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  • My baby loves the taste so we were not having problems giving her this food supplement
  • She said the price is affordable and easy to find

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      When my daughter was about a month old, we had consulted by pediatrician on vitamins to take. She had recommended VitaZinc drops that have vitamins, Taurine, Lysine and Zinc.

      My pediatrician said that it was the only food supplement that has Zinc in

      it that is very good in strengthening the immune system.

      Aside from Zinc, it also has Taurine that helps in brain and psychomotor development and Lysine that stimulate appetite for normal food intake.

      She had given it to us about a month ago and so far, we are satisfied with the effect of this food supplement.

      Medlink Pharma, Inc.

      distributes VitaZinc drops in the Philippines and it usually comes in 10 ml bottle.

      My baby loves the taste so we were not having problems giving her ...

      • VitaZinc Drops
      this food supplement.

      Since we bought VitaZinc, my daughter has been quite healthy which is why we love it.

      I have also recommended this supplement to my cousin as she also has a baby.

      She said the price is affordable and easy to


      It can be bought on our local drugstore that is just 5 minutes away from our house.

      The medicine is recommended to infants until 12 months old.

      It is important though to consult your pediatrician first before using VitaZinc drops to get the correct dosage.

Gianne says :

Hi, is it okay to take Vitazinc drops along with Ceelin drops vitamin C ? My baby is 7 months old now.
John says :

Yes, Vitazinc is contains Vitamin B which doesn’t interact with Vitamin C. Babies between 6 months and a year old should be given 50mg of Vitamin C per day.
Galega says :

It is not proper to give two Vitamin supplements to a 7 month old baby. That won’t make baby stronger. Rather, you should consider giving one supplement while going ahead with breastfeeding her. Remember, mother’s milk is the best for baby.

Give more than one supplements to baby only after consulting a pediatrician.
Momshie ells says :

Hi Is it ok for my baby to take vitazinc while she’s taking ceelin plus ? They both have zinc .
Galega says :

There is no need to give two supplements to a baby containing Zinc. The daily recommended dose of Zinc is quite low and either of these two contains that amount. You should avoid giving both of them simultaneously.
Raslyn says :

Hi po my 2 years old baby have take 2 vitamins. Nutrilin. If it is okay?
Galega says :

If there isn’t any medical necessity, you should not give two vitamin supplements. Rather, consider giving solid foods which contains vital nutrients.
Radu Alexandru says :

You may give your child Nutrilin before or after meals or as prescribed by your pediatrician.
Radu Alexandru says :

Google says :

Nutrilin is UNILAB’s all-in-one multivitamins for children packed with essential vitamins and minerals to provide all these health benefits: immunity, appetite, energy, proper height, mental alertness, strong teeth, strong bones, strong muscles, clear eyesight and glowing skin.
Galega says :

I am not saying that he should not give Nutrilin to his baby. I am just saying that it is not a good idea to give two supplements, especially multivitamin supplements, at the same time at this age. It is possible that the baby doesn’t need any supplements, i.e., he is not deficient to any vitamins.
Vincent de LA cerna says :

Hi doctor is it ok to give my daughter 2 vitamins vitazinc and Celine plus she’s 1 year old and 2Months..
Galega says :

You can give these two supplements simultaneously to your baby for short duration. For extended period of use, you should also take consent of a pediatrician.
quick note by anonymous :

The present day life style has been in the dilemma whether it could load good immune power that can make us withstand against any disease. Hence it’s more suggestible to develop immunity through medicines right from childhood. Zinc and it’s supplements are the best tools to achieve the desired immune power. So vita zinc drops are most preferable medicines in the childhood.
Galega says :

You are absolutely right.

And, in these times of Covid - 19 pandemic, it is necessary to not get deficient of Vitamin C, D and Zinc. These three supplements are very much necessary in fighting against corona virus.
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