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  • Eight hours later, I found myself standing, in my hotelroom in Florida, realizing I had been raped
  • I thought I had dealt with this rather well, having seen a therapist, and done all I'd ever been 'taught' to do
  • I think it is the helpless feeling that is so horrible

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      No one was more surprised than me, when I experienced a delayed panic attack, yesterday. I am talking of the total mental, physical reaction to a seemingly unimportant sentence said to me, that, completely, took me by surprise. I am certain, that others have endured this, and I want to make it clear, as a counselor, myself, that this is ‘normal’. A couple of years ago, I was on an out of state marketing trip for our company. While sitting in a coffee shop, having only a cup of coffee, a drug was slipped into my coffee by a man sitting next to me. Eight hours later, I found myself standing, in my hotelroom in Florida, realizing I had been raped. I did not come right out of that, easily, at all. I am 61 yrs old, married for 41 yrs this year.

      I was checked at the hospital, the drug was identified as a ‘date rape drug’…………although, I wasn’t on any date, for sure! I was lucky. I didn’t incur any diseases, etc. , and I am alive to tell the story. I thought I had dealt with this rather well, having seen a therapist, and done all I’d ever been ‘taught’ to do. Yesterday, it was as if it was a brand new, just happened incident. My husband had simply stated, “You are going to Texas to market at the end of the month for a few days. ”.

      Suddenly, I couldn’t breath,

      couldn’t do much of anything except shake and mumble, “I can’t go! I can’t go!”………. I am, normally, a very calm, collected person. The panic attack made me really feel as if the attack had just happened, and that I was finally reacting as most anyone would, had she just been raped! I was totally incomprehensible when I tried to speak. My heart beat was loud in my ears, I began to perspire, and I could only shake, and think horrible things were about to happen to me. It was no little attack. It was terrible! I ‘knew’ I was in mortal danger, at THAT moment, although, of course, it wasn’t true. I cannot think of anything that is worse than a full blown panic attack.

      Anyone who has had them, knows of what I am speaking! There’s no doorway out of it…………one simply must go through the door of total abject panic. The point I am making is, that although we often think we have worked our way through a horrible time in our lives, it is more often the case, that it lies dormant until we are strong enough to handle it. My panic attack led me to the doctor, where I was ‘brought back’ to Earth………and my adult CMA son counseled me through this extremely hard, hard time. Yesterday, I was a total wreck, mentally, physically, and in total fear that cannot even be described. It is important to realize that I do ...

      • all the marketing out of state, and I, normally, enjoy visiting other lands, as well as other states! I am a professional, who expects a lot from myself, when it comes to being professional. It took all my strength, mentally and physically, to come out of this panic attack that was so unexpected. In my panic attack, I KNEW I was going to be attacked by someone, again! This, I see, today, as normal for what I had been through.

        I want others to realize it is normal, as well. It was all flashback and dire fear. It passed. I had help, I was blessed. I want to assure any of you who ever, ever have to go through this, that you are not to feel as if you are insane, it is a natural reaction, to something that was just too black, too horrible, to truly face, at the time it did happen. My mind waited until it thought I could handle it. Eventually, obviously, I got through my HIGH ENERGY panic attack that had me mumbling in fear, shaking, and crying.

        I am not a wimp. If it can happen to the person everyone else comes to when they are afraid, (me), it can happen to anyone. Should you have a flashback panic attack, seek out (and this is hard to do at the time!) the most safe person for you that you know. Mumble, ramble, talk to this person. There IS a

        light at the end of this tunnel, but, it will not feel as if there is, at the time. I ‘knew’ I’d been handed a ’sentence’ that would do me in, at the time. Of course, it wasn’t/isn’t true.

        My brain simply, suddenly, was back to where it all happened, and I was helpless. I think it is the helpless feeling that is so horrible. Of course, no one around you understands, at the onset, that you are HAVING a panic attack of the worst kind, even IF you are lucky enough to be around people who understand what a panic attack even IS. Understand, you are normal, if this happens to you. Bad things happen to good people, isn’t just an old cliche. It is a truism. Get yourself to a place that is most safe for you, see a Dr.

        immediately, if necessary (if you can). Talk it out. Don’t try to bury it, more. Let it out. You won’t feel that way at the time, but, that IS what will help you. You will want to totally ’shut down’………. NOT speak to people, hide from everyone, and hide from yourself.

        You WILL make it back to reality, if you work very hard, very hard, at this. I’ve had many bad things happen to me in my life, and so have most of us, but, a flshback panic attack cannot be even described in words……. it is THAT bad! Take care of your safety at the time.

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