MD Herbal Solutions Depression Treatment
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  • Well, I decided to help her take it and I would drip the liquid on the tongue about six times a day, the instructions said to drip seven drops on the tongue and then swallow the liquid

    • by rich

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      My uncle is the type of person who does not believe in doctors, he thinks that they use medication as a way to trick you into the system and he works for a holistic treatment company that is in the business of telling customers that they can solve health problems without ever having to use a pill. He believes that if you treat your body right then you will get the same back in return and so when my great grandmother had lost her husband of 50 years and she was now alone she had become very depressed without him.

      It was so bad that she would talk to him, and she would set the table for him months after he had passed and when she started to cry almost daily my uncle had suggested that she take this depression formula so that

      she can feel better about having lost her and it would relieve some of the pain she felt.

      I am the type of person that is usually skeptic about most things but we decided to let her try the treatment because my uncle does sell the stuff every day so he could very well feel like it does produce results or it would stop customers from coming back.

      Well, I decided to help her take it and I would drip the liquid on the tongue about six times a day, the instructions said to drip seven drops on the tongue and then swallow the liquid.

      This was simple right? Well not exactly, the liquid tasted pretty bad and so it was very hard to get her to actually swallow the drops but when I explained to her that it would make her feel ...

      • better she decided to give it a try.

        It is important to note that I never did stray away from the directions, I gave her the treatment in the same way at almost the same time every day and within three weeks we could see no difference in her feelings.

        She still felt bad and would talk about the man constantly and she would often end up crying and I just wondered when the treatment would work.

        After a little more than a month I suggested that we stop giving her the liquid, she hated taking it because of the taste and it was not easy to drip it in her mouth because of the fact that you have to watch the piece as you drip it in the persons mouth to make sure it is going in and keep track of the

        number of drops.

        My uncle suggested that she keep taking it and offered to be the one to give it to her, he did so for two more weeks but he realized that she was not changed in the slightest way by this product.

        It did bother her that she was being pressured into taking it and she did not like the taste but most of all she did not feel better.

        He stopped giving her the treatment after that and she still felt as bad, she would sit at the table waiting for her husband to sit.

        She sat there for hours only to be told that he was not coming.

        I decided that this treatment is flavored water, I don’t know that for a fact but it did not work for her and even my uncle was able to see that.

    Camille says :

    As the co-owner of MD Herbal Solutions. I have to say that this story is untrue. How do I know? Very simply, we have never sold a depression formula. Our repeat clients who utilize some of our other formulas will beg to differ with your fable, Rich. Thank You, Camille
    Camille says :

    To add to the above response–if anyone lost their spouse, regardless of how many years they were together, we would suggest family support and counseling–NOT an herbal formula, or ANY medications for that matter
    quick note by anonymous :

    We are asking you to remove this review as you have the wrong company name. MDHerbal Solutions is not the company that makes the product you are reviewing. Please remove and write a new review with the correct company name.
    Thank you,
    RS staff says :

    Dear Camille and Melissa,

    this review was published back in 2008. According to the advertising ( ) you posted in this period, your company offered to buy “Depression Formula” among many others formulas.

    It doesn’t make the experience of the consumer different, if now you don’t produce and sell such product. We don’t see any reason to remove it.
    Camille says :

    Clearly, you do not understand. The reviewer could NOT be speaking about our company as we never made a sale to anyone of that product. So, how can a review be true when there was never purchase of a product. Therefore, the reviewer is a liar. Again, please remove the post.
    Melissa says :

    Another reason this reviewer is lying is MD Herbal is a family owned and operated company. We do not employ sales people. Our formulas are sold almost exclusively online through our website. I have small boutiques that sold our formulas and both are women owned and operated companies. So where this fake “uncle” came for it is not from our company. I want the author to remove this review as he did not use our product and his uncle has never worked for our company. Also as my co-owner stated, we don’t recommend any formula to cure depression. If his grandmother was a client of mine, I would have suggested seeing a therapist. No conventional or alternative medication is going to get rid of the depression that comes from losing a spouse. Conventional or alternative medication would only be one piece of the puzzle.
    RS staff says :

    Review was written about the exact product, not about the distribution. It doesn’t matter how the consumer received it, when label clearly states the brand/manufacturer.

    re : “Also as my co-owner stated, we don’t recommend any formula to cure depression.”

    But you did recommend back in 2007 : ( , )

    This advertising was signed by you Melissa. It proves, that your current statements are questionable at least.

    We suggest you to consider this review as possibility to talk to your consumers instead of blaming them. Even if you believe the details are not precise enough.
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