Fundamentals of Physics by Resnick,Halliday and Walker
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  • As a 12th grade student(India),I can vouch for the fact that in the last two years of high school,this is the best book you can get for physics

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      Fundamentals of Physics by Resnick,Halliday and Walker(7th edition) is a physics book of international repute. It has,for a long time, been a central reference point for setting various textbooks of high school level. According to me,the primary reason for this is the extreme simplicity with which the most difficult topics are explained.

      As a 12th grade student(India),I can vouch for the fact that in the last two years of high school,this is the best book you can get for physics. Extremely student friendly,the

      great thing about the book is that you need no pre-requisite knowledge of physics.

      In fact,you needn’t even like the subject. Fundamentals of Physics will do everything-get you interested,teach you the topic and then even check whether you’ve understood it.

      All this may sound too fantastic,but go through this book once and you’ll see what I mean. Wonderful parallels between the subject matter and real life phenomena make you see the beauty of physics.

      Likewise,the illustations serve the dual purpose of adding clarity to ...

      • the explanation and sustaining the readers’ interest. The language used is perfect-reaching out to students well;at the same time not compromising on the precise concept.

        The mathematical aspects of physics are dealt with in a very comprehensive way. Application of integration,for instance, is a stumbling block for most students in school,including me.

        I was awed by the difference this book made to my own understanding. Topics such as optics and rotational dynamics are beautifully presented and leave no scope for any doubts

        or misunderstanding.

        The exercises after the chapters vary in their quality,but the binding factor is that they check your comprehension. Being able to do around 80% of these problems is proof that you’ve understood concepts well.

        In some lessons,the math-based questions are very tricky and elusive. However,these are only a few.

        The problems in most of the mechanics chapters too,have mostly conceptual questions,but few calculus-based questions. This is the only drawback of the book.

        Otherwise,this is the best starting material,not just for students,but for anyone intersted in physics.

    ayesha says :

    when a wet dog shakes itself ,people standing nearby tend to get wet.why does the water fly outward from the dog in this way?
    Galega says :

    Yes Ayesha.

    When a wet dog shakes itself, its skin and hair gets in motion. The water drops from the skin and hair of the dog also come in the motion and fly outward. It leads to people and any object beside dog getting wet also.
    Ijaz khattak says :

    Hello everyone
    Explain the concept of friction force in the given question
    Galega says :

    When two bodies are in contact, there will be friction with motion. It is immaterial whether the surface is wet or dry.
    ayesha says :

    two surfaces are in contact but are at rest relative to each other. neverthless each exerts a force of friction on the other.exolan
    dinakar says :

    give me the concept of cycletron
    Galega says :

    Hi Diwakar,

    There is nothing like Cycletron. It is CYCLOTRON.

    Cyclotron was invented by E. Lawrence in 1932. It is nothing but a particle accelerator where the charged particles are made to accelerate outwardly in a spiral motion. The electric field and magnetic field come into play to keep charged particles stick to the outward spiral motion.

    Cyclotron is quite useful and it has changed the landscape of Nuclear Physics. It has made a major mark in the development of science and technology since last fifty years.

    You can read more about Cyclotron here at WikiPedia
    Sarala Ruidas says :

    From an Indian publisher, Dinesh book from Dinesh publisher is also good.
    Galega says :

    The pattern of examination has now changed. Dinesh’ books are no more relevant to prepare for IIT JEE examination. I had asked my nephew to get in touch with these books only during his school days - not for competition point of view.

    Fundamentals of Physics by H. C. Verma remained the unconquered king in Physics.
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