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  • I am not exactly sure how many songs each play list holds but it is a lot, I think its around 90

    • by Brooke

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      www. playlist.

      com is a website that you can go on to make your own play list and add it to other websites such as blogs or social networking.

      I really like it because they have it set up really nice and it is very easy to make a play list.

      One of my favorite things about the site is that it saves your play

      list for you so that when you want to add new songs you just add them instead of creating a whole new one.

      You do have to register, but it doesn’t take long at all to register with them.

      You can also make more than one play list on the site.

      I am not exactly sure how many songs each play list holds ...

      • but it is a lot, I think its around 90.

        There had hardly ever been a time when I couldn’t find a song from them.

        It’s also easy to search on the site for songs or artists.

        All you do is search the persons name or the song name and it brings all the songs up, you can even preview them to make

        sure that they are the right songs you want on your play list.

        So if your looking for something to have to put music on your website or blog this is a great site to do it.

        Even if you only want one I think you can have just one song.

        It will also let you pick what color you want your play list to be.

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    Alex says :

    I had sign up for playlist and added music to myspace site but now I dont know how to add more music.I dont remember my username and password I used in….
    Brooke replies :

    I would go to the site and say you forgot your password, they should e-mail it to you. If that doesn`t work the only other thing I know to do is to re-register with them, it shouldn`t take long. You should save all of the playlist`s that you make on the site that way you can go back and easily add more songs. Hopefully that works for you, let me know if you have any more questions.
    Marg says :

    You can reset your log in iinfo here and have it emaailed to you:
    sykes1985 says :

    my username and password don`t what can i do
    Marg says :

    You’ll have to go and reset your username and password. You’ll have to put your email to have it reset. Go here to do so:
    katie says :

    This site used to be pretty decent in the heyday of 2007 when not many people had monile phones and everyone did this over the computer, now as I am typing this on an IPhone I feel very disgusted with the site many links are broken and they break soon once added to playlists as well as the songs are miscatergorized. Another gaudy thing about the site is that they have it as colored players to be shared on social networking sites which have gone mobile for their design, in speaking of social networking sites they tried to make it a followers following site after the twitter revolution. This is a big step in most sites yet most sites work at this transition.

    The thing that disgusted me was their new layout released for June 2012. Its a loading back ground when acsessed on line and there is no mobile application still to see playlists on blackberry, apple or android phones Also to add salt to their wounds they never developped an actuall downloadable app. The whole site has changed you cant find followers in their search button nor feedback button it has gone downhill. Even their press released a statement on how old feedback about the site made them cringe- well it still does Whoever developed their layout did a rushed job making a go back to old site button, thing is you have to turn it on every pages because it automatically loads back. And even the search box with the ‘popular artists’ promoting Taylor Swift, Trey Songs and an early Drake -shudders- do not waste your time on this site I give it not even 2 stars
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