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  • It's hard to believe but I tried already and I got these tips from Amway

    • by christine

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      The only cleaner I have for my kitchen and bathroom is the Amway L.O.C. Multipurpose Cleaner. The name itself serves the reason. I wash my kitchen utensils, dishes, kitchen floor, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathroom walls and floors with this cleaner. I’m not the kind of person who would clean up

      the kitchen but this particular cleaner changed my life. Even my husband helps me around in the kitchen these days. Thanks to this wonderful multipurpose cleaner Amway came up with.

      The truth is, the multipurpose cleaner has never let me down. Just a little make a big difference. It is so easy ...

      • to apply. It comes with an extra bottle and pump which makes cleaning so easier. I don’t waste too and that’s why when I don’t use the bottle and pump, I switch to the cap. 1 cap is sufficient for any cleaning that I need to do. Even if it is
        heavy duty cleaning.

        On other times when I ran out of shampoo and toothpaste, the multipurpose cleaner saves my day. It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals unlike other cleaners and so it’s safe to use on my hair and teeth too! It’s hard to believe but I tried already and I got these tips from Amway!

    avdhesh says :

    hi christine,,, i just want to ask that how to use the loc with bottle and pump in a correct and in a systematic manner??? please tell me as soon as possible and i will be realy thankful to u
    Galega says :

    You are required to use warm water for cleaning various washable stuffs. Follow these rules:

    1. HARD SURFACES: Floors Woodwork, Walls, Appliances, Worktops. Use 1 capfuls (30 ml) in 5 Litres of hot water. Rinse well.

    2. STAIN REMOVAL: Apply full strength before washing to remove ink, chocolate, lipstick, shoe polish or grease from washable colorfast materials. Rinse well.

    3. WASHING DELICATE FABRICS: Test for colorfastness. Use 1 - 2 capfuls(30-40ml) in 5 Litres of warm water. Rinse in warm water.

    4. WASHING DISHES AND UTENSILS: 1/4 capful (5 ml) in 5 Litres of hot water. Wash, rinse and drain. Hand Washing: Use full strength. Wash and rinse off well.

    5. HAND WASHING: Apply full strength. Wash rinse off well.
    Rosanna says :

    We can I buy this product, I love the Loc multi purpose cleaner, it was left at a house I rented and I decided to use it and I was amazed how clean my house was after using it. Now I’m almost done and trying to find where I can buy it .. please let me know thanks in advance Rosanna
    Galega says :

    You need to consult an Amway business associate to buy this product. It is not available in the retail market. Please remember that you can find this product on Amazon also, but I wouldn’t suggest you to get it from there. Selling Amway product on Amazon is not allowed by the company, and hence there won’t be any guarantee that you will have original product. Amway business associates can be found in your area. Ask any retail pharmacist in your locality and he will give you the contact list. Or, you can directly write to Amway.
    Santosh says :

    re : It’s hard to believe but I tried already and I got these tips from Amway
    yes I too use the same product at home for cleaning floor and clothes tuff strains
    chloe says :

    can i use this on my dog
    Galega says :

    Amway doesn’t suggest that it can be used to clean pets. I don’t think that will be proper. Use your regular shampoo and soaps for pets.
    Marianne Cottee says :

    As an ABO for more years than I can count I used LOC mpc diluted to bathe my Westies. At the time it was mentioned as safe, and I still believe it is, provided pre-diluted it was very gentle, brought them up beautifully clean and the coconut oil conditioned their coats too.
    I’ve used it in the shower and as a shampoo but I would recommend a conditioner tp follow. It is a squeaky clean shampoo
    All the products are awesome and very economical because less IS more.
    My customers lthe ve Scrub Buds, Oven Cleaner, the LOC range, SA8 and prewash plus SeeSpray Window/Glass cleaner.
    I still use Dishdrops, and the D/W tabs or powder I DO notice a difference to other brands if I have to get some.
    Oh … and the Glister toothpaste is good altho’ I would like to a flouride-free version.
    Doris Miles says :

    can i wash my car with loc?
    Galega says :

    Yes. Amway LOC Multipurpose Cleaner can be used to wash your car. Follow instructions printed on the box.
    vida says :

    Loc ( liquid organic cleaner)is a product that is used for can use it to clean kitchen surfaces, mop the floor, if running out of the SA8 cloths washing liquid , then can use for that too as well as for washing vessels, if the dish drop liquid is out. Amway also has a specific car wash concentrate. but then again if you run out on that LOC to the rescue.
    silvija says :

    hi.where in london I can get “Loc“ products?
    Juan wang says :

    in central london next to british museum holborn

    Galega says :

    Amway products can be bought only from Amway business owner. You can’t buy it from nearby retail grocery shops. Some sellers sell it on Amazon, but as per Amway that is also illegal.

    You need to consult Amway office in London and they will connect you to a business owner near your location from whom you can get it easily.
    John Kenneth Madrid says :

    Hi im selling LOC. If you want you can order and i can ship it to your place :)
    Sivakumar says :

    Can mutton be washed with Amway LOC before cooking? My wife believes that it is a good disinfectant and she washes fish or meat before cooking.I am worried about our health.
    naza says :

    yes your wife can use it to clean the mutton and the amazing thing about this product, it is safe if your child accidentally drink
    JEFF THOMPSON says :

    are you joking? she washes food with it, think she may be trying to kill you
    lol says :

    yes and the amazing thing is that you can drink this and it will wash away your sins too
    Galega says :

    Amway loc is multipurpose cleaner. But, that doesn’t mean using it for cleaning mutton or other food items. Amway doesn’t suggest you to do so. Stick with the intended purpose.
    Opal says :

    not anymore.. the product has changed from liquid organic concentrate to legacy of clean

    different formula.. not for food

    an excellent product, destroyed by progress
    Galega says :

    Actually Amway has never said that LOC can be used for cleaning edible items.
    JEFF THOMPSON says :

    LOC is just what it says alot of crap, dosent cut grease, no smell, really a waste of time and money. dawn dishwashing liquid and lavendar scent pine sol is all you need for all most all cleaning jobs around the house.but once again, the loc is garbage
    Galega says :

    I have used Amway LOC Multipurpose cleaner for fairly long time. If used in the right way, it gives perfect result. Actually, you need to prepare solution differently for different stuffs. Warm water should be used for preparing solution. And, the amount of water must be in line with the stuff you are going to clean. See my response to the first question in this thread where I have written the way solution should be prepared for different stuffs. If not done in the right way, the result may not be optimum. That is what might have happened with you.
    ryan says :

    Can SA8 be used as a carpet shampoo?
    Robin says :

    Does this cleaner disinfect? You say you use it in the bathroom, but does it kill germs?
    christine replies :

    hi thanks for the questions. The Amway L.O.C. Multipurpose Cleaner does not disinfects but you can use the PURSUE Disinfectant Cleaner which will Cleans, disinfects and deodorises, all in one easy step. check this website for more info . You can also use the Carpet Upholstery Cleaner Shampoo to clean your carpet. hope my reply helped.
    Galega says :

    This multipurpose cleaner should not be expected to work as a disinfectant. You should consider a specific disinfectant for the same. That said, it can get rid of majority of germs from the floor.
    marilyn jackson says :

    I would like to know all the uses for the L.O.C multi-purpose cleaner and also the ingred. list. for this product. Thank You
    Galega says :

    Amway LOC Multipurpose cleaner is intended to be used to clean all types of washable surface. It comes with BIOQUEST FORMULA (a patented property of Amway) which ensures streak free cleaning without compromising with the health of the users. You can use it to clean all types of surfaces - hard surfaces, fabric or utensils. It is also ideal to get rid of stains. It can also be used for hand wash (however, it must not be used for bathing purpose).
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