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  • I am feeling really bad and have had chest pains associated with the cough already so I decided I needed medical help already

    • by Jaqui

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      I was having problems with my dry cough for a couple of days now before I went to the company doctor for a check up. I would usually just try home remedies because I do not think I need to take in medicines for sickness as simple as a headache or a cough.

      I am feeling really bad and have had chest pains associated with

      the cough already so I decided I needed medical help already.

      The doctor prescribed to me Sinecod Forte tablets to be taken 3x a day.

      These medicines are intended for dry coughs said my doctor and it should help make me feel better too about the headache associated with it.

      Took this medicine for 3 consecutive days and I felt my coughs have subsided ...

      • already.

        It works very well for me, for my cough and headache.

        My complaint about the medicine though was that I am feeling always sleepy and tired.

        I am most sleepy at work in the afternoons and I really had to fight with that so hard.

        It made my stomach feeling acidic too at times and it makes me feel really uncomfortable.

        The Sinecod forte

        is just a cheap medicine for coughs; it is not very common in the country but is already starting to have its name known due to its tv commercial and billboard ads.

        Its price is very well within the reach of the majority, and though it is a branded medicine, I would still suggest it to those who need quick relief from their coughs, and even colds.

    loria arcega says :

    is senecod forte can be recommended to pregnant women?
    John says :

    Loria, it’s not suitable for pregnant women to take without a doctor’s approval. With that being said it should be completely avoided in the first trimester. But, it should only be taken during other trimesters with a doctor’s approval.
    Galega says :

    Sinecod Forte contains Butamirate Citrate, which is strictly prohibited during pregnancy. There are many other cough medicines available which can be safely taken during pregnancy. Your doctor will prescribe a suitable alternative.
    Kimberly Beatingo says :

    Hi I am having a trouble with my colds and cough. I have been using sinecod forte for a day though I haven’t consulted my doctor yet. I have a two-month old child with breastfeeding. Is it safe using this medicine?
    Galega says :

    Sinecod Fort comes with Butamirate Citrate which is not recommended during the pregnancy and breastfeeding stages. I would suggest you to look for a suitable alternative. There are a number of cough syrups which are suitable for lactating women.
    Des says :

    Hi, I am taking the sinecod forte as prescribed by my Doctor. I’m taking 1 tablet a day. My question is, can I also take MX3 capsule while medication? Thank you.
    Galega says :

    Yes, you can take Sinecod Forte and MX3 simultaneously. There won’t be any problem. Take Sinecod Forte for the duration and dosage as prescribed by your doctor.
    Sarah says :

    Hi, i also took sinecod forte. I am 9 weeks pregnant. Does it have any adverse effect on you?
    Galega says :

    A pregnant woman can take Sinecod Forte. Just ensure to bring it to the notice of your OBGyne in the next meeting so that she can adjust with other supplements that she will prescribe.
    Louie says :

    Hi, can I take Sinecod with Zykast? If yes, how many times a day can I take Zykast? I’m 65. Thank you.
    Galega says :

    These two can be taken simultaneously. One tablet a day (preferably after dinner) should suffice as far as Zykast is concerned. It will be prudent on your part to take them under medical supervision, or after getting consent of your doctor.
    Debby says :

    What will likely to happen to my baby? I took sinecod forte as prescribed by my ob gyne during my 1st trimester of pregnancy because i have cough and cold
    Galega says :

    It is not supposed to be taken during pregnancy. Just discontinue using it and forget. Get another medicine which is safe for pregnant woman, if symptom still persists.

    Your baby is and will remain completely safe. Enjoy pregnancy.
    Brenda says :

    How many times can u take sinecod or how long a time can u safely take it?Can it make one acidic?Does it pose risk to those taking antihypertensive drugs?How about on kidneys if u have taken more than 30pcs of it?thx for the reply.
    Galega says :

    You can take it 2 - 3 times a day, depending on your condition. It won’t make you acidic. However, if you are taking antihypertensive medicines, you should consult a doctor before taking it. Further, there isn’t any information available on the public domain about its effects on kidneys.
    ada says :

    im on my 2nd trimester 12 weeks and 7 days of my pregnancy, im suffering from dry cough and my OB advise me to take sinecod forte.. Is it safe for me to take it? thanks..
    John says :

    Ada, it should be completely avoided in the first trimester. However, doctors do recommend it during other trimesters, based on the individual case. If your doctor recommended it, you’re fine.
    Galega says :

    Butamirate Citrate (active ingredient of Sinecod Forte) is contraindicated during pregnancy. It is strictly prohibited during the first trimester. There are other cough syrup which you can take. Since, your doctor has advised it, you can take. My sister who is a gynecologist, never prescribes it during pregnancy as well as lactation stages.
    Jed says :

    Contraindications and cautions You should not use Sinecod In children under 3 years old. In hypersensitivity or allergy to butamirate citrate. Pregnancy Breastfeeding
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