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  • Basing on my experience, I believe in the potency of the product in effectively protecting my health from diseases and ailments
  • So far for a year now, I have never been sick or anything like a health problem or common infection since I supplemented myself with the vitamin
  • I also noticed that it adds glow to my skin and hair making them healthier than before

    • by rainbowbrite

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      I have been taking Vitamin E supplement as one of my anti-oxidants. In the past, I have used several brands in the market trying to hit the right product for my needs.

      Now I am already using KIrkland Vitamin E 400 I.U. Basing on my experience, I believe in the potency of the product in effectively protecting my health

      from diseases and ailments. In my one year of taking the product, I observed that I become healthier and active more than before. So far for a year now, I have never been sick or anything like a health problem or common infection since I supplemented myself with the vitamin.

      At first, I was just taking the product to ...

      • protect myself from a possible heart disease–a genetic disease in the family. I really never thought that this vitamin supplement from Kirkland could do more than protecting me from a heart disease. I also noticed that it adds glow to my skin and hair making them healthier than before. The only thing a little bit negative about this vitamin brand is, I
        feel the difficulty in buying it from the local market because this is imported. I hope that the company can do something about the constant availability of this product in our local markets and drugstores.

        I would surely be recommending this product to other health-conscious persons like me because I truly believe in the effectiveness of this product as a nutritional supplement.

    rehan lao says :

    i have been taking kirkland vitamin e 400 iu for several years now. and so far it has good effects on me. i just have few questions. 1.) is it really safe for boys? 2.) what is the proper dosage in taking the said vitamin? 3.) does it have bad effect on our reproductive system?
    Galega says :

    It is safe for both genders.

    It doesn’t have any negative effect on users’ reproductive system.

    The proper dose is one capsule in 24 hours.

    The maximum dose is also 400 IU per day.
    Joy says :


    If 400 iu is recommended per day why there is a kirkland 100 iu in the market?
    Im just curious because I bought 1jar of kirkland vit E 400 iu with 500 softgels and thinking of drinking it twice daily.

    Galega says :

    The daily recommended dose of Vitamin E is 400 IU. That is the maximum dose for a normal person. One should cross this dose for prolong duration only when doing that is medically necessary. You should also stick with this dose. Overdosing of Vitamin E may not give you any extra benefit, it can only lead to some health issues in the long run.
    Hazzel Anne says :

    Can i take vitamin e 400 iu, even if i am 18 yrs old?
    Galega says :

    High dose of Vitamin E should be taken only after the age of 19 years. Obviously, you need to wait for at least one more year before taking it.
    mary june says :

    my daughter is 14 yrs old, and she just started taking vitamin e 400 iu, it is ok for her to take somw everyday?
    Galega says :

    You should ask your daughter to stop taking it. High dose of Vitamin E is recommended to be taken only after 19 years of age. She should not take 400 IU at this juncture, unless prescribed by a medical professional.
    ANGELICA says :

    HI SHOULD I TAKE 2 TO 3 TABLETS OF KIRKLAND VITAMIN E 180MG Because im taking kirkland vit e 180mg/400 i.u. to beat a maximum dosage needs for the body
    Galega says :

    You must take only one capsule a day. Taking more than this amount will be useless, or in some cases harmful.
    Angelica says :

    I can take it with while im taking centrum women?
    Angelica says :

    U mean i can take it while im taking centrum women?
    Galega says :

    With Centrum, you should take maximum 300IU of Vitamin E a day.
    Angelica says :

    I can take 2 tablet of kirkland 180 mg and centrum its ok to fo that?
    Galega says :

    Why do you want to overdose Vitamin E. Taking more doesn’t mean better results. Stick with the recommendation of regulatory authorities about maximum daily dose.
    Ruds Bartolo says :

    Just want to know if its okay to take this vit. even i’m breastfeeding.thanks
    M says :

    Hi Ruds,

    If I were to ask, its safe to take Myra E, since its an Antioxidant which is needed in our Body. Just to be sure, just consult your doctor.
    Galega says :

    Breastfeeding mother or pregnant woman should never take Vitamin E supplement. The daily recommended dose for them is around 25 - 30 IU. It is low because Vitamin E may get transferred to the baby through milk and may lead to some problems if high dose is taken.
    Mary Rose Ranido says :

    why it is not recommended by fda?
    Galega says :

    This is a supplementt, not a medicine. It is not necessary for supplement to have FDA approval. However, approval will be an added advantage and will enhance the trust factor.
    jaymielee says :

    how is it true that vit.e can help increase your libido?
    Galega says :

    To an extent, it can boost libido (but, not testosterone). If you are just looking forward to increase libido, I would suggest you to invest in some testosterone booster product rather than just taking high dose of Vitamin E supplement.
    Merry says :

    I just wanted to ask if kirkland vitamin e and c can improve my blemishes since i have pimple marks?
    Galega says :

    There is no guarantee as such, but Vitamin E and C are considered good for skin. Vitamin E can also tackle the problem of pimple marks. You can take it daily in recommended dose.
    Beverly says :

    Hi, is it good to take Kirkland Vit. E 400 daily even i have myoma?
    Galega says :

    Myomas is a benign tumor of muscle tissue. There should not be any problem in taking high dose of Vitamin E. However, I would strongly suggest you to consult the doctor who is taking care of your Myoma.
    thea says :

    Good Day,
    Hi its been a month since i take vitamin E i have only one question .. is it okay to take vitamin E 2 times or 3 times a day ..and before bed time i open one soft gel to fill it to my face ?

    hoping for your positive response..

    Thanks :)
    Galega says :

    You should take not more than 400 IU of Vitamin E supplement in a single day. You can take 200 IU of Vitamin E twice a day. Further, there is no problem in applying Vitamin E oil on your facial skin.
    Jojo says :

    Since I’m taking Kirkland vit e 400 i.u, shall i consider drinking vit c as well? My friend told me that i should take vit c along with vit e. But why?
    awezome-writer says :

    Studies showed that taking vitamin e and vitamin c together can provide better and more powerful effect on your body like prevention of bone loss, reduce risk of Alzheimer’s disease, prevent artery from blocking and prevent macular degeneration.
    Galega says :

    There is no harm in taking Vitamin E and C together. But, it is also not necessary.

    Taking them together may reduce risk of some old age disease. However, at the end of the day, it is the deficiency that counts. If you are deficient to Vitamin C, take it along with Kirkland Vitamin E 400IU. Else, you can avoid it. Taking these two simultaneously is not necessary.
    Lyn says :

    Hi i have little myoma can i take vitamin myra400e?
    awezome-writer says :

    There’s no known study regarding any possible bad side effects of taking Vitamin E with someone who has myoma, so it’s okay to take it. But, I still suggest that you consult your doctor about this.
    lyn says :

    Hi is its ok i take myra e 400 iu together the vitamin c ascorbic acid is its ok to take together?
    Galega says :

    There is no problem in taking Myra E and a Vitamin C supplement simultaneously. You can take both of them at the same time.
    Jinky says :

    Hi…i am taking collagen tablets before it okay to take vitamin e together with collagen?
    awezome-writer says :

    Yes it is okay to take collagen and vitamin e, there shouldn’t be any problem.
    Galega says :

    Vitamin E is known to increase the Collagen level of your body. When Collagen level decreases, wrinkles and lines on the facial skin appears. Further, low Collagen level can also lead to join pain.

    If you are taking Vitamin E supplement, that’s too the maximum daily recommended dose of 400 IU, then you may not need to take Collagen (if you are not having wrinkles on your face or having join pain).
    haidee says :

    Hi just asked if it’s okay to rosewater Kirkland vit e with snow cap thankyou
    carmie26 says :

    Hi Haidee,

    Snow Cap is a glutathione suplement for skin whitening while vitamin E is a great antioxidant which nourishes the skin to look more healthy and radiant. You can take both since those two are great combination for improving skin condition.
    Galega says :

    Snow Caps contains 500 mg of Glutathione and 100 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid. Apart from these two, it also contains 100 mg of Vitamin C. Unlike majority of Glutathione based whitening product in the market, it doesn’t contain Vitamin E (MET a market leader contain very high dose of Vitamin E).

    Vitamin E being an antioxidant can be quite useful for skin. You can definitely take Vitamin E supplement with Snow Caps.

    Apart from that, I would also suggest you to take 500 mg of Vitamin C. It will help in complete absorption of Glutathione by your body. 100 mg of Vitamin C may not be sufficient for this purpose.
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