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Regal elmwood cinema Buffalo, NY
  • I don't see how this could have gotten even a decent rating for any reason

    • by Christina

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      I am very upset with this movie for a lot of reasons. It was one not depicted in that time by any since of the word and all the so called actors were speaking perfect English. I don’t see how this could have gotten even a decent rating for any reason.

      I wasted $8. 50 on this movie and I don’t want you to do the same.

      First they had what would have been or suppose to be nomad or village people that lived off the land in a location some what like Egypt these were the palest people that I have ever seen in my life. The one girl who was suppose to be like there sent gift from god to restore there land was paler than the rest of them with some gorgeous baby blues know you and I both know that in that time that was not possible.

      The play on it was

      like Apocalypto the Mel Gibson movie but this guy got it all wrong. There was this boy who no one liked because his dad had left the village long ago so he was always ridiculed about it and of course the girl falls for the boy that no one likes and they form this love that is unbreakable and he makes a promise to never leave her and to always protect her.

      Than here these barbarians or slave traders how ever you like to call them went though ravaging small villages and selling the people as slaves. They take the girl and some others from the village so the boy feels that is his duty to go and get her back so he sets out with some other village or tribe people that were not taken during the whole destruction of the village.

      On there three day journey over the mountains the barbarian leader ...

      • or captain becomes fond of the girl and wants her for his self so he does not let any one of his men touch her. Of course in doing so his right hand man becomes jealous or upset that he has become so close to this girl that he is waiting for his moment to exact his revenge on him.

        Once they get to this place, with the boy following with his two other tribe or village people they began to sell the slaves to them but the leader of the barbarians pays the slave trader to have one night with the girl so he agrees. This is when his friend decides that he will get his revenge and tells the high priest if you will what has just happened between the slave trader and the leader so they catch him in the act and he acts all surprised when he sees that

        his friend is the one that turned him.

        He gets punished along with the slave trader and the girl gets a visit with the high priest. Cause of some mark on her hand which looks like something that could or was foretold to be his down fall so he orders her to death at once because he knows that the boy is on his way for her.

        So during there ceremony of the killing of this girl the boy has arrived with his some of his friends and all the slaves that he has rallied together Of course we all know the end the girl and the boy live and reproduce more babies for the tribe. This story did not fit this time line or anything else I did not get what the director was trying to get everyone to see so please wait for it on cable you are not missing anything if you have not seen it yet.

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