Village Oven Roasted Honey and Garlic Chicken Wings
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  • The wings on the front of Village's box looked juicy and hot, and I have to admit they looked like they had more meat on them than a lot of chicken wings I have tried

    • by Melissa Glenn

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      One night I was in a hurry to make dinner, so I picked up a box of Village Oven Roasted Honey and Garlic Chicken Wings at my local supermarket. I had often seen Village brand chicken wings and kept meaning to give them a try. Being on sale for $4.99CDN down from $8.99CDN was a definite factor in my choice to give them a try.

      My mouth was watering just looking at this boxed package of chicken wings. The packaging was bright and attractive done in shades of deep yellow and orange, and the

      colors did put me in mind of honey! The wings on the front of Village’s box looked juicy and hot, and I have to admit they looked like they had more meat on them than a lot of chicken wings I have tried.

      My first surprise with this brand of chicken wings came when I went to find the heating directions. The directions were very tiny, and looked like they had been placed on the side of the box as an after thought. To my surprise, these wings were not pre-cooked although on the ...

      • front of the box it said ‘cut-up, seasoned and cooked’. If they were cooked why did the tiny directions say to ‘cook the wings for 25-30 minutes at 400F?’ It looked like my quick family dinner wasn’t going to be so quick.

        I took the wings out of the box and found white floaty wings in a congealed sauce in a plastic sealed bag. I nearly gagged, they looked so unappetizing. I tried to keep an open mind as I cooked the wings, and I have to admit about fifteen minutes into cooking them

        I did get a rich smell of honey and garlic.

        Surprisingly these wings tasted a lot better than they looked although they did require ten minutes more cooking than the directions suggested. They were very meaty and the rich sauce left them so tender that they literally melted in my mouth. They were delicious. That said, Village’s advertising is misleading, and these wings are not cheap. Even on sale at $4.99CDN we only got one pound of wings, roughly about twelve of them. From now on I’ll probably just stick to making my own.

    angela says :

    this is a easy question– why is it lately when I buy your product Village oven roasted Buffalo wings I am now only getting about 7 in a box ? I am very disappointed, I work in a retail store where we sell this product and I use to promote your product to our customers, but after getting several boxes with only 7 or 8 wings in it, I don`t think it is worth it to promote them if this is all your customers are going to recieve. I love the product but for 4.99-5.99 a box it is not worth it anymore.
    joseph says :

    Hi Angela,

    Have you any idea today where I could purchase these boxes of wings in Quebec or Ontario? I though they were not terrible, yet 454g is all they will put into the box.
    Since you work in retail you probably know where I could find them. Thanks
    jason says :

    not happy got some wigs for supper tonight open the box to find all of 6 wings and for that price and the fact that we had to drive back to town to get somthing els to add for supper made the cost even more and a waste of time. I for 1 will not be buying this product again.and we love wigs. village buffalo style chicken wings ….riped off
    Alissa says :

    my parents bought to boxes of the chicken wings honey garlic and buffalo and we didnt get hardly any sauce we didnt taste any honey just garlic and we have had them before and liked them but this time they tasted different and we didnt get very many in the bag
    Mike says :

    Seems as though most are complaining about the small amount of wings in the box for the price, which is why I am here as well . Maybe village will take a hint, but I see they are actually an olymel product and that about explains everything. I refuse to have any olymel products in my home. You pay high prices for very poor quality food. No thanks olymel ,if we all did the same on here they would have to make some changes…or go out of business.
    Joanna says :

    I purchased these wings once while I was staying in Ontario with some friends. We bought three boxes because there was a large group of us and they only had about 7 tiny wings in each box. We complained to the store and to the company, but I guess nothing has been done. I am sorry that ya’ll are all having problems as well.
    Vawn Schafer says :

    I should have read the comments BEFORE I purchased Village chicken wings… The of wings is not the issue..Village wings are, without a doubt, the most disgusting, nasty wings I have ever cooked .. I usually buy Schneiders, but another customer at Giant Tiger, said her kids love them.. unfortunatekly I bought 3 boxes..huge mistake ..the coating was near rotten looking, took another 15 min of cooking.. before I tasted, threw in garbage where they belonged…Shame..beware folks..
    Brenda says :

    Hi, I am writing to complain about a package of frozen wings I opened tonight for supper.I have had your wings before and like them very much.The ones I opend tonight had only 4 wings in the package.It was very upsetting when you pay 9.99 a box with only 4 in it and you have to now scrabble to find something have for supper.Hope to hear from you soon. Brenda
    shelley says :

    Hi i don`t have aquestion i have a complaint…i bought 2 boxes of the village honey garlic chicken wings. And to my surprise when i opened them to cook them i only had 5 pieces in one and 7 in the other…i don`t how this could have happened but i know i was very dissappointed…i have the code number of these boxes…..they Are as follows 6513768278 and the stamp is…..354 10 15 13… the other box is 6513768278 and that stamp is ..354 10 15 13. they were both bought at GIANT TIGER in cornwall ontario…i never had this problem before so please look in to it..thank you ..A very loyal customer but very disappointed…My name is Shelley cholette live at ..303 third st west cornwall ontario k6j 2p4….thank you
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