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  • I would certainly recommend them to anyone seeking to see the States on a shoestring, and if it's a hassle free, well looked after flight people are seeking out these days then i think we might be seeing a lot more of FlyZoom in the future

    • by Joe Egareva

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      After the recent closure of FlyGlobeSpan (the budget airline that last carried me to the States and back) due to their craft being un fit to leave the tarmac, one would understand my slight reluctance to get back on a transatlantic budget flight so quickly just one year later. My determination to see New York City once more (coupled with my not-so healthy holiday fund with which to set off) however meant that if i was to go, FlyZoom was the only way foward, or west to be more precise.

      The first thing that always concerns me about flying with budget airlines is the frightening amount of conveniece with which you are able to obtain seats, print tickets and get on your way. Happily my reservations about the simple e-mail printing procedure withoiut the need for material tickets in your airport hold-all went unwarranted as we obtained our boarding passes with the least fuss possible, presenting our passports and email print outs that contained booking numbers and other verifications on them. This was done quite safely and whilst the procedure was being carried out efficiently, there was no comprimise of safety or security with all the staff at the airport walking along the que prior to bag check

      and asking to see passports and email verifications at random.

      Happily there were no delays with our flights and we were directed well to our gate where we boarded the plane, greeted by courteous well turned out staff who had time for passengers and their queries prior to take off. I’m aware that a smiley cabin crew is a given these days but being on your third lap across the atlantic in succession as i later found out our closest assistant was, is pretty hard to carry off in such an approachable manner without impatience and a shortening of the temper crepping in.

      Our first glitch came when the plane attempted to reverse out of its loading bay and, when in taxi mode lost all electronic power leaving it stationary on the tarmac. Now i am not someone who is a particularly nervous flyer, but my no smoking sign (which i happened to be facing at the time) slowly losing its illumination to a sound which you might expect to hear when someone pulls the plug on a vacuum cleaner coupled with my earlier reservations about budget airlines made this a twitch few minutes (what if we had been in the air?!?!). We were quickly adressed by the ...

      • pilot who ensured us that this was not a flight breaking deal and that we could sit on the tarmac whilst an electrician boarded the plane to give it life again. Unconvinced that an electronic shortage was a 25 minute job i waited and prepared myself for the imminent disembarking, still in bleak old blighty. 45 minutes later the problem had been fixed, and as if it had never happened the crew and pilot went about there normal business. A quite sound take off considering the earlier glitches led to a most pleasant flight.

        The choice of entertainment on the flight was excellent with plenty of choice in television viewing for customers from both sides of the atlantic. The latest Hilary Swank rom-com was followed by some home cooking with Jamie Oliver and a British sit-com, the name of which escapes me. The flight attendants remained busy during the long stint in the air and they really couldn’t do enough for us, encouraging us to stretch our legs and stroll around the craft they even offered us the unoccupied wing seats with extra leg room as soon as we were free to remove our seatbelts.

        Aeroplane food is getting better these days but it would be very easy for

        a company selling its flights for buttons to cut back on the catering. This wasnt the case with FlyZoom who served a hot chicken breast dinner which went someway to quelling the pangs of hunger that one may encounter on a seven hour flight. Similarly the brochure of watches, teddies, aftershaves and the rest of the duty free armoury presented a wide range, stocking some pretty impressive brands such as Armani and Ralph Lauren.

        FlyZoom showed their promo video at the start and the end of the flight, which were (barring the someone having to put another few pence in the elecrtic meter)equally as smooth. They give the impression of a small company now that is willing to expand with new destinations and better deals. I would certainly recommend them to anyone seeking to see the States on a shoestring, and if it’s a hassle free, well looked after flight people are seeking out these days then i think we might be seeing a lot more of FlyZoom in the future. Here’s hoping thewy stick to the small details of a small company that, for me made them a pleasure to fly with.

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