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  • I swear by this product and have been a regular user since then and there has been no skin problem till date

    • by bookworm

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      GARNIER SKIN NATURALS Essential Care-Daily moisturising cream I have had a history of skin problems. During winter when the cold winds blow my skin gets paper dry and chapped. Whenever I tried a cream/moisturizer, I had to suffer an outbreak of skin problems.

      I was despairing as I could not locate any good product which could hydrate my skin as well as adjust to my skin (without my face covered with rashes/pimples) I have a habit of washing my hands each time I go to the kitchen and this resulted in my hands turning black with severely dry

      skin. One day I spotted Garnier moisturizing cream in a shop and gave it a try.

      It is manufactured by Loreal . The cream comes in a jar of 40 ml and it is easy to use.

      When I used the cream, all the dryness disappeared from my skin. I was skeptical about the result for a few days and was waiting for the usual outbreak of rashes but, surprisingly I did not get any.

      My skin which always had flaky texture started changing and after only a few applications it started showing a healthy glow. My hands which ...

      • had become brittle and coarse became soft and smooth and I was very happy with the results.

        I swear by this product and have been a regular user since then and there has been no skin problem till date. I have been using this cream for a no of years and do not feel the need to try out any other new product.

        Before I had found this cream I had tried a number of brands (which I will not mention here) and the result had been either my skin turning too oily or too dry after their use.

        /> Garnier daily moisturizing cream comes in a beautiful light green jar with a white cap.

        The cream itself is light and has a pleasant fragrance. It is a bit expensive but I am so happy with the cream that I don’t mind the price and will stick to it even in case of a price rise.

        It gives me a satisfying feel on using this cream. There have been new creams introduced by them for removing wrinkles and spots which come in red and yellow jars, but, I have found the green jar with daily moisturizing cream to suit my needs best.

    sangeetha says :

    what are all the ingredients of garnier light daily moisturiser fairness cream?
    Galega says :

    Garnier Daily moisturising cream is enriched with almond oil to moisturise and nourish your skin. Its fine, light texture is easily absorbed and it can be used throughout the day. Its formula blends a moisturising cream with selected ingredients: Almond oil rich in essential fatty acids to give softness and nourishment to your skin. Vegetal glycerol to retain the skin s moisture and protect it against drying. Vitamin E to protect your skin from free radicals, activated by the sun s rays.
    bookworm replies :

    Hi. I have submitted the review for Garnier daily moisturising cream. Your query relates to fairness cream and the cream jar does not contain any details about the ingredients. I am sorry, I will not able to help you any further and you will have to check the product to get the details.
    Kushal says :

    Hi. Im using Clean and Clear persa gel 10 for as me acne medication. I was wondering if using Garnier light for men would be advisable. My skin is not allergic to benzol peroxide. I would like to know if the combination of Clearn n clear persa gel 10 and Garnier light wouldnt be harmful. PS- the notification on f the Clean and Clear gel says that it is OK to apply moisturizer after applying it. Thank you.
    Galega says :

    There isn’t any problem in applying a moisturizer after using Clean and Clear (or any other face wash). You can definitely use Garnier Daily Moisturizer after being done with cleaning your face with C C.
    bookworm replies :

    Kushal, You can try Garnier light for Men, but my experiences with different garnier products have varied. I loved the moisturizer which I have reviewed above, but wasn`t so impressed with their lightening cream for women. You can try it, but it would be best to check it out with your dermatologist. I had acne problems and couldn`t ever use any cream, but Garnier daily moi8sturizer worked well for me without any incidents of acne eruptions. All the best
    deepthi says :

    hi, i hav seen ur review. my skin is so sensitive fairy, in dis winter its becoming to dry when i go out 2 sun its becoming 2 dry suffering wit rashes wit red spots in my cheeks, chin fore head. is this garnier daily moisturiser will suit to my skin or not?reply me pls
    Galega says :

    You should first do a small patch test before using it on your entire face.

    However, there seems to be some issues with your skin. Getting rashes in winter with Sun Exposure isn’t common in India. I would rather suggest you to visit a dermatologist and ask for suggestions.
    bookworm replies :

    Hi Deepthi, Garmier daily moisturizing cream suited me well and I didn`t have any problem while using it. You can try it out, it should suit you too. Try it for a few days and see. If there is any allergic reaction, stop using immediately. If you have overly sensitive skin, it would be best to visit a dermatologist who will suggest something perfect for your skin problem. Other wise Garnier is fine. You can give it a try. All the best
    bookworm replies :

    Hi Preety, What works best for me is the Garnier Essential Care Daily Moisturizer Cream and it comes in a pale green plastic bottle. Yes, it is easily available in India. Try at your chemist or at a beauty shop. Check this image
    preety says :

    hieee…i wanted to know dat exactly which garnier moisturiser ur exactly taking about…is dar any spf….n yeah is it available in india…plzz reply my query thnnk u
    Galega says :

    Just ask for Garnier Daily Moisturizing Cream. You will find Essential Care written on a green block below the Garnier brand name. It is widely available in India.

    It doesn’t contain SPF.
    purity12lover says :

    When I saw this through colleague, I said it`s just one of those beauty products that claim to be the best. Same old promises but never really get any results. But having tried the Purity 12 products, it gave me a different glow that I m really happy about. I m more positive that ever and I can t help but share it with friends. Plus the fact that you can earn and enjoy the results makes these Purity 12 products so awesome ?110
    bookworm replies :

    Sorry? This isn`t a Purity 10 product.
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