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  • I've used Purina off and on for decades and have never had a problem with it in any way
  • One of the things I noticed was that for the first time in her life, she hadn't eaten her food
  • I believe what happened was a fluke and that they will investigate it

    • by Orrymain

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      My dogs are like my children, and I don’t take chances with them, ever.

      A few weeks ago, I ordered a large, forty-pound bag of Purina Dog Chow to be delivered to my house. I’ve used Purina off and on for decades and have never had a problem with it in any way. As a rule, my dogs have always liked Dog Chow, and any other Purina variety that I’ve purchased. It’s not their favorite, but they readily eat it, tails wagging.

      The next day, my black lab became very ill. She scared me to death. I watched her closely, not letting her out of my sight. She didn’t want to move and just had all kinds of other unpleasant symptoms. Fortunately, she recovered nicely.

      One of the things I noticed was that for the first time in her life, she hadn’t eaten her food. Over half of it was left in her bowl. Not only that,

      but my other dog had done the same thing. Neither of these dogs have ever left so much as a morsel in their bowls, ever.

      That set off an alarm in my head, especially when I saw my younger dog sort of sniffing her sister’s dog bowl and then walking away like she didn’t want to go near it.

      With my dog feeling better, I called Purina and told them what had happened. I was up front with them that there could also be a couple of other possibilities for the cause of my oldest dog’s sudden illness, but that I was concerned about the dog food for two reasons.

      First, their reaction to the food, the sniffing, and how neither of them ate all of it.

      Second, we were in the middle of a hot spell. The day the food had been delivered, it had been 107 degrees out. I also know that the food was placed in the delivery truck about ...

      • 6am. I was the last customer at 8pm. Who knows what the heat was inside that truck.

        I should point out that Dog Chow specifically says to keep in a cool environment. Who knows where that food had been stored before being pulled for delivery. We had several days of nastiness, heat wise.

        Here’s where the specific Purina review comes in: good, make that excellent customer service. The agent I spoke to immediately said to stop feeding the dogs the food. He said, “You don’t want to take the chance,” and he was right. While there has been no report of any bad dog food, it’s highly possible something happened during the storage process, either before it hit the truck, or after. It’s also possible the dog food had nothing to do with it.

        Purina was a gem. Not only did he tell me not to take chances with my dogs’ lives, but he said he’d send

        me some coupons, which he did. I received three — a free one for a 50lb bag of food and two more for $2.00 off future purchases. I had them in a week.

        I love a company who cares about my dogs. They didn’t make me prove anything; nor did they try and blame the other possibilities I admitted existed. They said ’stop feeding it to your dogs’ and then sent me the coupons promptly, none of this six weeks business.

        I have no qualms about feeding my dogs Purina flavors, now or in the future. I believe what happened was a fluke and that they will investigate it. The agent took all the specifics from me so that they could track the storage history and determine if they have or had a problem.

        My dogs may rank Purina about an 8 on their ‘happy tummy scale’, but I give their customer service a 10 for putting my dogs first before their profit.

    linda close says :

    My boxer has always eatten Purnia Dog Products even as puppies, I have always had faith in them..My dog is 6 years old and has been eatting Beeniful for many years. This past week she has been throwing up every day afew times a day. Sunday JUly 5th I bought a new bag of dof food at a grocery store in Wintersille Ohio. I ways buy a large size I think it it like 17 or 18 lbs, and then store in airtight container. I am tracking back and I think this is when the throwing up as started. Have you haad any other problems with any other dogs? It does not seem to be stopping and I am going to watch today to see if she even goes back to the food. My husband is going to buy another bag today after work and we will not feed her from this oldder bag again until we see what happens. I am so upset, esp she never goes on the kitchen floor always my very lite colored carpet , and now I have stains of red in soome spots, do you know how I can get them out? I am worried about her doing this cause she is not a very big boxer. Please help me to know what may be the cause or if you got any other reports. Thank you Linda Close 6116 st rt 213 Toronto, Ohio 43964



    Lisa Austin says :

    I heard about a program you all had where you can get like a so much off a bag of dog food. I pick up alot of strays and cant hardly afford dog food… could you help me out if you all do have such a program.

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