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  • For me it's really boring to follow what is happening to the same group of six people for so many years

    • by galczu

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      I’m not quite sure just how many seasons this show was on but surely too many. For me it’s really boring to follow what is happening to the same group of six people for so many years.

      One thing is for sure, initially, it was quite a good show

      but after a year or two it just lost its appeal.

      First of all, the relationships between the main characters became completely unconvincing.

      For example, Ross and Rachel broke up and split up so many times that I finally got confused.

      Second, when the authors of the show ran out of ideas, they came to the point when there was nothing else left to do but only get Monica and Chandler together.

      Certainly, it wasn’t the love from the first sight, was it? Finally, when the Ross - Rachel relationship seemed to be utterly exploited they have poor ...

      • Friends sitcom
      Joey, who was a silly, emotionally disabled fellow for most of the show, fall in love with Rachel.

      The show has literally nothing to do with so-called real life.

      Most of the time they are unemployed but they still can afford the life they live.

      I understand it is

      not supposed to be about the real problems real people sometimes may have but that’s just too much.

      I always wonder how come this show has such a big fan base.

      The only thing that comes to my mind is that it allows certain kind of people not to grow up…

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Diaz Mayendra says :

re : For me it’s really boring to follow what is happening to the same group of six people for so many years
I think it’s not boring at all. Instead, it would be so fun if you can spend your life with your bestfriends all day long. the word "goodbye" won’t hurt you again, like the people that know you so much will be on your side for along long time
Nicole Web says :

I gave into the pressure and actually watched through this sitcom but I just can’t seem to get into it. I’ve noticed that it’s a hit or miss among the people too. You either really love it or don’t at all care for it. They include some great actors but I think the acting/character development is underwhelming. I know I just can’t entirely blame it on the cast. The person(s) responsible for writing the script I think are a little more to blame. I couldn’t wait for it to be over haha. I most definitely prefer How I Met Your Mother.
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