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  • Unfortunately, most of those monetary gifts they sent were lost and I presumed stolen in the postal area
  • My inquiry to the local post office where I claimed my cards and letters was just met with the employees aloof and noncommittal attitude about the issue

    • by rainbowbrite

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      For quite sometimes in the past, I had been a victim of the scoundrels in the Philippine Postal Service. I don’t know if these people are still existing up to now or not, but I stopped doing transactions with them because of those terrible experiences I had in the past.

      I had friends and relatives who worked abroad who used to send me cards and money

      to me for special occasions through PPS. Unfortunately, most of those monetary gifts they sent were lost and I presumed stolen in the postal area. I always received partly torn envelops of cards and letters from abroad marked, “received in this condition”. Would you believe that?! Of course not! And when I read those cards or letters, money were inserted therein but to my dismay, nothing is in there anymore.


      • At first I tried to inquire an made my sort of preliminary investigation about it for it happened many times already. My inquiry to the local post office where I claimed my cards and letters was just met with the employees aloof and noncommittal attitude about the issue. When I went there the first time, I felt stupid because of how they reacted on my queries. As
        if there’s nothing unusual that happened in the office. I showed them the partly torn envelops that I received and their only comment was, “we just received it that way from the central post office.” What a crap!

        With the existence of these people in this government agency, I would not be surprised anymore that Western Union would become richer in the future instead of the Philippine government.

    rnodern says :

    I have been in the Philippines for a month now. In the first 2 days I was here, family sent me 2 letters. One was a post card, the other was a sealed envelope. The postcard arrived, the envelope went missing . It doesn’t have to actually have anything important or of value in there, as long as it MIGHT have.
    Just before I came here, purchased some RAM on ebay. I had it sent to the apartment that I am staying in. It is registered and has a tracking number etc. Firstly, it got held in Filipino customs for 3 weeks After it was released, it vanished in the Philippine postal service. All of the listed customer service numbers do not work. There is no functioning tracking system in the Philippines. There is simply no channel to start an investigation or complaint. This is truly a sub par service.
    Jonas says :

    I bougth 1 item from ebay and it has been sent last april 24, 2009 via US Postal Service, when will be my item be delivered?
    M says :

    Hi Jonas,

    It depends on the type of delivery that you availed on Ebay. I bought an item before at ebay, and it usually arrives 1 month after.
    vida says :

    since you did not choose what type of delivery you opt for, then the postal service will take its own sweet time. also sometime the person who sell the product is slow in sending. so you have to check the rating of that seller. So points to remeber while buying on ebay and type of delivery and seller rating. otherwise Like others cross fingers and hope for the best and fast service.
    elvira says :

    how many days kang maghihintay sa deliver,of money order
    M says :

    Hi Elvira,

    If your planning to send your money through Philippine Postal Service, I would suggest that YOU WOULD NOT. PPS, has alot of complaints regarding for money that they send. Better use Western Union, MLhuiller, LBC, or any money transfer couriers.
    al says :

    Hi, i have tried sending money order to phil. postal, it depends where the receiver lives, if it is far, it will take a couple of weeks. In my experienced i send money order in cebu and took a week before my reciever recieved it.
    Don Bittner says :

    Go to and send money direct from your bank account to recipient bank. Phone recipient by cell phone where you have no long distance charges and give them the transfer number provided by The recipient provides identification and transfer number from then receives the money order in Philippine pesos or US dollars. The US dollar charge starts at $ 7.99. Pesos cost $ 4.99 to the sender and the recipient must pay a fee also. If you send in US dollars the recipient can take the US dollars and go to a money exchange and often get a better rate of exchange. Western Union is the most expensive way to send money. Bank to Bank is less expensive. Walmart is less expensive than Western Union or Banks but I have found that is the least expensive of all and can be done from any computer after you make an account with good luck
    Ruben Espiritu says :

    Yep, I trust Xoom, it s fast and efficient. I used them for many years now, no complain.
    lorna hechanova says :

    I have sent a package to a friend in Miami, Florida last Dec. 16, 2009 and was told that it will be received in 2 weeks. However, as of this writing, my friend has not received it. I hope to be informed as to the location of my package.
    M says :

    Hi Lorna,

    You can actually track it through online. Go to Philippine Postal Service Website and from their click Track and Trace and enter your 13 digit International Item Identifier. Just Google it, since links are not allowed here.
    Concern citizen says :

    You guys have to be careful in sending stuffs to the Philippines.Lots of people lost their items and there are many thief’s as well.

    For those people who steal stuffs–GOD IS WATCHING YOU AND KARMA AWAITS YOU
    Ruben Espiritu says :

    President Duterte should address the postal service in the Philippines. Put the thieves to prison. So the best way is not to place money in your mail only documents.
    Caty says :

    I agree with you guy’s, my friend from Philipine send me a box with some stuff and since 1st April it hasn’t arrived. I thought that the postal services consider this box a joke for 1st April.
    Sherwin Mendizabel says :

    Hi, better for you to try Western Union.
    Azriel says :

    I think they are pretty reliable still, but takes a little while. I got a package from a friend from other country and have received a notification that I have to claim something from a Philpost office. I was told to prepare some tax money depending on the package, but when I went to claim and show my letter, well it only took them about 2 minutes and there was my package. Claim is easy and well, since they checked that it was only a “toy” I was told its free for me. I think Philpost is just not a priority for customers because we feel it is better with private couriers but actually their service too is really good.
    Don Bittner says :

    It is unfortunate that what suggestions and comments you receive do not appear to go directly to the Philippine Postal Service. There seems to be no attempt by you or the Philippine Postal Service to investigate, or prosecute thieves employed by the Philippine Postal Service. I suggest that Philippine Postal Service install security cameras, prosecute thieves publicly. I suggest that all correspondence and packages be sent to the Philippines registered, signature requested. Thats the only way that you might succeed sending mail, etc. to the Philippines.
    amor mia says :

    i just want to know if the package i sent to NORFOLK VA, already arrive or where it is now the post office told me it will reach VA in 10 to 15 days but up to now my boyfriend have not receive it yet… i can tell you guys the receipt number of it..please tell me.. i really need to know.. thank you so much and im hoping to hear from you soon.. amor
    M says :

    Hi Amor,

    This website and the reviewer is not connected with Philippine Postal Service. The best way you can do is contact their office.
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