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  • I found it a believable plot to actually put some pressure on the characters
  • One of the moments I enjoyed the most was the case of the missing jumper
  • Which he most definitely will, as he's one of the most complex villains so far

    • by Jane

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      Stargate Atlantis season 5 premiere was one of the things I was really waiting for. With all the spoilers out there, I couldn’t imagine how they will make it work. And oh boy, was it worth it.

      The episode is an immediate continuation of the season 4 finale. The building where Atlanteans hoped to find Teyla in collapsed and people are trapped underneath. I was a little confused though, when the episode opened on John Sheppard and Teyla having a dinner with candles. Though it soon became obvious that this is just a dream a wounded Sheppard is having. He’s seriously injured, but still alive. Trapped in the same air bubble

      as Ronon. Meanwhile, McKay is relatively unharmed, while Major Lorne has a broken leg. No one else appears to be alive, even though the team sent to extract Teyla contains at least eight people.

      This is where the praise starts. The setting allows the actors to show off their acting skills. Joe Flannigan (John Sheppard) and David Hewlett (Rodney McKay) are proving once again that they are actors with incredible acting range. Although I have to say, I’m never very fond of making the lead male characters appear so ‘emo’, as in this case is done with Colonel Sheppard. I hope it was only due to his injuries and everything will be back to the way it used to be in no time.

      The whole plot thickens when Atlanteans realize that Michael (the Big Bad from the previous season, the hybrid that kidnapped Teyla) is on his way to the planet. I found it a believable plot to actually put some pressure on the characters. Nothing gives better angst than a deadline.

      One of the moments I enjoyed the most was the case of the missing jumper. It was quite obvious that it was the writers’ ploy to leave open doors in case they want Michael to make an appearance. Which he most definitely will, as he’s one of the most complex villains ...

      • Stargate: Atlantis 501
      so far.

      I enjoyed the comeback of Colonel Caldwell, the line “Major, please make this cruiser go away” was priceless. With it sounding like an order and still leaving the phrasing of a bored child.

      And that brings me to the newborn. I have to say I did not see that coming. All fans knew that sooner than later (with an emphasis on sooner) Teyla would give birth. But I didn’t think it would be on a Wraith cruiser with only McKay there to help her. Yes, if was both very emotional scene and very funny. However I have to say that I’m getting slowly bored with McKay being used as

      a comic relief. It’s getting old and I will look forward McKay heavy serious episodes.

      All in all it was a very strong episode. With some great character moments and strong plot. I do feel sorry for Colonel Carter. She didn’t do anything that would justify taking the command from her. I, as a fan, know that this was purely because Amanda Tapping’s (Samantha Carter) new show was given a go, and she suddenly found herself with a conflicted schedule But without that knowledge, I really think that the IOA was not fair towards Carter. I am, however, looking forward to Mr. Woosley to see what his style of command will be.

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