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  • I've seen it happen, I know the worst of the worst, who changed

    • by covenly1
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      This may sound as though I am advocating drug use. I am not! Be clear on that one! However, it is a simple fact that drug users who shoot up, use needles. Some people say to just let the drug user use dirty needles, or pay $100 on the street to get them. The fact is, that those who do shoot up, WILL shoot up, and if they have to share a dirty needle, or a bleached one that won’t make it ‘clean’……. they will do it.

      In order to do it, they will steal, lie, cheat, hurt people, to get the needles. Money becomes a short commodity for the person who is homeless, on drugs, and NEEDS that needle. So, what Is the answer, here? Do we

      allow those who use needles to continue to rob us and hurt us to GET the money to get the needles? I’ve come to the conclusion that the clinics who give them out, anonymously to those who use them, are doing us ALL a favor. The clinics who do this, do it to try to keep people from killing themselves with dirty/shared needles.

      It would be great if we could just say, “Don’t do it, anymore!”. But, if you think that is going to work, you are sadly naive. Because of this, many clinics do provide certain hours of certain days for people who DO and WILL use needles to come to the clinic and get clean ones. Only a certain number are allowed to each person.


      • This DOES help keep the diseases down, and the people alive. That’s what clinics are supposed to do: try to keep people healthy and alive. These people come at predetermined times, anonymously, and receive their needles. I really do wish it was not something that I had to wrestle with in my own brain.

        I don’t want people shooting up any more than you do, but, since these people ARE going to do it, let us help them be safer about it. The same clinics offer methodone treatments, etc. to help people get off the drugs. They give free counseling, and help as much as they can to get the people to stop using the needles.

        The people at these clinics care about the patients, and anyone

        using a needle to shoot up, IS a patient. These clinics are not something to complain about……. they are trying to keep people alive. Drug users do NOT always remain drug users.

        Street people do NOT always STAY street people. Usually, the law intervenes, before real help is given. The point is, that there are many people shooting up, today, who may be wonderful, upstanding citizens, next year. I know of many.

        I really do. If you know someone on needles, tell them they need not be using the dirty ones that WILL eventually kill them. Help them out. Tomorrow is another day, and drug users ARE helped.

        They recover……or become recovering drug addicts, actually. I’ve seen it happen, I know the worst of the worst, who changed! Have faith!

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