effects. Prolong use should be done only under medical supervision.

    Going through your condition, I would suggest you to try Hepar Sulph 200, a homeopathic medicine for seven days. I had the same situation, and it was this medicine which had given me complete relief. I have also written my personal experience about this medicine on ReviewStream. You can read that and decide.

    bookworm replies :

    Hatric3 is good to treat cough and cold, but any medicine taken for too long a time can cause serious side effects like liver damage or damage to other vital organ. I use Sinarest and Mucolite, under the doctor`s guidance when the cough and cold get persistent. Since these medicines are for kids, so they`re in the form of a syrup. Please check with your doctor and get a 2nd opinion if your problem persists as it is dangerous to take medicines without the doctor`s prescription.

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