The Hobbit by J.J.R Tolkien
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  • As they travel they loose track of each other by way of capture but they would always find away to free and rejoin in their quest

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      Tolkin spent over 20 years writing his epic tales of elves, wizards and the adventures of the Hobbits. He is said to be as much as a scholar as he is a literary writer. Tolkin extensively research when creating the background mythology of middle earth and the beings that live there. Tolkin started writing the Hobbit in 1930. It literally started fro a bedtime story he created for his children, six years later the Hobbit was published.

      The Hobbit has become a literature classic and unmistakably a great work. His in depth research make his characters detailed and complex, somewhat mirroring the differenced between human personalities. Tolkin’s world of middle earth too mirrors what we might see in out landscape so it’s not hard to imagine his world and his people. Tolkin has been so pedantic about detailing and creating his world that he created

      an Elvin language and wrote in depth explaining his characters past generations and detailing legends in middle earths history.

      It is quite extraordinary the lengths at which Tolkin detailed his work. The Hobbits central character is Bilbo Baggins. He is of course a Hobbit. Tolkin describes a Hobbit as more human like than elf or dwarf.

      They are small fellows full of heart yet not usually brave. It befalls Bilbo Baggins that he must go on a quest with a troop of Dwarves to reclaim their treasure from the last living dragon. Through this perilous journey they meet all types s of friends and foes. As they travel they loose track of each other by way of capture but they would always find away to free and rejoin in their quest.

      Another important character of Tolkins is Gandalf the wizard who is always watching the ...

      • progress of their journey and helps them fight the hardest of battles and would step in and help build morel as their journey became tiresome. Tolkin describes Gandalf as a wise, powerful wizard who was not to be messed with. Tolkin portrays Gandalf with a soft spot for the Hobbits thus he pops up throughout the book ready to help Bilbo Baggins. The third most central character is Gollum who is portrayed as a sorrowful, yet dangerous soul.

        We find out later that he was once a hobbit but through greed for his precious he became nasty and vicious. A creature that became a shadow of his former self, a creature who could not travel in light if sun nor the light of the moon. He was forever to wander in darkness. Bilbo bumps into Gollum in a cave of a mountain as he was

        fleeing trolls who had earlier captured him.

        At first a sublime relationship formed with these tow characters. It was neither friendly nor vicious. They both played a game of intellect in an effort for Bilbo to save his head and not be eaten by Gollum. Bilbo won the game and managed to reclaim something of Gollums, something Gollum found precious and unbearable to part with.

        That precious was a ring, the one ring. This ring was a magic ring and if worn the wearer would become invisible. Bilbo found this his opportunity of escape and subsequently carried the ring throughout the rest of the book. Tolkin uses this opportunity to create three more books about this ring called the lord of the rings.

        It follows on from Bilbo’s adventures to his nephew Frodo Baggins adventures. The Hobbit is a top read and a must for children from eight onwards.

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