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  • Unfortunately, my immune system was down for awhile and I had to deal with a couple of them
  • But, the next day, it's definitely still in there and it's very messy and uncomfortable

    • by GreenFairy

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      If you’ve ever had a yeast infection, you know that it is one of the worst ailments that a woman can have. Once it hits, you want an immediate fix. Until then, you’re pretty miserable.

      Unfortunately, my immune system was down for awhile and I had to deal with a couple of them. Recently, Monistat came out with a 1-day treatment for yeast infections.

      It sounded nothing short of miraculous when I got an infection and

      was oh so ready to get rid of it. It comes in a kit with the medicine, applicator, and an anti-itch cream.

      The medicine itself is not a pill, but a suppository. You insert it just like a tampon (instructions come with it).

      It looks like a big capsule and it’s filled with some creamy/powdery substance. It’s supposed to slowly dissolve, releasing the soothing, yeast-fighting stuff into you.

      Unfortunately, it’s very messy. You’re supposed to take ...

      • it right before bed, so you’ll be lying down, and gravity won’t cause it leak out of you and make a mess.

        But, the next day, it’s definitely still in there and it’s very messy and uncomfortable. That’s saying something, because that night I slept a good ten hours!

        Worst of all, it didn’t fix my symptoms.

        The itching and burning persisted, so all I got was big powdery mess!

        The anti-itch cream did nothing either.

        Pharmacy’s sell creams specifically for women.

        These work quite well, so I figured the Monistat cream was the same kind of thing. It wasn’t.

        The product was a big waste of money (and yeah it’s like ten bucks)! I later talked to an Ob-Gyn who told me that if you buy any over-the-counter treatment, you should stick with the 3-Day kind. Apparently, the whole dose in one day doesn’t work Wish I had known.

        At least now, you do

    Macy says :

    MONISTAT IS HORRIBLE it caused severe itching five minutes after application, then burning started so I researched if it was normal and SEVENTY PERCENT of women have this horrible painful reaction. DO NOT USE
    Galega says :

    There is no denying that severe itching can happen after applying Monistat. It happens more with many users, and they are advised to not use it. Some users feel bearable itching and burning sensation. It works quite wonderfully and treat the infection in very short span of time. If you are not able to bear the itching and burning sensation, you can discontinue using it. However, I would suggest to apply it for 2 - 3 times for instant result.
    Painful says :

    I unfortunately used the same ovule insert 1 day applicator and contains 1200 mg of Miconazole and it was painful immediately, but knew it would be uncomfortable. I went to sleep hoping by morning the pain would be gone. It took a layer of skin off of me Do not use this product
    Tracy says :

    There are oral capsules called floconozal that you can take for yeast. They do not irritate and work really well. you can ask your doc for a prescription or you can purchase them over the counter at your pharmacy. Also, make sure to replace your good flora in your intestinal tract by eating lots of yogurt with probiotics. This will help to eliminate chronic yeast infections. If you have pain with Miconazole, you may have something more complicated than yeast and should see your doctor.
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