Grand Theft Auto 3 for PC
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  • The game play is incredible and unlike the previous Grand Theft Auto 3 titles, I felt like I could connect with the main character, Carl Johnson

    • by Sterling23

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      Rockstar games really overachieved with Grand Theft Auto 3: San Andreas. The game play is incredible and unlike the previous Grand Theft Auto 3 titles, I felt like I could connect with the main character, Carl Johnson. From the detailed story-line to the added features, everything about this game was well thought out.

      First off, being a black male in Southern California, I could automatically relate to San Andreas. There’s missions where Carl will have to battle it out with the Ballas (rival gangs) and will have to defend his own territory from Balla invasions. There’s missions which allow you to control all of San Andreas and have the amount of territories you control translate into money you can earn. Each territory of an opposing

      gang you take over and secure, you are awarded money at your home which you can collect as often as you’d like.

      The new additions included being able to eat food, workout in a gym, change clothes, purchase clothes, customize cars, improve weapon skill at shooting ranges, new vigilante missions, train missions, freight missions, and the ability for Carl to swim and fly a plane. Previously, in Grand Theft Auto 3: Vice City, the main character could only do so much. The ability to fly and swim was not available. Also, the new missions allow for the gamer to get more involved into the game. Before, when completing the game’s story missions, the game was essentially over. There wasn’t much left for a gamer to ...

      • do other than the occasional rage driven mass homicidal attack on the city. Even that though grows old very quickly. The novelty of San Andreas lies in the side missions. After the story missions, a gamer could still complete side missions to continue playing.

        One huge advancement San Andreas has over any other Grand Theft Auto game is the expansive map. This is without a question the biggest map Rockstar has created for a Grand Theft Auto. There’s the city of San Andreas to the country resides in the Badlands to the city of San Fierro, to the city of Las Venturas. Even with all the territory to cover, Rockstar didn’t skimp on details. The country sides resemble actual country sides with dirt trails

        and empty, barren land. The cities are filled with traffic consisting of “poor” to “rich” vehicles, a high amount of pedestrians ranging from the average blue collar worker to the professional dressed in business attire (depending on Carl’s location in the city), high-rise buildings, even having a few construction sites in each.

        Overall, I’d rate this game a perfect 10 out of 10. It has the game play features to keep a gamer entrenched in the action long after the storied missions are over, unlike GTAIV and has the detail and care you’d expect when paying $50-$60 for a game. The game is violent, but honestly, what would you expect in a game entitled Grand Theft Auto. All things considered, Rockstar got this one very right.

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