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  • Our all time favourite comedian Mark Lee who plays Jojo Fang

    • by BARRY

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      In Singapore, there are very few who could make it big in the movie industry, due to our size that adds a lot of constraints for us. Jack Neo, once a comedian in his comedy night featuring him posing as a old granny named “Liang Po Po”. He’s considered one of the most successful Comedian right here in Singapore, almost known in all parts of South East Asia.

      He directed his first movie, “Money No Enough”. He touched the many Singaporeans right here, and went on to direct various other movies like “I not Stupid”, “I Do I Do” and my personal favorite of course, was “Just Follow Law”. It’s a movie talking about the government laws and problems faced by fellow Singaporeans in recent times, and not forgetting office politics.

      Ah Long Pte Ltd, his 11th directed movie from the first, features our famous

      local actress, Fann Wong, who plays Wang Li Hua. Our all time favourite comedian Mark Lee who plays Jojo Fang. The father of Wang Li Hua, Chen Jun is a gang leader of Shao He Triad is retiring, allowing Li Hua to take over the triad as the leader. Li Hua tries to change the concept of loan sharks, instead of pouring paints and beating the person up, she decides to adapt a new scheme of non violence concept to attract more customers over.

      Li Hua becomes pressured by his mother to marry someone. So she randomly picks Jojo Fang, a dance instructor who is really very sissy. Jojo agrees to marry Li Hua, but he doesn’t know that she’s actually a loan shark. He tries to help her in various ways of making money lending a less violent way of business. Together,

      • both of them work really hard to bring this business to prosper.

        Looking at how they blossomed into a real couple after marriage, it’s really priceless. It all started out when both of them realized that they wrote for each other in their primary school class. They would normally leave a note for each other below the desk, They always communicated this way during their primary school days. I loved Mark Lee’s role as Jojo Fang, his sissy acting really made me laugh really hard. There’s really ton’s of brainless humor from him, especially when he interacts with Li Hua.

        Li Hua however, is a really serious lady, she feels like a male figure in this movie. She gives the very serious look most of the time. But her seriousness in managing the gang really shows how passionate she is in the business, and

        also shows how much she wants to promote non-violence in loan sharks. The rest of the gang, like the sidekicks of Li Hua, has really bad Malaysian slang, but they are all equally good in general.

        The movie has its bad sides; simple people like me will always love a brainless humor comedy, where you can laugh your hearts out totally. While others, will find the humor really ridiculous. I hated the use of cheap computer graphics for the celebration in one scene. The graphics looked so horrible.

        Overall, I don’t feel it’s a bad movie, my stomach had cramps after coming out, I laughed really hard in that movie. I am sure everybody who watched this movie had the similar feeling, especially fellow Singaporeans and Malaysians. Just make sure you guys understand some dialect as well. It comes in handy as always. A 8/10 for this movie

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