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  • I told the stewardess that we was leaving the airplane and that I wanted to talk to someone in charge when I got off

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      I had the opportunity for my family to fly to Las Vegas (I was getting married) from Michigan. The flight there was pretty rough and the stewardeses were pretty rude, but who can you really blame for turbulance. On the way back to Michigan we got on the airplane, my husband, son and I, (our son is 9 years old). We pulled away from the gate and sat on the tarmac for almost an hour when the pilot came on the speaker and stated that the engine overheated and that we would have to go back and get on a new airplane.

      FYI-the plane was supposed to take off at 11:45 p. m. We all rushed thru the airport to catch the new plane.

      We all fell asleep

      after take off and I could not believe my ears when they announced that they were starting to serve drinks, water and pop at $2 each. I thought, are you kidding me, after we are almost two hours behind schedule, you want to charge us for a bottle of water!!! I reluctantly fell back to sleep until I heard the pilot, yet again, announce that after 1 1/2 hours in the air, we have turned around and are making an emergency landing back at Las Vegas airport due to electrical failure and that emergency personnel are waiting on the ground…as a precaution. To my surprise within 5 minutes I saw sirens everywhere.

      I held my son in my arms and cried. We finally landed (extremely hard, but safe).

      • I told the stewardess that we was leaving the airplane and that I wanted to talk to someone in charge when I got off.

        I spoke with the guy in charge, who was extremely rude and told us that they would fix the plane and we would have to get back on. Are you serious??? Two planes and neither one of them work, do you honestly think I will ever get on a plane of yours again!?!?! O and he refused to get us our luggage. After other people followed our suit and got off the plane and complained, they finally stated that the flight is cancelled and they would make other arrangements for us.

        It is now 3:30 a. m. , we are already supposed to be in Detroit

        by now.

        When I went to the desk I informed the lady that I have a son who had a transplant and we need to get back home asap on a different airline. They finally got us a different flight on Northwest and gave us food, taxi and hotel vouchers since the flight did not leave until 10:45 p. m.

        (there were no US Airways flight any sooner, even if I wanted to fly them again). Well, no one would accept the taxi vouchers or the food vouchers, so needless to say we were out of pocket even more money. When I started telling people our story, everyone of them had a story of their own about the airline…none of the good, in retrospect compared to their stories ours was a fairy tale.

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