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Wack Wack Road, Mandaluyong City Philippines
  • I will surely recommend this travel agency to my friends and even to anyone who will need travel assistance

    • by Miera

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      My review of this travel agency called The Four Oceans Travel and Tours would be quite pleasant. I happened to call them several times to find me the most affordable flight going to Detroit from Manila. I was even accomodated by the owner which made me feel special and in good hands.

      She was very precise

      and specific to what is available and she was also a very good listener. I told her what I want for my flight and she did her best to search for it. I’m also happy with their service because they were able to email and provide me the necessary details i needed for my ...

      • flight. Not only that but they also gave me a reasonable price.

        Their office is located in on Wack Wack in Mandaluyong, it’s just a small office but they have a friendly staff who will for sure cater your travel needs. They also happen to provide passport assistance, local travels and yes international. With my

        trip they guided me to every detail, like the fees i need to settle including travel tax which they included to my ticket fares already. The terminal fee they told me to pay at the airport. I will surely recommend this travel agency to my friends and even to anyone who will need travel assistance.

    fraudvictim2010 says :

    To all victims of Eve Ganzon I will share with you how I got my money back. I came out bec I cannot believe that this woman continues to victimize other innocent people. I thought that after my incident I was the last one and she learned her lesson. This has got to stop. I was scammed years ago by Eve Ganzon of Four Oceans Travel and Tours in Wack Wack. After all the frustrating follo-ups, empty promises and bouncing checks, I brought my story to Mike Enriquez of the show IMBESTIGADOR of Channel 7. When the channel 7 staff, Mike Enriquez and I went to their condo in Wack-Wack for the confrontation (address given by Ave), her husband Dax Ganzon paid me right away. To all victims PLEASE BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO BRING YOUR STORY TO THE NETWORK SHOWS XXX of ABS-CBN network, IMBESTIGADOR of GMA7, and BITAG of TV5. The networks will entertain your story, it might even come out on the news, here’s why Her husband Dax Ganzon wont stand the exposure because they are from an affluent family so he will pay you to save face. Another important info I gathered after that horrible experience was that Eve Ganzon is the daughter-in-law of Real Estate Tycoon EULALIO GANZON of Eulalio Ganzon Industries (look it up) However, if Ave said that the husband Dax is already issuing closed account checks, then maybe the father should know about it. I’m sure he wont allow this to be exposed on national TV. Just connect the dots and you will get your money back. No need to get a lawyer. Just be ready with your evidences (the checks), be brave enough to get exposed (by the way, if your shy, you can ask the networks not to expose you physically - just a shady figure is allowed), and of course spare time to cooperate with the network to process the exposure. Ave, did you say that Eve Ganzon gambled your money away? WOW THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. I hope this helps. Godd luck.
    Toan Le says :

    As i told above that i’m a tour operator in Vietnam,, she deceived us US$ 4,000.000, her guests used our services tour, hotel in Hongkong in June 2010 but she did not pay money to us (My company paid all for partner in Hongkong already). She used her closed Union Bank account to issue a cheque (i got 02 her bank transfer, but one she wrote wrong account number, one she wrote wrong name of our bank)then she not reply our mail, our call I’m just an employee, the amount is too large for me and my company will force me to pay this amount. Could You help me for this , Please

    I have all details for this transaction and please advise how can I do. Could you give me contact of
    Mike Enriquez pls.
    Thanks Regards
    Ave says :

    Yes, I will definitely expose her to stop what she’s doing… Thanks for sharing your experience. We already filed a complaint in Wack Wack and she didnt showed up…
    ahnie tan says :

    i heard that she went to US with NO plan of coming back
    Sofia says :

    Do NOT use FOUR OCEANS TRAVEL TOURS, EVIE ESPIRITU - She is a scammer and a fraud. Scammed us for our Italy trip tickets just this week (Apr 2012) (she refunded it to herself without telling us and GAMBLED the money away, plus gave us fake insurance ) please pass it on. She also tried to scam some other friends also going to Europe this year last Holy Week. EVIL WOMAN.
    marie santos says :

    This happened to me too. last yr, eve asked me to issue tickets for her clients bound to US and used her closed union bank acct. (i think this bank should do something about it bec until now she still issuing their check to think that her acct closed 2 yrs ago )I immediately informed her that the check bounced but as expected, She’s telling me dirty lies. She didnt pay and changed her contact nos. She’s a devil in disguise
    fraudvictim2010 says :

    You may contact the following for your expose Mike Enriquez of Imbestigador of Channel 7 - tel 9284713 email imbestigador Anthony Taberna of the TV show XXX of Channel 2 - tel 4142539. Erwin Tulfo of the show Tutok Tulfo of Channel 5 - cell 0919-9988865 email tutoktulfo Good luck
    Toan Le says :

    Thank you very much for your help, i will try to cantact them though mail and i hope that will be get soon. Thank you very much
    Ave says :

    try to contact vietnamese consulate embassy in the Philippines and find out how can they help you…
    ClemLA says :

    She is in New York … you can always ask the help of DFA
    Ave says :

    Do not buy any tickets from Discovery or Four Oceans I agree with Sophia, Eve Guanzon is a horrible person… She used different name, Mikaela Chiu, to scam people… I bought a one way ticket to Toronto and instead of giving my sister an eticket, she gave her the booking confirmation. Out of curiosity I called my friend at Cathay Pacific and she confirmed that the ticket has not been issued…. So I emailed her and she insisted that my mom’ s booking is valid for travel. ?????? With a ticket YES…. The following day I called her again and she told me that her father passed away and didnt got the chance to process the ticket…she told me that her staff will email the eticket asap but it never happen… We were talking back and forth and she ended up suggesting for a refund…… 3 days had passed and finally her husband deposited a cheque on my sister’s account… After 3 days again we received a call from the bank about the bounced cheque… She used her closed Union Bank account to issue a cheque…. yesterday I called her and she promised to deposit the money yesterday …. June 26h, 2012…. and again, she lied…..I have all her contact information… Address unit 206 court felicidad 581 wack wack rd mandaluyong. Home phone 2393756. Cellphone 09054258698. If you want to file a complaint against her go to wack wack barangay hall and look for connie….
    Toan Le says :

    We are a tour operator in Vietnam , Ms.Eve also deceive us US$ 4,000.000, her guests used our services tour, hotel in Hongkong but she did not pay money to us. Yes, she used her closed Union Bank account to issue a cheque… then she not reply our mail, our call… We will go to hall to sue her and need some one could help me.
    Ave Garcia says :

    Hello Toan, you should definitely sue her… That’s a lot of money… Are you in Vietnam right now? As I have said, you can contact the Wack Wack barangay hall and look for Connie and ask her what is the best thing to do… Provide Connie all the contact information I provided on my review…. The local government should do something about this evil woman….
    Toan Le says :

    Hi Ave, thanks for your advise. yes, i’m staying in Vietnam now and i will consider what is best to do .
    Ave Garcia says :

    Call Imbestigador and look for Jay Francisco at 9284713….
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