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  • But the last shampoo I bought and used is Sunsilk hair fall solution
  • I like the smell, it is very fresh and nice
  • I must say, the shampoo helps a lot in that area of problem
  • The hair falls start reducing and I notice them, that is a good thing
  • I think I'm going to be using it for a long time, until I got bored and the shampoo start loosing it's power to my problem

    • by loyalrebel


      I am the kind of person who changes shampoo almost every time I buy a shampoo. But the last shampoo I bought and used is Sunsilk hair fall solution.

      I started using it for about 2 months.

      I like the smell, it is very fresh and nice.


      design of the bottle is also nice, they just changed the design not so long ago.

      I have the one for hair fall because I’m having trouble of hair falls.

      I must say, the shampoo helps a lot in that area of problem.

      The hair falls start reducing and I ...

      • notice them, that is a good thing.

        The problems start reducing after I’ve been using it for about two weeks.

        I f you also have a problem with hair falls, you should try this shampoo.

        The price is great, it is perfect for a working woman like me.

        The bottle

        design gives it a luxury look without the price.

        I like using it so much.

        I think I’m going to be using it for a long time, until I got bored and the shampoo start loosing it’s power to my problem.

        I have tried other shampoo and the smell of this shampoo is the one I like best.

    Zohaib Khan says :

    Hello, My Hair falls very oftenly these days so, i just want to ask that is sunsilk hair fall solution will b better for me ? and whats the usage procedure of it ? and wht is the treatment cream usage procedure? can we use them as our gel ? i mean after having massage of treatment cream can we go outside home without washing our hairs ? pls reply me with details. Regards,
    kris303 says :

    I washed mine after letting it set for a few minutes under a towel. But some friends of mine use it as a leave-on conditioner. I found that too gunky, but they do not seem to mind.
    Galega says :

    You should follow the instructions of Sunsilk while using this solution. Here is the procedure:

    The directions for the shampoo are to lather up a clean scalp and remove dirt. Rinse and repeat. The shampoo is a bit watery compared to the conditioner.

    The conditioner is then to be massaged on the hair strands, concentrating on the ends and washed off after 1 minute.
    aqsa says :

    i am having a lot of hair fall i have been using sunsilk hair fall shampoo and conditioner but still my hair fall is not reducing i am getting more and more hairfall plese tell me what to do
    anne lei says :

    May be this product is not for you. There are wide variety of hair fall solution in the market. You can try each and check if it suits you.
    Galega says :

    Sunsilk has brought out the Hair Fall Solution Shampoo and Conditioner. This has been co-created by Dr. Francesca Fusco, Scalp Care Specialist who is a world leading expert in dermatology and scalp care.

    This is a very good product for containing hair fall. Unfortunately, instructions provided by Dr. Francesca Fusco on the back is quite hard to read.

    In any case, I would suggest you to strictly follow the instructions - first apply shampoo, lather it for few minutes and then rinse off. And, then apply the conditioner. One minute later, you are required to wash off your hair. I have seen users making mistake of not washing off conditioner and hence they don’t get intended result.

    If this also doesn’t work for you, consult a hair expert and ask for suggestions. You may need some other treatment, including a suitable hair oil.
    mani says :

    madam/sir..iam using vasmol 33 for coloring purpose..i have so much hair iam trying sunsilk hair fall conditioner ..please suggest me ..
    Galega says :

    Don’t use Vasmol 33 and Sunsilk Hair Fall Conditioner on the same day. Apart from this, it should be fine and helpful for you to use Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution.
    Kareena says :

    I think Fall Repair 3X by Loreal is a good shampoo/conditioner for hairfall problems You should try that
    divinagwapa says :

    I tried Loreal but it did not do wonders for my hair fall problem. What worked for me though was Pregroe, not exactly a popular brand but worked like a charm for my case anyway.
    selvamani says :

    Hi, I am keen to know more about this sunsilk hair fall shampoo. I have hairfall problem as my scalp is oily and itchy. I`m using Head Shoulders currently but it doesn`t help with the hairfall condition. Will sunsilk help?
    loyalrebel replies :

    Hi, I`m sorry, as I said, I often change my shampoo, and I have hair fall problems since always. I tried every hair fall shampoo and I don`t really know which one does work. But Sunsilk is a very good shampoo in my opinion.
    anne lei says :

    You can try Sunsilk for a month and see the results. As for me, it is not effective in hairfall but on my oily hair.
    kris303 says :

    There are different reasons for falling hair, so you might want to check with a dermatologist what is causing yours.

    For some, it’s hormonal. Others are die to irritation: dandruff, the shampoo your using, etc. You might want to check why your scalp is itchy, as that might point to the cause.
    Adityaa says :

    Hair fall shampoos can’t prevent hair fall completely. Sometimes they lead to more hair fall. So always resort to natural remedies like onion juice. Onion juice gives good result when applied on scalp once or twice in a week.
    kamdar vidhi says :

    hello my name is vidhi and i have problem. give me hair fall solution. which color shampoo is best for long and curly hair. please give me feed back in few days because my 50 hair was fall in last 1 month.
    kris303 says :

    You can try this product as a treatment. For shampoo…anything that strengthens is fine. And you can choose one for colored or treated hair. But hair-fall is caused by different conditions. If you get more than ten hairs each time–as in, a huge clump falls when you tug, I would want to visit a dermatologist.
    Galega says :

    Hi Vidhi,

    You seem to have minor hair fall problem. I would suggest you to use this Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution for one month. This should give you some relief.

    This shampoo is suitable for all types of hair. There should not be any problem.

    You should also try Trichup Hair Oil twice a week. It is widely available in India and you should not find any problem in getting it.
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