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  • I believe those two were best friends back then
  • In fact, many people I know prefer him with the silver-gray hair he now has over the longer locks and mullet cut of the past

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      Growing up, I watched a lot of soap operas, including General Hospital. I’d watched it for years when in 1976 some young blood was introduced, and Richard Dean Anderson was one-half of the new blood, playing the role of “Jeff Webber” opposite Patsy Rahn, who played his wife, “Monica”.

      Ricky Dean, as folks tended to call him back then, was cute as can be, and he captured viewers’ attention by droves. I became an instant fan. It wasn’t long before Ricky Dean’s picture was spread all over the soap magazines, too. He made an attractive cover boy, that’s for sure.

      Over the next several years, Ricky Dean continued to give “Jeff” all he had. The bad part was that “Jeff” was the perennial good guy who couldn’t see the truth if it hit him on the head. I won’t say ‘dumb’ because “Jeff” was a doctor, but he just wasn’t aware of what was going on around him. From the interviews of the time, it drove Ricky Dean nuts. Finally, he left “Jeff” behind, and the character was sent off to Nevada to start a new life and hopefully be a little bit smarter about his personal relationships.

      During those precious years on GH, I had the chance to attend some fan gatherings and hang out around the studio. As I result, I met Ricky Dean a few times. He was such a hoot.

      My favorite memory to this day is at one of those events when he picked up co-star Doug Sheehan and was carrying him on his back.

      I believe those two were best friends back then. I’ve often wondered if they’ve continued that friendship.

      As an FYI, Dough remained on GH for quite a while, then left and starred on “Knots Landing” and had his own hit TV show called “Day by Day,” but he eventually faded from the acting scene, and I really don’t have a clue what’s happened to him since.

      After GH, Ricky Dean landed a nighttime role almost immediately, starring in “Seven Brothers for Seven Brides”. I loved this role. The cast was excellent, but it was just misunderstood. Essentially, it was a TV musical, and TV just wasn’t ready for it. I loved hearing him sing, though he didn’t get to do it as often as the other cast members.

      During this time, Ricky Dean morphed into just Rick with most fans. Perhaps it was a rite of passage, but the ‘y’ began to fade away with maturity, and Rick’s role on this show was far different from his character on GH.

      “Seven Brides” was filmed not far from San Francisco. One weekend, a special event was held in San Francisco. Well, the event itself was both good and bad, but it ended with a sour taste when it was suddenly halted so the guest panel, all GH stars, could go upstairs and party. Long story, not for this review; however, as Fate had it, my friend and I got into an elevator, turned around, and wow — there he was, in the elevator, with us, just us.

      “Hi, Rick!” It ...

      • was a great moment. He hadn’t been at the event, but was going up for the ‘party’. Poor guy was very apologetic about whatever had happened (he didn’t really know much about the specifics; he was just taking the opportunity to see his friends). He was so nice, as always, and gave us that brilliant, alluring smile of his. He lessened the blow of the disaster in San Francisco, as it was called. Seriously, fans were so upset, they called the soap mags and contacted the producers of GH. It was a big, big, big mess; but we got to see Rick, and that helped a lot. It was all in the timing.

        Rick did another show before he began the iconic “MacGyver”. A star was born then, along with new terminology as we all learned MacGyverisms. Who didn’t love Mac? Then he moved on to another series before ultimately starring in “Stargate SG-1,” putting his unique stamp on “Jack O’Neill”.

        Watching the interviews Rick does now, he doesn’t seem to have changed at all from the guy who had fun at that GH convention, picking up his buddy and carrying him all around as fans laughed and cheered him on. He loves to have fun, and he loves the fans. It shows.

        Rick has said he doesn’t really think he’s a very good actor. Well, I disagree. He’s worked steadily since ‘76, and he’s had two hit shows that lasted several years each. He literally had no time off, going from series to


        Cuteness only goes so far. Rick *is* a very good actor. He has impeccable timing and great wit which aids him in going far.

        He’s also aged beautifully. In fact, many people I know prefer him with the silver-gray hair he now has over the longer locks and mullet cut of the past.

        In addition, I respect the man immensely. He actually had his schedule reduced for the last few seasons that he was on SG-1 so he could spend more time with his family, and he finally left the show because he felt like his daughter needed him full time for a while.

        Walking away from a hit TV series is not an easy thing to do, but he did it. He put his daughter first and left show biz behind.

        Fortunately for us, his daughter finally told him it was okay to go back to work (of course, to hear him tell it, she practically ordered him to get out of her hair; she was okay now). I just really respect what Rick did. I hate what it did to the show, which nose-dived in so many ways after his departure, but no one can blame the man for loving his daughter more than his career.

        In addition, he works diligently to save marine wildlife. As an animal lover, that’s something I highly approve of.

        That really says it all. Richard Dean Anderson — a man of humor, talent, conviction, and caring: a friend to his fans, a loving father to his daughter.

        He’s got my vote! He’s a 10!

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